The Political and Philanthropy of Betsy DeVos

The political and philanthropy work of Betsy DeVos is met with critical eyes from the media and praised by those who see the positives to her work. The education secretary has been making a number of successful moves in her political position and with her philanthropy work. Her work with politics and philanthropy is very important to Betsy’s personal goals out of life.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been careful to put a number of important education issues at the forefront of congress. She requested that Congress ought to hold an open debate about the gun violence issue in our school systems. She’s also put important school issues to the task of individual school districts to take intitiative concerning the issue. Such as the problem of the transgender bathroom rights being rescinded by the president and the need for individual school districts to create their own policies regarding transgender bathroom rights.


With her position in politics and the assumption that she lacks much background in it, Betsy DeVos has been met with numerous media outlets criticizing her. This criticism is simply not true and inaccurate. She has spent a number of her years working for the GOP in Michigan. She is the chairperson of the GOP in Michigan. Both her husband and herself have been donating and raising money to various GOP candidates. The couple also pushed to attempt to get Dick DeVos elected to the office of governor of Michigan. He lost his bid for governor, but both Betsy and Dick learned quite a bit about campaigning and presentment of policy for citizens. Betsy DeVos has had quite a bit of experience within the GOP party. She can trace her time being a part of the conservative political party to her time in college at Calvin College.


Her other experiences within education are related to her work with scholarship programs, the Potter house, and her push for school choice initiatives. She has been working with education initiatives since her children attended school. She’s been donating toward school choice initiatives and raised money for scholarship programs. Her experience with education in the past allows for her to use that background to apply it to her work as education secretary of the United States.


Betsy DeVos is continuing to focus her energy on education work. She wants to improve the education department as much as she can for students while she is serving her term as education secretary. Her work at present is focused on how to improve education programs so American students can compete with other first world countries in science and math studies.


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