The Highland Capital Management and James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and the President of the Highland Capital. He started his career journey in 1984 as a Corporate Bold Analyst and later worked as a Portfolio Manager at American Express and Chief Investment Officer in GIU. Dondero graduated from University of Virginia School of Commerce with highest honors in dual majors in Accounting and Finance.

James was popularly known as ‘Jim’ he has over 30 years experience in management positions as well as in finance sector. His experience yields from involvement in the credit and equity markets prioritizing extensively on high-yield and distressed investments. James’s leadership and managerial skills are exceptionally unique and transformative.

The award winning President in product offering serves as the Chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. He is also a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is a philanthropist and supports community initiatives including education, veteran affairs, and public policies. Jim is a Certified Management Accountant and is qualified to use the Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Designation.

Highland Management Capital was incorporated in 1990 by James and Mark Okada as a Protective Life Insurance Corporation. In 1993, the corporation changed to Protective Asset Management Company. The idea was to pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations CLO markets. The primary objective of the organization is to provide oriented credit solutions to institutions and retail investors.

The company has evolved into one of the industry’s largest having the most experienced credit managers in the market. Since 2000, Highland has expanded its product platform beyond separate accounts and CLOs and now focusing on distressed assets. Highland Capital has continued helping investors in achieving their risks and return objectives through a new set of strategies and value-oriented investment services.

Highland Capital Management offers a broad range of products which include a variety of institutional and retail funds with diverse strategies, long-only credit funds, distressed for control private equity fund, long and short equity funds, ETFs, oil and gas funds, credit hedge funds, and emerging markets credit funds. The products serve both retail and institutional investors.

The Highland Capital has proved to be a right partner in investment through its involvement in taking the risk together with the clients. Guided by three simple principles Experienced, disciplined and bold is destined to do more for the World through strategic diversification.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero (UPDATED for 2017)

Appraising the Effectiveness of WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioners

Many beauty products have flooded the consumer market in recent years. Unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of this state with some coming up with products that have adverse effects on those who use them. Wen by Chaz line of hair conditioners ( are among those that are celebrated not only for being genuine but also effective. Blogger and wikipedia content writer, Emily McClure recently sought to establish whether the conditioners are as good as it is reported. Though hesitant at first, she was surprised by the overall effect that the products had on her hair.
Before embarking on the experiment, Emily’s hair had an unruly appearance. She was apprehensive about the quantities recommended by the manufacturer but still decided to follow the guidelines. To her dismay, her hair did not get weighed down after the conditioner was applied. More surprisingly, the hair gained a softer texture almost immediately. It also looked thicker and more voluminous. No strands fell off during rinsing as it the case with other conditioners.

Emily followed the routine in the subsequent six days. Each day, she noticed that her mane grew healthier, silkier and stronger. The greasy look that it had previously, also vanished. At the end of the week, all uncertainties that she had were addressed. She therefore recommends Wen conditioners to other beauty enthusiasts. The article was originally posted on Bustle. To read more, follow this link:

Wen by Chaz in Brief

These conditioners are a brainchild of famed hair stylist, Chaz Dean. They were advanced after the realization that products that existed had severe effects on the hair of those who were using them. He therefore wanted to come up with conditioners that would incorporate cleansers, conditioners and detanglers in a single bottle. Since they entered the mainstream market, the products have gained a foothold due to their ability to leave the hair tough, nourished and manageable. The fact that they have been made available online via makes them even more expedient.

Skout Shows It’s Support For The National Superhero Day

We have all heard about Skout, haven’t we? Well, for those who are not familiar with what it is, it is a social application that helps people make new friends and expanding their social circle. According to a recent article released by PR Newswire, the company wants to provide its clients with an opportunity to be real life superheroes tomorrow as the country celebrates the National Superhero Day. Skout is going to be making a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation every time a user of the application sends a superhero-themed virtual gift to another user. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for children with life-threatening medical conditions in the Greater Bay Area.

Recently, Skout conducted a survey on superheroes to grace the National Superhero Day. The results showed that it is not hard for anyone to become a superhero. Three out of every four people who took part in the survey opined that it was as easy as helping other people in need. 80% of the people who participated in the study want to be superheroes in real life.

Christian Wiklund, the co-founder and CEO of the company, said that they were proud to have created an opportunity for the community to use the application to fund a wish for someone who could use a real life superhero. He also added that sending a virtual gift to someone shows that you are thinking about them. However, sending a friend a virtual superhero gift using the Skout platform indicates that you are thinking about others.

The results gotten from the survey were kind of interesting. When asked who America’s favorite superhero is, the women who took part in the inquiry said Batman while the men said Superman. 53% percent of the people who participated in the survey said Batman and Robin were the favorite superhero BFFs. 19% supported The Thing and Human Torch, 16% supported Green Hornet and Kato, and 12% supported the Wonder Twins. Immortality was the most wished for superpower with one out of every three people surveyed wishing they had it. 29% of the target population wished for the ability to fly, 22% preferred having superhuman strength, and 17% hoped for super-speed. 57% of the people who took part in the survey said a mask is the must-have superhero accessory. 19% said a cape, 14% said a ring and 10% said a fancy belt. The Batmobile was the coolest superhero ride with 49% of the people favoring it to other rides.

Check out Skout at


Recap article about Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean  is a day to day experiment of the popular hair product WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The one who is undertaking the experiment is Emily McClure who works at a salon, describes herself as a ‘die-hard haircare fanatic’ and states that her hair is flat, greasy, frizzy and unruly. She takes a photo every morning to show the changes in her hair from flat to fab.
There are different formulation of Wen. This is great if you desire a different sent over another or if you want to target one particular aspect of your hair. Emily went with the Fig Cleansing Conditioner. Other formulations on the Sephora website are Sweet Almond Mint, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Perfect Hair Day. She chose the Fig since it promised to give moisture, bounce and shine in hopes of going from her thin hair to luscious, TV-worthy strands.

Read more about WEN Hair Care at

One thing that she does point out if you are interested in this product is that it is for more activate caring hair people. This product isn’t a one-and-done product. No product is like that. You need to use this product almost every day to keep that shine, bounce, and moisture. But if you are one to wake up and style your hair every morning then there is no reason not to have this are part of your morning routine. WEN FAQ’s are posted here:

Darius Fisher Of Status Labs Has Solutions

Information on the Internet never goes away. Information circulates in cyberspace for eternity. Some of that information can damage the reputation and the careers of people that exposed personal information and unattractive photos by mistake or just to have fun.


Some internet users do catch those posting missteps and delete them, but there are hackers that have the knowledge and experience to resurrect damaging information and photos once they are deleted. That happens all the time to politicians, actors, and high-profile business people. Darius Fisher, the co-founder of Status Labs has developed an organized solution to the hacking issues. Status Labs has been repairing the damage done by inappropriate information and photos for the last four years. The Austin-based company has offices Sao Paulo and New York, and the main objectives of the company are public relations, reputation management, and digital marketing.


Fisher recently shared some of the steps people can use if they posted photos that may damage their reputation or put their career’s in jeopardy. Fisher told the Huffington Post that there are four ways to handle unfavorable photos on the Internet. The first step is to take a proactive approach. Contact website administers and ask them to take the photos down. This request should be formal, so it conforms to rule specified by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


The second step is to develop an effective SEO strategy. That means writing articles that can be posted on social media sites that show the positive aspects of career and personal behavior. The third step, according to Fisher, is to hire a public relations firm, and in some cases, a crisis management firm can help guide a person through the reparation process. And the fourth step is to learn from past mistakes. Create passwords that are a mixture of symbols, numbers and uppercase and lowercase words. Use different passwords for different accounts, and check privacy settings on social media sites.


Status Labs has helped people all over the world get their reputations back, and Darius Fisher thinks everyone deserves a second chance. Status Labs develops web material that creates that second chance.

Other Information for Darius:

Time to Get Off the Zombie Train

VTA Publications, which is based in the UK, does a lot of great work for clients. Those wishing to learn more about the company may come across its exceptionally well-written blog. The articles on the site do provide a host of excellent tips and insights. One of the newer article warns about the “zombie train”.

No, the zombie train is not filled with the living dead. It is filled with the living, but these living persons have a fairly deadened approach to their careers.

An unfortunate habit people get into is they just go through the motions at their job. A fixed routine sets in and, even though some may be unhappy about their pay and position, they don’t change things much. Motivation ends up being diminished even further.

Not very much good is going to derive from this approach to work. Sadly, the problem won’t contain itself to just professional endeavors. The zombie train ends up enveloping people’s lives.

The article is not one of pure doom and gloom. The author provides a few bits of advice on how to shake one’s life up and get off the zombie train. A lot of self-motivation is required in order to do this. Nothing of any value comes easy.

Reading the blog may lead some to wish to learn more about VTA Publications, a company that produces print and digital media for clients. VTA Publications does specialize in providing materials for distance learning programs. Distance learning definitely is growing more and more popular in today’s internet-driven education world. Any entity looking to have such material created may wish to contact VTA Publications to learn more.

VTA Publications is a privately held company. It has been in existence since 2012. Over the past few years, VTA Publications has helped numerous clients with their needs.  A big part of the reason they are so well reviewed.

Michael Zomber Expert In Antique Weaponry

Famous Antique Collector

Michael Zomber is a famous antique collector of antique weaponry for business and also as a hobby. He has been collecting and studying antique weaponry for over forty years with a unique focus on Japanese weapons. His father was able to escape being imprisoned in 1939 from the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. His bio tells that his parents were immigrants from Germany and he was born in Washington, D.C. He attended the University of California in Los Angelos, California, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English Literature. He continued on to receive his Master’s degree in English Literature.

Michael Zomber is an expert in the antique weapons from Japanese, American, European and Islamic weapons during the sixteenth up to the nineteenth century. He has a huge enthusiasm for collecting antique weaponry in order to guard and protect the value of the historical importance. He also works with other experts and antique lovers to secure the heritage that is represented by the extraordinary antiques of the past.

He has gained the reputation of being a major expert for his unique interest in the Japanese Samurai Swords. Michael Zomber has been presented as an expert for numerous shows on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun documentaries.

Film Producer And Author

Another of Mr. Zomber’s professions is a popular film producer and author. He is a legendary author of numerous books and film scripts. Jesus and the Samurai is one of his most popular books based on the impact of Christianity in the Japanese culture. Mr. Zomber along with his wife also have a film production company called Renascent Films that was launched in 1998. The Soul of the Samurai a documentary film based on the history of the Samurai Culture was a highly praised film. His message that he sends out to his audience with the abundant supply of historical writings and films are for the benefit of encouraging more peace in the world and how using weapons during chaos is pointless.

Michael Zomber is a major advocate and supporter of organizations that promote global love and peace like UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange. He truly enjoys sharing his interest in antique weaponry with the many books and films that he has written and also with people across the country. He currently lives in the suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and children.

Brushing To Get The Hair Longer

If you have short hair, you might wonder how to get it to grow faster. While some take vitamins and some use special shampoos, all it could take is brushing the hair to get it to grow. One woman decided to stop washing her hair after learning that certain kinds of brushes can make the hair grow faster than if you were to take a supplement or to use hair care products.

A boar bristle brush is one that has stronger bristles. When you use this kind of brush, the natural oils are distributed along the scalp. Most brushes have bristles that only cause damage to the strands of hair, breaking them in the process. A dermatologist in New York tested the theory to see if brushing really gives enough strength to the hair to make it grow at a faster rate. If it’s done daily and with the right type of bristle, then it can stretch the hair. It doesn’t mean that the actual hair is growing faster, it just means that the strands are being stretched so that they appear to be longer.

If you use a brush that has stronger bristles, then it can help improve the circulation along the scalp. The sebum near the scalp where the hair shaft is located is stimulated as well. This is what gives the hair its shine. Once the sebum is stimulated, you will notice that there is a fullness and a shine to the hair that washing on a daily basis usually doesn’t give as the sebum is often washed away. The increased circulation also provides oxygen to the hair shaft, which boosts the health of the hair as well.

Wengie is a beauty blogger who has reviewed various hair products. She offers advice on hair styles and what can be used to give the shine that is desired as well as how to get the strength in the hair so that it doesn’t break as easily. Wengie often appears on YouTube, addressing millions with her beauty hacks and secrets.

One of the things that Wengie wants others to know is that it’s alright to be unique. Everyone has their own style when it comes to makeup and hair. She wants to give her viewers the best experience possible when it comes to the advice she gives so that they get the results they desire. Wengie is from China and has grown up in Australia.

Laidlaw & Company: Back to Investment Banking the Way it Should Be

When you think about the world of investments, you probably know how volatile the markets have been over the last decade. Not only has the stock market gone upside down within the last decade, but returns vanished in a few short months. The case was hard enough to believe that people would willingly watch over and protect your money in the name of making it grow. However, when you consider all of the specifics of the financial crisis according to Investor Claims, it is fairly simple to understand that confidence of investors has substantially decreased.
As you move forward with investing, however, it is completely understandable to know that you have to jump back into the market. When it comes to saving for retirement (or any other potential savings objective) then you already know just how difficult it can be to accumulate wealth without the assistance of a financial professional on your side. When it comes to the legitimate financial help from a true investment bank, you need to look into Laidlaw & Company.

Check PR Newswire and learn that Laidlaw & Company isn’t just a financial startup that came out of nowhere to try and capitalize on the depressed markets. Laidlaw & Company has been around for a significant period of time and over the decades they have continuously and consistently put their investors first. When you think about all of the banks, investment firms, brokers, and investment related companies in general that have come and gone over the years, it is absolutely essential to realize that Laidlaw has been standing and has grown investor wealth through it all.

When you are thinking about where you need to go next in order to truly strengthen your financial position, the key is to find a financial partner with the history and reputation that you can trust. Look into Laidlaw today for your potential investment needs.

Why Investing in Gold is Essential for Investment Portfolio Diversification in 2016

U.S. Money Reserve encourages consumers and investors to invest in gold, a precious metal commodity to help protect their investments when the economy is experiencing problems. During the fourth quarter of 2016, gold is predicted to price at $1,300 an ounce, which will be a new record high, reported by Market Watch on April 11, 2016. It’s one reason why investing in gold is indispensable for diversifying investment portfolios. The devalue of currencies globally is capable of happening in the United States and other countries, such as China because of political decisions. Precious gold is one of the safest investment products to invest in.

Investing in gold is essential based on four factors: scarcity, increase in price, currency volatility, and demand for Central Banks. U.S. Money Reserve believes those factors support the market predictions of the price of gold increase by the end of 2016. Gold commodity is unlike currency because it isnÕt controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Precious metal is supported due to its scarceness and it’s rarely devalued. During economic downfalls, the price of gold may decrease, but over time there is the potential of an increase. The scarcity of gold is due to the dramatic drop in the amount of gold in deposits of two million ounces from 2006 until the present. The amount of gold is at its lowest level in 16 years.

RBC predicted that the price of gold will increase 13 percent. When gold was liquidated from ETF holdings in 2013, the price of gold decreased, which developed buying power. The prediction increased by $150 after a 1.8 percent improvement by gold futures on April 11. RBC previously predicted that gold would increase in price to $1,150 an ounce.

A Crunchbase report predticted that the U.S. Money Reserve explained that paper currencies have no value when international markets experience crisis. Inflation occurs when the Reserve places currency into the financial system to help the economy recover after a downfall. The dollar is worth less and the cost of living increases.

U.S. gold commodity is in high demand in China, India, and global Central Banks. American investors are enhancing their investment portfolios and investing in gold commodity products, including coins, bars, and bullions. Statistics show the demand for gold commodities increased by 70 percent between 2004 and 2013.

U.S. Money Reserve distributes government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullions in the United States. Philip Diehl serves as the President of Money Reserve in Austin, Texas. The precious metal distributor has offered gold commodity products for over 15 years.