William Saito on Risk Assessment

There is a necessity of keeping one’s internet connections secure. William Saito knows the value of this through a talk about his own experiences helping deal with the Y2K dilemma. His own experience shows that developing a resistance to dreadful occurrences starts at anticipating the problem.

When Y2K was over, 100’s of millions of dollars were spent to make sure that the world didn’t end. After it was over, people asked William Saito if it was necessary to spend so much money. William, who worked on a commission to oversee Y2K, saw that the investment was worth it. This because 9/11 occurred immediately afterwards. Y2k helped people respond to 9/11.

He saw first-hand how risk assessment was portable. Because everyone was concerned about the possible impacts that Y2K could bring, people were already in crisis mode for 9/11. The event was responded to with plans that were similar to Y2K. He saw how if one is already in a state of crisis and another crisis occurs, then one will respond better due to already being in the state of mind to be respond to it.

He offers this insight to the WannaCry ransomware attack. He shows how this attack was not sophisticated in its package. It was a standard virus that did not have any particular features that made it extremely deadly. William Saito says that the reason this virus was so deadly was due the negligence of the public in keeping safe anti-virus practices.

He notes how some businesses kept their safety setting set to be updated manually. This is because having an anti-virus set to automatic reduces computer-friendliness with its frequent updates. Due to computers not being properly updated, the virus was allowed to spread. Now that the crisis has occurred, the public will be more alert for any other threats. The key to safety is to always remain vigilant.

William Saito started I/O Software with colleagues from his university. Through meetings with Sony employees, he developed into the field of fingerprint scanners. He always had a fascination with electronics, and his parents supported him in his endeavors. His science teacher in school recommended to him that he should get his own computer from William’s enthusiasm with computers. He broke it apart to put it back together again, but his curiosity was triggered which led to him spending his life in this field.


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