Enhance Your Upwork Experience With an Efficient To-Do List

If you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy making money online with Upwork, you might find that learning to manage your time can be tricky or difficult. Upwork offers a varied and diverse way to make money online from the convenience of your home. It is especially beneficial for freelance writers, photographers, and graphic designers who are looking for ways to supplement their income. It’s important to understand, however, that Upwork users still need to take the steps to get organized.

One of the most important ways users can stay organized is by creating a thorough to-do list. The right type of to-do list should include all upcoming tasks, whether they seem important or not. Many adults think they will remember certain tasks. Sometimes, this is even true; however, unfinished tasks can be stressful and take up a lot of mental capacity. In order to work quickly and efficiently, Upwork users should write down all of their tasks so they can relax. They won’t have to worry about remembering upcoming deadlines, for example, because everything will be written down and taken care of.

It’s also important to prioritize the list and to constantly re-evaluate those priorities. It’s no secret that some tasks are more difficult than others. Certain endeavors will naturally take more time, energy, and strength. Users should consider whether they want to quickly complete easy, simple tasks or if they want to focus on finishing up larger tasks. This will help users to identify how they want to begin working on their to-do list.

Adults around the globe use Upwork as a way to bring in extra income and work on creative projects. The right type of list can help them become more efficient and effective at their craft.

From Learning To Leading: Fortress Investment Group Takes Charge

When majoring in the career of business, you have always wanted to do the best that you can by creating options leading to global expansion. Likewise, you pursued a business education that contributed to the preparation of owning a business. Through the classes in college, you learned about presentations, documentation, and business credit. With that being said, it led you to establish a business that is well needed throughout the world. As a matter of fact, Fortress Investment Group started off gaining the education and experiences needed to continue business fundamentals that are identical to a business novice.

As of today, Fortress Investment Group continues to make great business networking a part of their daily work ethic. Currently, Fortress partnered up with iPass to expand even more. Through this company, Fortress Investment Group received a loan for a total of $20 million dollars. Since partnering with iPass the company was also listed on the loan. In turn, the value of the loan was split in half. By the same token, Fortress understands that working with iPass will give them Internet advantages over other businesses.

Additionally, Fortress Investment Group will invest in more marketing that will cover the entire Internet. Increasingly, consumers will read about Fortress and want to partake in purchasing stocks through the company. With a doubt, Fortress has moved rapidly. With the grand opening being two decades ago, the company has reached over $40 billion in assets. On the other hand, iPass has secured the deal through the assets attained through its own company. To put it into clearer terms, Fortress obtained collateral before the business deal took place.

With this major deal underway, Fortress connected with other major corporations to explore the world of banking. With a $3.3 billion acquisition with Softbank, the bank can be used to hold the financial equity that Fortress makes in the future. Being well-known around the world, Fortress went from studying business techniques to executing them in a small amount of time. Henceforth, Fortress Investment Group will open doors that will continue to propel them to the forefront of business investment.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey of Village Media

There have been several controversial and unusual presidential pardons throughout the history of the United States. The recent one that is shaping the current social discourse is when president Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio.

Joe is the toughest sheriff in Arizona’s Maricopa County. Joe is known for his notoriety, but mostly his heinous activities include wrongfully imprisoning Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of Village Voice.

Ten years ago, agents of Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit were knocking on the doors of two homes in Phoenix he agents were under cover of darkness and by order of Joe Arpaio. The homes belonged to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two gentlemen were hauled out of their houses and imprisoned under the charges of revealing the contents of a grand jury investigation.

Lacey was the executive editor at the Village Voice Media newspaper while Larkin was the CEO. The two had earlier in the day published a piece in a Village Voice Media publication talking about the probe of a grand jury. However, the two were not aware that the investigation was actually about them.

Arpaio was not happy with the way coverage about his overly aggressive enforcement of the law tactics was increasing. Sheriff Arpaio came into office in 1992. The various orders against women and inmates as well as his infamous Tent City had been brought up to the limelight in several occasions through the Village Media publications. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

Since he came into office, there were several times that he had been told about what was admissible and what was not.

Murray Show, a United States District Judge had told Arpaio in 2011 that suspicion of immigrants was not enough ground to have them detained. With no evidence that the immigrant did not have the right status, it is against the constitution to detain them. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/ and http://releasefact.com/2017/09/jim-larkin-and-michael-lacey-continue-fight-for-latino-rights-after-pardoning-of-joe-arpaio/

Before 2011, some of the Arpaio issues were handled behind closed doors. Eventually, they came out after a lawsuit filed a case against Arpaio roughly ten years ago. The file exposed how Arpaio was mistreating inmates in Tent City, and this led to him being charged with violating the rights of immigrants as well as Latinos.

Joe remained insolent of the charges and continued to encourage racial profiling among his employees until the outcry of people caught the media’s attention. It was when Lacey and Larkin started exposing his characters on publications of Village Media that led to their arrest.

Malcom CasSelle Is A Successful Investor And Entrepreneur Who Is Changing The Virtual Assets Marketplace

Malcom CasSelle is the chief information officer for OPSkins, which is the global leader in dealing with the buying and selling of in-game virtual assets. OPSkins is a centralized marketplace, but CasSelle and the team at the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) are working to build a decentralized marketplace for virtual assets. This new blockchain platform will be a P2P market where users can trade virtual assets. WAX will help to solve the problems of a centralized marketplace, which are related to security and fragmentation.

Fragmentation takes place due to the fact that there are many different regional and local markets that are isolated because of language and other barriers. Malcom CasSelle and WAX seek to tokenize virtual assets so they can be bought and sold all over the world. Blockchain technology will also enhance security through the confirmation of nodes, and CasSelle believes that this will all bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Malcom CasSelle is an investor and entrepreneur who is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). He is working to create something special in WAX, which ill revolutionize the way that virtual, in-game items are bought and sold. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science while studying at MIT and completed his education at Stanford University where he received a master’s degree in computer science.

Malcome CasSlle has been called a gifted entrepreneur by some and a genius by others. His natural abilities for leadership have helped him to build many different startups, and one of these was PCCW, which went from a startup to a company with a $38 billion market cap. It only took him and the team at PCCW one and a half years to accomplish this. Malcom CasSelle also served tronc as its CTO and president. He was also the senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media at SeaChange International. He made some brilliant investing decisions early on in the history of more than one successful company including Facebook, Zynga, and Netflix. Looking into the future, CasSelle is positive that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will play a larger role in cross-border payments.

Straightening Things Up: Mike Bagguley

Mike Bagguley has been busy the past few years. Based on his Crunchbase profile, he has had an interesting career thus far. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Warwick University in 1998 and has worked his way through the ranks at Barclays PLC  ever since. In June 2016, he was appointed as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), a role that he has succeeded in. 

For the past few years, Barclays PLC was under the leadership of Tom King. When he suddenly left, one of his colleagues was left in charge of the company, James E. Staley. Staley worked on ways to save the company money and be a force in the investment business once again, which is why Mike Bagguley came into the picture.

Mike Bagguley was already one of the top macro managers in the company, and COO of the investment division of Barclays. He was well versed in the field of macro management and made sure that the strategy in place when King left was still applicable. Bagguley even found ways to speed up the process so that the transition would be easier for the company as a whole.

In addition to becoming the COO, he was also tasked with streamlining strategies. He did this by looking at each part of the investment firm to determine which parts were profitable and which parts were not. Once this was complete, he implemented successful strategies to get the company back on track. Getting this right can helped Barclay’s become more competitive and profitable for the company as a whole.

The strategy of Mike Bagguley has paid off well for the company. By taking things one step at a time, he has been able to make Barclays a force to be reckoned with. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Shervin Pishevar Predicts a Looming Financial Crisis in the Near Future

The founder of Sharper Capital, Shervin Pishevar, has been expressing his views on several aspects concerning the current status of the economy and technology in the United States. He is a highly opinioned person who has knowledge and experience on what he says. This is because he is a shrewd investor has experienced transformation in both technological and financial fields through hands-on experience. In his 21-hours twitter extravaganza, the Uber investor has highlighted some detailed information which seems to be backed from verifiable data.

In one of his Twitter messages, Shervin Pishevar, notes of the looming financial crisis that is likely to face the United States financial industry and the stock market at large. This is not a point to ignore as serious turbulent issues have been experienced over the last and beginning of this year which is a warning of things to come. Surprisingly, the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop continues to highlight that turbulent in the stock market will continue for several months where people will lose their investments in the process. According to the venture capitalist, the New York Securities Exchange market will drop by 6,000 points, which is large enough to cause havoc in the industry.

Shervin Pishevar notes that one of the main causes of the looming financial crisis in the country is the tax giveaways. This is the process through which the government is giving away taxes to various organizations to encourage them to invest. This strategy seems good, but it could have severe issues in the financial future of the country. There is also a large number of credit accounts which have significant discrepancies. This means that there is no accurate information about the credit accounts and the exact details about them.

Lastly, Shervin Pishevar records that most of the assets in the United States are overvalued, which makes investors to use a lot of money purchasing these assets only for them to realize that such investments do not have a return on investment or their payback period is much high. Moreover, the interest rates on loans charged by the banks and other lending institutions are very high as compared to rates paid on deposit and government bonds.


Sahm Adrangi Creates a Positive Capital Management Experience

When Sahm Adrangi started offering capital management advice, he knew he could try things that would help people have a better understanding of everything they did with their money. He knew he wanted to show people they could get more from the capital management opportunities he offered. Because of the way he worked, Sahm Adrangi felt things would keep getting better for all the clients he worked with. They needed someone who was the best in the business and Sahm felt he could provide the options people always looked for. He also felt things would keep getting better because he knew the right way to handle his company. Kerrisdale Capital Management was something people began turning to because they knew that Sahm was one of the best investors. He works hard to show people they have someone who knows what they’re doing. He also works to give the community a better chance at good investments.

No matter what Sahm Adrangi does, he always puts a lot of time and effort into it. It doesn’t bother him to invest in his company since he knows how to give back and make things better for all his clients. It also makes sense because he believes he can provide people with an experience that is unlike any other. Since he spent a lot of time coming up with good ideas for the company, he knew what would happen to make the business better. It is his goal to always show people they need someone who is important to the company.

After Sahm Adrangi spent years learning about different opportunities and giving people a chance to try different things, he felt good about what he was offering them. He wasn’t afraid to keep showing people he was important to the community no matter what it took for him to do things the right way. Sahm felt his position in the industry set him apart and made him one of the best. Since Sahm knew how to help his clients, he never suffered when working for his company. He always used his experience to cater to them.


Adam Milstein Gives Back

Adam Milstein is an influential philanthropist who is the chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He devotes his activities towards raising “Israeliness” among American Jews. He is involved in a multitude of other charitable activities, nearly all of which are aimed towards supporting Israel or helping the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein is a native of Haifa, Israel, who came to the United States in 1981 to study for a Master of Business Administration degree at U.C.L.A. After he received his degree, he elected to remain in the U.S. to pursue his business career. He rose through the ranks to become the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a company that focuses on acquiring underperforming or otherwise aging assets, and renovates or repurposes the property. There, he has management responsibility for the firm’s financing, disposition and property management activities.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007. Currently, he serves as chairman of the board. The Israeli-American Council aims to strengthen ties between Israel and the American Jewish community, as worldwide Jewish support for Israel is critical to its long-term success as a country. American Jews have a longstanding and solid track record of support for Israel. The Israeli-American Council has regional directors spread throughout the U.S. whose responsibility it is to provide programming for the communities in which they are based. Its recent gala celebrating its 10th anniversary raised over $16 million, as billionaire philanthropists Sheldon and Miriam Adelson pledged $10 million dollars to the organization.

Adam Milstein works on behalf of a myriad of other non-profit organizations. His wife, Gila, started Stand By Me, a foundation aimed at assisting Israeli-American cancer patients. He has also established the Donor Forum, where philanthropists personally get to hear pitches from non-profits that seek donations. Organizations are able to make a 15-minute presentation directly to philanthropists over lunch. All presenters are Jewish charities that have to pass a pre-screening in order to appear before the Donor Forum. This method of charitable giving is both innovative and responsible, as it allows for a personal connection between donor and donee.


Tips to Manage Fire Damage From Aloha Construction

There are many companies that will work with you when you have fire damage. However, Aloha Construction is the best one. It won the BBB torch award for ethical business practices. It is a great company that helps with restoration projects after fire and smoke damages a home. Here are some steps to take after you have a fire in your home.

One step you should take to manage smoke and fire damage is to make sure your home is secure. You want to make sure that all your windows and doors are securely locked. You can work with the fire department to get this done. This ensures that nobody steals your things, or vandalizes your property. Aloha Construction can come to inspect your home and give you a quote. They can even help you with your insurance claim.

After you have secured your home you want to make sure that it is safe to live in. You want to hire engineers and electricians to make sure that your home is safe. Before you spend the night in your home you want to make sure you hire these people to make sure it’s safe to use the electricity there. You want to make sure that you check all your appliances before you use them again.

After your house is deemed fit to live in then you can start to get rid of the smell. Aloha Construction suggests putting a large fan in a doorway that leads to the outside. This will blow fresh air into your home. Close all the windows in the other rooms accept the room you are currently airing out.

Lastly, you will want to clean the soot from your things. Aloha Construction recommends mixing your own solution. You should take one teaspoon of dish soap, a quarter teaspoon of vinegar, one gallon of water, and mix them altogether. Then you can use this solution to wipe down all the surfaces in your home, like shelves. By using these great steps from Aloha Construction you will get your home looking like new in no time at all.



Neurocore works with a variety of clients who have different neurological needs. Neurocore is proud to help clients with a variety of different needs including those with ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, memory issues, migraines, sleep problems, and those who are overwhelmed with stress. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

The Core Program that is in place at Neurocore helps work with the natural way the human brain operates to leverage the natural ability of the brain to continually change and become stronger. We have scientific approaches to help train the brain using the latest in neuro-imaging and brain mapping to help map the brain in real time and identify patterns that are adding to the neurological problems people have.

Neurocore then offers a “Memory Boot Camp” of sorts that create interactive and creative programs to work with patients in a 1 on 1 environment to help them improve their diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation tactics to help them handle their neurological needs along with a personally-dedicated Brain Coach.

Follow: https://twitter.com/neurocore

We treat aging people and their related brain issues while using the latest diagnostic tools and other memory related issues only using the latest technology and scientific research tools available on the market today. We combine the unique tools of personal coaching, brain training, vitamins, and supplements along with education for the patient to come up with a comprehensive plan that will help the patient increase their mental sharpness and memory and enhancing health all while using a holistic approach to health.

The boot camp will last for 30 sessions and will be a personalized program that provides 2 sessions per week and each will last approximately 2 hours. Each session will include personalized attention and training for your brain based on the scientific evidence from your brain scans and other scientific evidence based collected before the sessions begin. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.