The Academy of Art University and Future Forward Art

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929. Formerly known as Academy of Art College, this serves as a private art school in San Francisco, California. Richard Stephens is the founder of this prestigious school. It’s teaching faculty consists of 283 full time teachers and over 1000 part time staff members. The student population is just under 13,000 students. The school is billed as the largest art and design institution in the United States. The property it resides on is one of the largest in San Francisco.

The Academy of Art University offers associates, bachelors as well as masters degrees ranging in over 20 subjects. Although some courses can be taken online, most of the classes are on campus. On this beautiful campus there’s also the Automobile Museum. This museum has hundreds of vintage vehicles and among them are the world’s most rare and valuable. Forbes estimates the collection of cars in this museum to be over $70 million in worth.

The academy also has sports teams. The Urban Knights compete in nine different sports and are a part of the NCAA Division II program. All of their sports are in the Pacific West Conference and generally finish their seasons ranked in the top half of the conference. The school’s indoor and outdoor track and field teams rank among the best in the country.

Recently The Huffington Post covered the Academy of Art University’s runway showcase. The event casted designers with diverse backgrounds. This annual showcase provides a platform for people to get their big break. Streamed all over the world, millions of eyes were on these designers and models. The many personalities were illustrated through various outfits and apparel. With designers from numerous countries and experiences, this showcase was a gumbo of future forward fashion. Inspirations such as landscapes and technology inspired several of the designers. Other designers were inspired by emotions and feelings they experienced either in their current residency or growing up in other parts of the world. Its invigorating seeing such a wide array of thoughts, places and emotions captured within fashion. The Academy of Art University continues to push the envelope and innovate.

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