The RealReal Keeps it Real

As you would imagine from a company that has ‘Real’ in its name twice, making sure their product is authentic is one of the key parts of the consignment business. If customers do not have faith that they are buying genuine luxury items, then the entire process would break down. When you are dealing with some of the biggest names in the fashion business, customers expect to get what they pay for. Julie Wainright has been doing this now for six years, and she knows how to sell the products. There is a step by step process that includes verification, analysis, and pricing to make sure the items sell. They certainly have been selling, and most products sell within 30-60 days. It is a great way to own the biggest names in fashion without paying the full price.

When people know there are operations like Julie’s, they are more willing to invest in high end fashion items. The knowledge that they will retain some of their value makes the investment more appealing. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus have partnered with Wainright as they also see the huge benefits of the consignment section of the fashion industry.

Customers can shop safe in the knowledge that they will receive exactly what they paid for. Wainright’s business depends on trust. She employs experts to make sure that each item is both legitimate and in great condition. With the watches and jewelry she sells, there are expert gemologists and horologists. She is not a second hand store, and while the prices may be lower than a new item, the customer will receive a top quality product. The company is set up to receive, appraise and ship products with efficiency, and the customer can rely on the fact that Wainright stays true to the company’s name and keeps it real.

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