The Accomplishments of Krishen Iyer

The former quick link marketing currently known as Managed Benefits Services was started two years ago by Krishen Iyer. This company majors in technical growth, online marketing, and client interfacing. Note that he mainly focuses on dental and health insurance. He has become very successful because he is persistent; he is dedicated to his customers, and he is very attentive. He has flourished all through his professional and academic occupation, and he has initiated numerous companies.




He started his first insurance company in 2002 before he graduated from the San Diego State University in 2004. He continued expanding his business despite being the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HIS insurance. In 2009, he started another company known as Name My Premium since IHS was not meeting his expectations. He worked hard and the second company became successful and ve4ry famous.




It is essential to note that Krishen Iyer enjoys doing community service with his family, he loves playing chess, and soccer during his free time. In a recent interview, he confessed that he ensures that he is involved in client interfacing and development on a daily basis. He also likes concentrating on advertising so that he can be effective in the business and it helps him to focus on the needs of his customers.




He believes that effective communication is the only way of making ideas work. He insists that all the great ideas cameĀ through communication. He is a very curious person, and he normally asks different people some questions, and it has helped him to realize that people don’t see things in the same way.




The executive thinks that the worst job is the one that does not give workers a chance to learn new stuff. He has always learned new things in every job that he has done, and for that matter, he has never come across a bad job.


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