The Success of Charles Koch

The Koch brothers consist of David and Charles Koch who are the current owners of Koch Industries which is an oil refining company. Charles Koch is well known for his political beliefs and their advocacy for the free market. With the 2016 election coming up, the Koch brothers are now on a mission to find the perfect Republican candidate for the election to financially support.

Recently in news, Charles Koch sat down to a rare interview to discuss his hopes for the new election. These wealthy and conservative industrialists have labeled himself as a “classical liberal” and plan to translate their interests in the free market with the new 2016 election. The Koch brothers’ influence in politics has been most notable in the 2012 election when the Koch brothers raised over $400 million for the purpose of supporting Mitt Romney in the election. Though Mr. Romney lost, the Koch brothers have raised over $900 million for the 2016 election to whomever will be facing Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Despite the Koch brothers’ efforts, the only roadblock in their way is Donald Trump, a self-funded candidate for the Republican side of the 2016 election. The Koch brothers are against the politics that Donald Trump has exercised through his beliefs on trade, foreign policy, as well as on taxes. The Koch brothers are completely against Mr. Trumps’ conservative view that all Muslims must register with the United State of America before entering the country. In the Koch brothers’ eyes, this would be a policy that goes against the idea of a free country.

In order to attack Donald Trump, Charles Koch and his team of investors have begun to highlight Donald Trump’s incapability to run a country through his bankruptcy as well as through his shady business deals that have been made in the past. With the elections coming up, the Koch brothers are now more than ever attempting to find a new candidate to support.

Charles Koch has the goal to pursue political influence for two different reasons. The first reason is to secure as well as expand the family name and the second reason is to promote the free market. Mr. Koch has already donated millions of dollars to several free market institutions such as George Mason University as well as several think tanks. Charles Koch is a firm believer that the economy should not be intervened by the government as that is what creates shortages and surpluses.