Talkspace to Work with Michael Phelps

After completing school, most professional look forward to joining the corporate world and working with the companies they have always dreamt about. For many, a great working opportunity is one that has a good salary and many benefits. Most professionals prefer to work for the companies that empower their employees in each step of their career life. When reality sets in, things start to change, and these workers start getting depression and several other mental problems. With the stigma that comes with these conditions, many employees have suffered in the workplace without telling even their families what they go through. Talkspace was started to deal with mental problems that are arising at the workplace. The online platform offers specialist services to all the individuals that need help. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at

Talkspace came at a time when most people were not ready to seek the services of a trained professional when they are dealing with mental issues in the workplace. The institution primary focus is to make mental health a topic in all companies. The founder of Talkspace felt that having an online platform would work perfectly for the individuals who are very busy with their career lives. This idea has been working so well, and this has led to many developments in the recent months. Talkspace has unveiled a new partnership that will help more workers. The institution will be forming an alliance with Michael Phelps, one of the most successful individuals in the sports world.

Talkspace chose to partner with Michael Phelps because of various reasons. First of all, he understands mental health, having dealt with the problem when he was performing exceedingly well in his career. Michael wants the society to know that getting depression when working and leading a successful life is normal, and getting help from an expert is the best way. Many lives have been lost in the past because people were not opening up about what they were going through. Michael Phelps wants to use his hardships to motivate the global community to seek help, especially when they discover they are struggling with any mental disease. Talkspace works online, so professionals do not have to travel to their offices.



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