There Are No Glass Ceilings For Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla has long been the master of multiple roles in her career. Her leadership has helped many major corporations in the U.S. promote more women into top positions, beyond the level usually attainable by women in American history. Her great success in both business and government positions, which were formerly only available to men. She is an inspiring role model for younger women who are tackling careers in business. Susan McGalla has conquered the world of retail business in every detail. She has not only worked in most levels of positions in retail business, she also helps define new trends in that sector.

It is correct to say she has shattered the so called glass ceiling. McGalla has always operated as an overcoming leader, in spite of the sexism and prejudice against women in any role that is leadership oriented. Because our society is starting to grow out of the long history of discrimination against women in the workplace, she has leveraged the new laws to her advantage. Part of her success can be attributed to her superior networking and communication skills on Her trustworthy reputation, along with her easy, yet firm and intelligent manner has built a solid trustworthiness that others come to rely upon. Her ethical standards are a shining light in an otherwise corrupted situation. Besides all of that, her high level of confidence is almost legendary.

Susan McGalla is a great coach and in encouraging those around her, and this especially goes for young women just coming up in their careers. She encourages other women to push themselves to become as extraordinary as she has proved to be. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, McGalla was the Founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She has been the President, Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO), and CEO for U.S. retailers Wet Seal, American Eagle Outfitters, and for eight years at Joseph Horne Company. Susan McGalla distinguished herself at American Eagle, climbing the corporate ladder until she achieved the Presidency of the company. After that, she became a financial investment consultant who specialized in retail business processes. She was lured to Wet Seal on, where in early 2011 she was recruited to become their CEO.

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