Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a great investment company that loans money to businesses whether they are big or small. While this is common of investment companies what has put Equities First Holdings on the map is that they are an investment company that uses the stock in a company as the collateral. By doing this and spending a great deal of time counseling the companies in which that borrow money the company has seen a huge success rate of not only repayment of the loans but success from the loan in the businesses that take the loans out.

Equities First Holdings prides them self on the unique companies in which they help with the loans as the want to work with companies that are changing the way their communities function for the better by providing services in community where that service was not there in a functioning form before.

William Saito on Risk Assessment

There is a necessity of keeping one’s internet connections secure. William Saito knows the value of this through a talk about his own experiences helping deal with the Y2K dilemma. His own experience shows that developing a resistance to dreadful occurrences starts at anticipating the problem.

When Y2K was over, 100’s of millions of dollars were spent to make sure that the world didn’t end. After it was over, people asked William Saito if it was necessary to spend so much money. William, who worked on a commission to oversee Y2K, saw that the investment was worth it. This because 9/11 occurred immediately afterwards. Y2k helped people respond to 9/11.

He saw first-hand how risk assessment was portable. Because everyone was concerned about the possible impacts that Y2K could bring, people were already in crisis mode for 9/11. The event was responded to with plans that were similar to Y2K. He saw how if one is already in a state of crisis and another crisis occurs, then one will respond better due to already being in the state of mind to be respond to it.

He offers this insight to the WannaCry ransomware attack. He shows how this attack was not sophisticated in its package. It was a standard virus that did not have any particular features that made it extremely deadly. William Saito says that the reason this virus was so deadly was due the negligence of the public in keeping safe anti-virus practices.

He notes how some businesses kept their safety setting set to be updated manually. This is because having an anti-virus set to automatic reduces computer-friendliness with its frequent updates. Due to computers not being properly updated, the virus was allowed to spread. Now that the crisis has occurred, the public will be more alert for any other threats. The key to safety is to always remain vigilant.

William Saito started I/O Software with colleagues from his university. Through meetings with Sony employees, he developed into the field of fingerprint scanners. He always had a fascination with electronics, and his parents supported him in his endeavors. His science teacher in school recommended to him that he should get his own computer from William’s enthusiasm with computers. He broke it apart to put it back together again, but his curiosity was triggered which led to him spending his life in this field.


Clayton Hutson Joins Kid Rock’s Crew

Kid Rock is once again hitting the road for the second time in 2018. He is touring with his “Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza.” He will be accompanied Brantley Gilbert, Wheeler Walker Jr. and his new production manager Clayton Hutson. This is not the first time that Clayton and Kid Rock are working together this year. Hutson earlier worked with Kid Rock in his American Rock N’ Roll Tour as a stage manager. Ravi Mandalia of the Reporter Expert gave out some of the challenges the first Kid Rock tour was facing and also pointed out that the stage manager by then Clayton Hutson was a significant contributor to its success.


Clayton when asked how he found solutions to the challenges they faced in the tour said that he allowed his previous experience as a stage manager as well as a production manager to play a part in guiding him. Hutson had worked hard during the tour and was able to overcome the challenges they were facing during the tour. Confidence was another reason why the tour was a great success as millions of fans showed up to support Kid Rock all across the US. The role that Clayton Hutson played in “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” is likely to be the main reason why he was asked to join the Kid Rock’s crew. A personal level, Clayton is happy that is going to work with a good team to ensure that the ‘Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is a success. Clayton feels that he got a solid and a well-built crew that he will not be working with but also living alongside with which will make the summer tour an enjoyable tour. These days Clayton has had a busy schedule as he earlier was with Tim McGraw and Faith Hills on their “Soul2Soul Tour.”


When Clay Hutson is not on the road, he resides in Nashville, Tennessee which is considered to be the active and a growing hub for both the music and event industry. Hutson has always had an interest in music since his childhood days. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University. He also has an M.B.A from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After his graduation, Clayton has held several positions with a number of live entertainment companies. After working for some years, Clayton discovered that naturally he was an entrepreneur and he started his own business.

Learn more : http://inspirery.com/clayton-hutson/

NewsWatch TV: Making Dreams Come True for Small and Big Businesses Alike

NewsWatch TV has been one of the leading providers of entertainment, tech, celebrity and consumer product news since its inception in March of 1990. Over the past two decades, NewsWatch TV have proven themselves as one of the most professional and popular news series’ and have won multiple awards for their attention to detail in the program. This reputation has led some of the world’s leading companies to work alongside NewsWatch to further progress their brands. NewsWatch TV has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, as well as a multitude of smaller independent business’ to develop segments showcasing their work.

Of these companies, some notable names include Siemens, Audi, and Sony. NewsWatch has worked alongside a plethora of notable rising business’ as well, boosting the brands and products of some far beyond where they may have reached without the help of the series’ massive marketing networks. Companies like Avanca, who launched an extremely successful Indiegogo campaign, thanks to NewsWatch TV’s segment on the electronics company, reaching over 95 million households in the U.S. alone, highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team. It seems that thanks to Newswatch’s longevity and massive fanbase that the series is able to bring any company some degree of success through their superb marketing tactics.

Another of the companies assisted in success by a NewsWatch TV Segment is Contour Design. When Contour developed their ergonomic workstations, they knew the product would catch on if only they could get it to the right audiences. Enter NewsWatch TV, who helped Contour market their Ultimate Workstations through both televised and online mediums. Through NewsWatch’s exquisite PR skills, Contour’s segment was delivered into over 200 U.S. markets, resulting in a dramatic spike in sales for the company. Visit NewsWatch TV online to see what they can do for you and your growing business!


Medical Inventions by Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the privileged pediatric surgeons who happens to have performed successful surgical operations. While he was a physician, not once had he tried to better methods and procedures used to reduce pain and the risk involved. As a result of this continuous challenging by Dr. Saad, he has come up with two inventions and developed other new procedures that are used in pediatric surgeries. For over forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has performed many complex pediatric surgeries on patients both belonging and outside of his community. He has served many people including the United States and in Jerusalem and West Bank. He has helped needy children where he has for free performed complex surgeries. He holds the rights for both of the medical inventions he has brought on board.

The first invention is the use of Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic location Identification Device. The patent number for this invention is 5,727,553. With these inventions, the medical catheters are used to serve various functions which include performing surgical procedures. They provide access to instruments during the operations; help to drain liquids and gases and so many purposes. Traditionally, to be able to know where the catheter will be placed, x-ray had to be performed. A single x-ray may not have any effect but the second and third and so on will have some impact on the patient. For this reason, Dr. Saad came up with a device that would help to locate where the catheter would be placed on the patient’s body. The integral electromagnetic location identifying device helps to figure out where the catheter will be set using the electromagnetic energy. This method enables patients to have a catheter inserted while avoiding X-rays or the MRI.

The second invention that Dr. Saad Saad brought is how to make improvements on using Endoscopes. Endoscopes help in looking inside a patient’s body during surgery or examination. They help the doctor to have a clear picture of organs such as the stomach, bladder, colon or throat. Our bodies, however, produce fluids that can pose problems to the endoscope. The endoscope can fog up its lens after coming into contact with the body fluids. The endoscope has to be with a suction-irrigation device to keep the fluids from distracting the view. In that case, the endoscope has to be removed out and a suction tube inserted to vacuum the liquids. This has to be done until the doctor can get the results needed. Dr. Saad’s, however, came up with the above solution addressing this challenge of dealing with the fluids that fog-up the lens of the


Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Rodrigo Terpins, One of the Unbeatable Rally Drivers in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in the Brazilian rally racing sport. He has interest in sports entrepreneurship and is a passionate racer for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team that participates in the Sertoes Rally off-road championships. Besides, Rodrigo Terpins teamed up with his brother, Michael Terpin, to form the Sertoes Rally team. The Terpins brothers are equally talented rally drivers and have won numerous championships races together. Rodrigo Terpins’ love for rally driving stems from his family, where his father, Jack Terpins, and brother, Michel Terpins, were sports enthusiasts. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael Terpins share the same career as rally drivers, but their father was a renowned basketball player who played as a defender for the Hebraica team.


Rodrigo Terpins has built a broad fan base throughout his racing career for his outstanding racing skills. T1 Prototype category and Sertoes Rally Championship is some of the races that earned Rodrigo Terpins the recognition he enjoys in the Brazilian motorsport space. He has participated in numerous T1 Prototype categories aboard the T-Rex and emerged the winner. For example, he took part in the Sertoes Rally 22nd edition that covered a distance of 2,600km and stretched to two states. Despite having inadequate time to prepare, Rodrigo Terpins scooped the third position in the category and 8th in the overall championships. The race was so competitive that Rodrigo Terpins felt impressed by his performance together with his partner, Fabricio.


Rodrigo Terpins raced alongside his brother, Michael Terpins, in the 24th Sertoes Rally edition and scooped the 5th position in the overall competition and won in the second stage of the T1 Prototype category. The Terpins brothers teamed up to race for the Bull Sertoes rally team aboard the T-Rex, which has a powerful engine developed by the MEM Motorsports. The brothers have raced together aboard the T-Rex in the past four seasons and have won numerous prestigious honors. Rodrigo Terpin’s name is a force to reckon in his hometowns of Minas Gerais and Goias. His goal is to feature as one of the Brazilian rally legends down the road. You can visit his website rodrigoterpins.com




See more: https://1000variedade.com.br/2017/11/02/entenda-mais-sobre-a-trajetoria-de-rodrigo-terpins-como-piloto-de-rally/


Ryan Seacrest Has No Free Time

Though he is most recognizable as the host of the beloved show “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest has a deep career in broadcasting as well as being active in philanthropy and business ventures.

Seacrest has been host of “American Idol” since it began and will continue to host the show when it returns to ABC this Fall. He also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” The L.A. based show, broadcast through 102.7 KIIS-FM, is a national hit and perennial Top 40 drive-time radio shows.

“Live! with Kelly and Ryan” and ABC is also co-hosted by Seacrest. Broadcast every weekday morning on ABC the show is a staple for many Americans.

Ryan Seacrest Production” is his production company making shows like “Shades of Blue” for NBC, the YouTube show “Best.Cover.Ever”, “I Love Kellie Pickler” for CMT, “Insatiable” for Netflix, the “E! Live From the Red Carpet” awards specials for the E! network, “Shahs of Sunset” for Bravo, the Emmy winning “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality shows.

Seacrest also produces and hosts the annual “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve” each year.

He owns two men’s lines, one clothing and one skincare. The clothing line, Distinction, can be found exclusively at Macy’s. His men’s skincare line, Polished, was developed in conjunction with dermatologist Doctor Harold Lancer. He also has endorsement deals with recognizable brands For Motors and Coca-Cola as well.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded to help bring broadcasting and other activities and assistance to children’s hospitals. They have opened ten Seacrest Studios broadcasting stations in hospitals around the country to help kids with entertainment and education.

Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is also on the board for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the honorary chairman of the Grammy Foundation.

Reference: nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Accomplishments and Awards of Mathematics Professor Michael Lacey

Having won several different awards within the field of mathematics, Michael Lacey is one of the more notably successful professors of mathematics around today. He is a prominent member of the American Mathematics Society, and his achievements have been recognized widely, especially when it comes to his work in harmonic analysis, as well as probability.

Respectively, Micheal Lacey completed his graduate and Ph.D. degrees at Austin’s University of Texas and the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. Naturally, both of these useful degrees were in the field of mathematics.

While completing his Ph.D., Lacey had the privilege to be mentored by the one and only Walter Philipp. Some Limit Theroems, which was Lacey’s dissertation, discussed in great detail the important topic of Banach spaces. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

With Ph.D. in hand, Michael Lacey set out on his postdoctoral career. He began at Louisiana State University, where he served as an associate professor. Eventually he managed to get a position working together with Walter Philipp at North Carolina’s Chapel Hill University. Impressively, Micheal Lacey and Walter Philipp were able to prove the validity of the central limit theorem together.

During most of the early 1990s, Lacey worked with Indiana University. In 1996, he, along with his partner Christoph Thiele, received the important Salem Prize as a result of their impressive work, in which they discovered another method that could be used for space analysis.

Today, Michael can be found at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he has worked since 1996. Professor of Mathematics is one of his roles there, but he also serves as Associate Chair of Faculty. 2004 saw Mr. Lacey receive yet another ward.

This time, he and his partner Xiaochun Li managed to earn the notable Guggenheim Fellowship for their accomplishments. Lecturing and mentoring his students at the university is still quite important to Lacey, despite his incredibly successful career, as these students will one day take his place. His wishes to pass on as much knowledge and wisdom as possible.

Infinity Group Australia Offers Everyday Families Strategies For Debt Relief And Creating Wealth

Normal People, Normal Solutions



Are you often plagued by stress and worries of financial burdens? Have you found yourself living paycheck to paycheck without any savings due to the constant bills that keep coming in? Many Australians think there is no solution, that making more money or taking on a second, sometimes even a third job will bring in more funds to alleviate some of this burden. However, the fact is that you cannot fix money problems with more money. If you have overextended yourself with the income you currently have, chances are it is bound to repeat itself. The good news, is that there is a solution to the struggle.



Where There Is A Will There Is Infinity Group



Hiring a professional team of financial experts to help guide you through the process of eliminating the financial binds you have found yourself in, prevent further debt accumulation, and structuring a plan to create wealth without working your fingers to the bone are just some of the services that can benefit Australians through Infinity Group.



Financial Solutions Tailored To Your Family And Your Money



It can seem like a bottomless pit and impossible to climb out of, but Infinity Group has many satisfied clients that will attest to their competence and abilities. Finding a personalized strategy that best matches your specific needs and tailoring a plan that will bring the most to you and your family is the goal of the company. With a client-focused business model, the team works with you to establish your goals, and coach you through executing them. The up-front discussion of the fee schedules are put in place to provide a win-win for both client and company. While most companies focus on how much money a client can make for them by utilizing their assets, Infinity Group focuses on how much money the company can establish for the customer. In the triumphant success of clients (evident by the positive Infinity Group Australia Reviews) inclusively the company is successful. The company focuses completely on the client and how they can provide excellent service to provide the best solutions.



Keep Your Eye On The Ball



Financial coaching can be tricky, with some sacrifices that clients sometimes resist. However by focusing on the goals and the big picture, the sacrifices that need to be made are usually small, and after the initial ‘ripping off the band-aid’ clients are receptive and grateful for the results they have achieved.



Graeme And Rebecca Holm



The team was founded by Graeme Holm and his now-wife Rebecca. The two had a vision to provide intelligent and common sense tactics to help fellow Aussies become debt free and live more prosperously. Seeing the common thread of impersonal relationships with clients among leading investment companies and money managers, Graeme and Rebecca Holm knew they could offer a much more personal and client-involved business model. This proved as successful as they had hoped, and now have expanded the company to the award winning business that it is today. The growing company has opened a third office, and now offer mobile platform for their services. Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/the-client-first-approach-to-finance-graeme-holm-and-infinity-group-australia.html#.W0YexNhKi9Y

Victoria Doramus Puts Her Marketing Skills To Use In The Nonprofit Sector

Victoria Doramus is an American who is now based in London, England. She has a journalism and mass communication degree she earned at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating she moved to Santa Monica, California, and started working at Mindshare. Her job was to manage this company’s print media budget and negotiate with media vendors among other duties. After a year she left and joined Stila Cosmetics where she was one of the team members working on product development.

In 2007 Victoria Doramus joined Creative Artists Agency. She was hired to be the assistant to the president and founder of this company. Among her duties she attended trade shows in order to network and generate editorial press coverage. She also oversaw this company’s international network which included industry experts and trend correspondents.

Victoria Doramus has also worked for another company based in Los Angeles called Trendera. Who job included building new client relationships and supervising the contract workers this company uses. She built curated custom trend reports as well as city guides and other material. She used social media accounts such as on Facebook to build the Trendera brand.

Doramus (@victoria_doramus) now has several years of experience in the media industry. She has worked in both digital and print media during her professional career. She has been trained to identify market patterns and spot new trends in development. Victoria Doramus’ experience includes researching and writing about trends in multiple areas including lifestyle, fashion, and design.

She is presently working in the nonprofit sector. She is a volunteer for a number of organizations such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Victoria Doramus works to support this nonprofit’s mission which is to help younger people who are misusing drugs and/or alcohol. She also supports Room to Read which is a nonprofit that is trying to increase literacy rates among children from low-income families.

More about her career history: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-doramus/