21st Century Banking

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We are now living in modern times. This is considered to be the “digital age.” Banking customers and clients can handle a high percentage of services online. These services come in many different titles such as treasury management, warehouse lending, public funds, mortgage support, online banking, mobile banking, credit services and numerous others. There is one bank out of the Texas region that is changing the game when it comes to community banking. NexBank Capital is and has done a lot for the region. It has an impeccable resume of success thanks to its brilliant way of doing business. NexBank has been a part of numerous banking endeavors within Dallas. It has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for mortgage support, and it has worked with Habitat For Humanity.


NexBank is setting the tone for how a financial center should do business. Its mission is to help people and businesses succeed. For instance, this regional bank extended its hand and donated funds to the families of the fallen police officers. Even for the officers that were wounded, their families received financial support. This is what giving back to the community looks like, and the example it’s setting is priceless. Other financial institutions should model their behavior and game plan after this successful blueprint. This is why the Texas Bankers Association is held in such regard.


Large companies, real estate investors and middle-market companies all have benefited from these valuable services. No stone seems to be left uncovered. For nearly 100 years, this financial center has had a client-focused approach. This approach caters to the individuals or companies personal needs. In other words, these are some of the best tailored banking solutions available. As stated in the bank’s disclaimer, NexBank’s goal is to provide high quality products for growth, protection and management of your funds.


Truth and More

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Bruno Fagali

     Loving your audience is important and easy. This is when ‘giveaways’ and promotional events are handy; create deals and be as ‘Bruno Fagali‘ as possible. If you go out of your way for a customer, he will recommend you to someone else. Word of mouth has always been the basis of marketing; before computers and technology, ‘word of mouth’ was the only type of marketing there was. Get your audience to believe in your product, and become someone they care about. Customer loyalty creates consistent sales. The only way to do make them care about you is by caring about them.

The Media and Lies – Bruno Fagali

     When we are young we are taught that lying is wrong and when you lie there are consequences. When we become older and more knowledgeable, we learn that lying is only wrong when you’re caught, however, if it’s the right thing to do than it’s okay. For example, in a movie called “Lincoln”, President Lincoln lies about there being a terms of surrender from the South. In telling that lie, the thirteenth amendment was passed and slavery became illegal. Was that the right thing to do? Absolutely.

President Lincoln told a lie that pushed the media in a certain direction causing an uproar that resulted in the abolishment of slavery. He was also a lawyer and, in my opinion, lawyers have to tell lies; it’s part of the job. In order to win a case, lawyers like Bruno Fagali play into the media by either using it to their advantage or avoiding it all together.

One thing society can always count on is the media lying to them. The United States is a freedom of speech country, meaning you can say whatever you want! In Bruno Fagali’s opinion, this trend challenges us as consumers to stay sharp. You can’t take anything at face value, forcing us to do research on our own and pick through what is real and what is just a gimmick. It keeps us questioning everything, which in turn makes our society smarter.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

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Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent global alternative lenders. For you to secure a loan with the company, you must have a substantial amount of stocks to be used as collateral. The company, since its inception in 2002, has worked to provide stock-based loans in a manner that does not depict any market value. For this reason, they engage in the activities that make the better business end in the way of sustainability. While the economic condition is unfavorable, banks and other institutions always make it harder to secure fast working loans. For this reason, you develop high-end solutions of a management level of stability and innovation and more information click here.

During a harsh economic climate, Equities First Holdings has seen many people turn to the use of stocks to get loans in a fast economy. For this reason, the economic climate has become too unfavorable for credit-based loans to thrive in a market value. As a matter of fact, we must work to determine the endeavors to develop a high-end value in this strategic environment. The use of margin loans and stock-based loans has increased due to the effects of the creeping harsh economic situation. For his reason, many people have adopted the use of these loans to do more business through selected facility management capability. For borrowers who need to raise fast money during this harsh economic environment, Equities First Holdings has become one of the most trusted partners to give you the fastest loans in the world and Equities First Holding’s lacrosse camp.

While options remain for those who seek money in this economic situation, they must strive to involve their working capabilities in a manner that is unmatched in this industry. Therefore, people must also strive to adopt market stability and value in a way to evolve their business through strategic moves. Many banks have their lending capabilities cut down to mitigate the effect of the economic crisis. Moreover, they also work to increase the interest rates to minimize the number of people qualifying for the credit-based loans. For this reason, people end up working for stability purposes. During the harsh economic crisis, there are limited sources of funding. For those who have stocks, they can consider using them to secure fast working money with Equities First Holdings as one if the most trusted source of capital. You are required to use the stocks to as collateral in exchange for the money. I you fail to pay back, the stocks will be liquidated and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Beer/Pale Ale

Eli Gershkovitch Absorbs the Craft Beer Bumps

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Beer is the most popular and largely consumed alcoholic beverage for a while now. Craft beer is gaining renaissance, particularly in Canada. If the BMO Nesbitt Burns report is anything to go by, Craft beer sales are growing at or near double digits yearly. Among other major breweries that produce craft beer is Steamworks – the industry’s leader then Flying Monkeys, Cameron, Nickel Brook and Waterloo Breweries.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Steamworks Breweries has perfectly blended consumer preferences with quality, quantity, and price. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of the company. He uses a tagline that “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you,” this expansion strategy has ingrained growth to make Steamworks an empire. As a sole entrepreneur for the group of companies, he has made remarkable strides from the humble genesis as a brewpub in Gastown, Vancouver. To second this Eli Gershkovitch once told the Press that going from brew pub to brewery is transformational.


Eli Gershkovitch uses a stardom business strategy; controlled growth. He will only expand his business conditionally – he must be in control of all the activities. Retaining control is the engine to making vertical integration. As a lawyer, Eli Gershkovitch is cautious of the legal and regulatory frameworks in the beer industry. Although, he does not take up any opportunity as it comes he has been able to acquire a 30,000 sq. Ft space at the Burnaby Boundary. This facility has a production capacity of 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale ale & pilsner and 800 12 pack of seasonal brews.


About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli has a law degree although he has never practiced per say. He has only been his counsel. However, this is not a waste since knowledge acquired at his alma mater has helped him comply with the industry legal requirements and push for necessary changes.


The Belgian beer stirred up interest in brewing firm, and he consequently visited a micro brewery. The opportunities and desire for freedom lead him to establish a brew pub he has grown to a brewery. Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Group of companies supplies in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and 14 US states. His competitor from BC Craft Brewers Guild, Ken Beattie says he has set a good Precedent.

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Business Advice/Florida

Glen Wakeman Provides Strong Business Tips With LaunchPad

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Glen Wakeman is a champion of promoting business startup blueprints. This is what he does with LaunchPad Holdings. Glen Wakeman has proven to be a very valuable part of the business startup world because he has a company in place that can give entrepreneurs a better mind frame on what they should be doing. So many entrepreneurs put a lot of time into focusing on marketing their business but this is only one aspect of a business model. There are so many other things that business leaders need to be mindful of.

They need to have a plan in place for the cost of operations. There needs to be a plan in place for the growth of the company. There needs to be a blueprint in mind for sales forecasting, inventory management, employee growth and customer satisfaction. These are all the areas of business that Glen Wakeman can help people develop through his LaunchPad company.

Wakeman has been in the business world long enough to know that no business is going to be able to thrive unless there is some solid foot work put into developing the blueprint for the business. Glen Wakeman has worked with General Electric. He knows exactly what it takes to make people take a second glance at a business. Wakeman has run companies so he knows every aspect of business.

Glen Wakeman knows what it takes to be successful because he has been in the shoes of the entrepreneurs that are starting from the ground up. He knows the ins and outs of what can go wrong when a business is not properly funded. That is why he also creates a blueprint for entrepreneurs to engage in venture capital investing. He wants entrepreneurs to know that they will often have to request money from other people that have money to invest in companies. In order to do this, there has to be a flawless presentation in place to get people to really invest in your idea. That is where LaunchPad is able to help entrepreneurs form better business plans.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Has Benefited From A Celebrity Investment

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     Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest addition to the investor family of a Hippeas brand, a company that manufactures chickpea puff snacks. DiCaprio alongside his investment ship, Strand Equity partners pumped an undisclosed amount into Green Park Brands Inc., the holding company for the Hippeas Brand that is based in Santa Monica.

According to one of the executives who is also the founder of Green Park Inc., Livio Bisterzo, the company carried out a successful investment round that saw it raise over $2.5 million. Without disclosing the worth of DiCaprio’s investment, Livio Bisterzo indicated that part of the investment came from friends and angel investors.

The Hippeas brand of snacks started retailing started retailing early last year. To date, the company has posted over $2.5 million in revenues from the sale of the Hippeas puff snacks. Livio Bisterzo is an asset at Green Park Inc. With his vast experience in business, he has been able to create a distribution process for the Hippeas snacks enabling the product to reach the shops of most retailers quickly.

The new investment from one of the most seasoned actor, Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrates the economic viability of the Hippeas brand. The puff snacks are a healthier option compared to other light meal offerings in the market. With the right and attractive packaging, Hippeas brand has been able to capture the market because it looks trendy. Hippeas puff snacks are not only healthy, but they are also trendy.

Most retail brands such as Albertsons and Starbucks have already incorporated Hippeas on their menus. The snack has also managed to cross the high seas into the United Kingdom necessitating Green Park Inc. to have a regional office in the UK.

Livio Bisterzo, the founder of Hippeas, is of Italian descent, and he resides in Los Angeles in the United States. As a family man with three children, Livio always strives to ensure that he achieves a work-family balance.

With a background in marketing, Livio Bisterzo has been able to come up with some of the most disruptive brands such as Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. Mr. Bisterzo also boasts of a vast business portfolio that covers different sectors of the economy.

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How Traveling Vineyards Introduced Levity To Wine Tastings

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Traveling Vineyard is a wine seller which has been around since 2001. Their wines are sold through wine guides across the United States. When people find out how wine guides make their money they’re often surprised by how great the gig is. What they do is introduce other people to new wines at fun wine tasting events that they then make available for purchase directly through the company.

When thinking of a wine tasting event most people’s minds go instantly to a snobby affair with wine experts speaking their own language they don’t understand. They also think of their own lack of wine knowledge which makes them apprehensive to attend one of these events. a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event is the polar opposite of snobby. They are instead designed to be fun affairs where all the women get to learn about wine in a relaxing atmosphere.

Wine tasting events are often held in the homes of the wine guides family and friends. All of the guests get to try out a variety of different bottles to see which ones they enjoy the most. The wine guides work on their own terms in that they can hold as many or as few events as their schedules allow. There are no minimum monthly sales quotas at Traveling Vineyard to meet. The initial starter kit costs $99 and that amount can be made back in just the first wine tasting event they hold.

One of the things that makes direct selling wine a winner is that it is consumable. Unlike trying to sell jewelry or candles that people only need to buy once in a great while. Wine is drunk and once the bottle is gone the person can order another bottle from the online website for more info about us Social Media: click here.

Traveling Vineyard actually went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. The company was saved by Rick Libby who had originally founded the company. He had left after what he felt were some bad business decisions by the parent company which resulted in the eventual bankruptcy. He bought the company back and it now operates the way he thinks it should which benefits the customers, wine guides, and through them ultimately the company itself.

Pharmaceutical Magnate

Clay Siegall: The Seattle Pharmaceutical Magnate

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Clay Siegall is a pharmaceutical magnate from Seattle, Washington. He is most well-known for being the founder and the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. The company was founded by Clay Siegall in 1988, and it focuses on creating pharmaceutical drugs that would treat a variety of diseases, including cancer. From its humble beginnings, Seattle Genetics have now grown to be valued at $10 billion, and the number of employees working at the company is now estimated to be at 900. Seattle Genetics, under the leadership of Clay Siegall, has been named to be the largest biotech company in the state of Washington, and they are looking forward to become one of the largest pharmaceutical and technological companies in the United States in the near future. Seattle Genetics has been investing in research and marketing, aiming to add an additional 200 employees to help them out.

Seattle Genetics is known for their flagship drug, Adcetris. It treats a disease known as Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a fatal lymph system cancer that can spread to other body systems. Aside from Adcetris, Clay Siegall is also stating that the company has an extensive list of medicines to be launched sometime in the future, and these medicines can treat a lot of diseases. For now, they are undergoing strict testing in order to become 100% effective once they are introduced into the market. Clay Siegall is also shifting the company’s focus onto international markets, opening up a satellite office in Switzerland to prepare for an expansion in the future.

Clay Siegall is vital for the growth of Seattle Genetics. He is responsible for establishing a name for the company, and his skills in the field of marketing resulted in their steep growth. Their sales have tripled in just two years, and their stock market prices have grown from $20 per share to over $66 per share in the present. According to the experts, if the current trend continues, the value of Seattle Genetics would surely hit the roof. For now, they have four medicines that will be introduced to the public one at a time, which would help cure different kinds of cancer. The first one is Adcetris, which has been discussed earlier that will treat Hodgkin lymphoma; next is medicine number 33A, which will be used to treat myeloid leukemia; the third one is codenamed 22ME, which will be used to treat bladder cancer; and last but not the least is LIV1, which will be used to treat breast cancer.



Businesses Taking a Stance: Honey Birdette on the Australian Marriage Equality Plebiscite

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There has always been the question on whether it is wise for any business to take a stance on controversial issues. Especially considering the risk of such issues dividing customers. Australia’s leading lingerie brand Honey Birdette recently took a bold step in attempting to do this. 60 of the brand’s models and employees recently showed its stand on the marriage equality matter in Australia. They did this by marching in the streets of Sidney.

The workers did this clad in lingerie with signs saying ‘#freethenipple’ and ‘make love, not plebiscite’. This drew a backlash from some members of the public, but others were impressed and liked the idea. Honey Birdette’s managing director and founder Eloise Monaghan, later on, gave a statement concerning the matter. She stated that she understood the brand can be polarising but liked the fact that it sparked a good debate on the goings on out there.

In another matter, Honey Birdette caused a stir with a couple of posters in Rundle Mall. One of the models in the posters had her nipple visible. Most notably, a mother and her adult daughter thought the posters could offend people. Stacey, the daughter, said that she saw the image from two perspectives. One, she would wear the advertised product to please her partner. Two, she thought it was raunchy to some extent considering kids could see it.

Phil Martin, an Adelaide City Councillor, said he believed people had the right to consume whatever they wanted. He, however, added that the images had the potential to offend people in public places. According to him, such images should not be placed outside stores to reduce the likelihood of offending. Another councilor, Anne Moran deemed the posters okay by stating that they were just on edge towards being offensive.

Wine Guide/Drink

Learn About the Business of Vintage Wines from UKV PLC

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United Kingdom Vintners, UKV PLC, is a consulting firm with a strong focus on luxury and vintage wines. It is based in Surrey in the UK with a branch office in London. The firm focuses on delivering selected wines to consumers. The company runs as an independent agency as opposed to distributing products from a particular channel. This enables the company to broaden its search for quality and sought-after wines.

The company sources for bonded luxury wines and champagne through a network of traders and brokers. The wines are then offloaded to individual buyers for consumption or held as stocks for sale to the speculative buyers. Specialty wines bought for resale are referred to investment grade wines. They are typically sold through auctions. The price is influenced by available supply, global demand and the popularity of the particular brand.

Just like pieces of fine art or gold bullion, investment grade wine appreciates in price over time. Reputable winemakers must make it. The wine is aged for over twenty-five years. Only about one percent of the total wines produced in the world makes it to investment grade status. UKV PLC stores wine for resale in custom bonded warehouses. This reduces the amount of tax charged to in country consumers.

The storage warehouses enjoy controlled humidity and temperature. This serves to enhance the quality of the wines, therefore, increasing their profitability. UKV PLC is an excellent choice for collectors wishing to augment their investments in wine. Besides operating a brokerage service, UKV PLC also buys vintage wines and holds it as stock for resale. The company sources investment grade and other vintage wines from select vineyards.

This includes the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions in France as well as Spain and Italy. Global demand for vintage and rare wines continues to grow. UKV PLC is well positioned to exploit this growth. Investing in vintage wines is an exciting opportunity. It allows connoisseurs to invest in products they love. It is an excellent mid-term investment. The recommended hold times is five years on average to maximize profitability.

Vintage wines consist of limited stocks. This means their value increases with consumption. UKV PLC runs seasonal promotional campaigns. These serve to educate wine lovers as well as pitch to potential investors in the luxury wine market.