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Actualizing a Goal

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The article: “How Our Company, Status Labs, Repaired its Own Reputation” from the Huggington Post Blog is features Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, discussing the irony of his own company’s turmoil and strife in struggling through their own reputation crisis both online and physically.
Fisher explores the circumstances regarding Status Labs’ decline into negative reception through the behavior and performance of a former executive officer of the company. The actions of an executive officer single-handedly landed Status Labs on a rapid downward spiral of public reputation and into the hands of negative press and finally hatred.
The absolute irony of these events is noted by Fisher in the article. It is the solitary goal of a company such as Status Labs to improve, revive, stimulate, or sway the reputation of a business or company that needs a sort of “second chance”. The industry of online reputation management is widely criticized and spoken of negatively, according to Darius Fisher; however, Fisher argues said negativity with the realization that: in order to properly aid the reputation of a hindered business, behavioral alteration must occur and the initial cause of poor public reception must be thoroughly addressed and corrected. If a company fails to keep itself “in check”, the efforts of online reputation management firms such as Status Labs are rendered futile and ineffective by the shortcomings of the companies and businesses employing said services.
Over one-thousand businesses, service providers, and companies have been assisted in the reestablishment of their social reputations by Status Labs, boasts Fisher. And yet, up to the events resulting in the reputation crisis of Status Labs itself, the full potential damage and demoralizing storm cloud that is poor public reception and negative reputation which looms ever overhead had never seemed so daunting or real. According to the Daily Beast, the dangers and consequences of such a reputation have physical effects on workers, officers, and customers. The damage, explains Fisher, is clearly observable in the workplace and anywhere regarding the involved business.
Realization of the effects of poor reputation became clear to Darius Fisher and Status Labs after their own crisis and will assuredly improve the efficiency of their company in the future.

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Stopping Tyranny one Dictator at a Time

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Billions of people all around the world and in every country suffer from injustices and deplorable human rights mistreatment everyday. From children to the elderly, no one is immune from the tyrannies of dictatorships, greedy governments, and regimes that seek only power. This power is often built on the backs of those less fortunate.

Even though the mistreatment of humans is a deplorable act, there are many groups and organizations out there trying to help those who suffer. Groups like Amnesty International or the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) seek to try and help people. Sometimes it is through demonstrations while other times it is publishing information to bring awareness about situations of human rights mistreatment.

The HRF was founded by a very strong advocate of human rights, Thor Halverssen. Thor descends from both royalty and politicians with roots from Norway and Venezuela. He founded the organization HRF in 2005. The HRF seeks to protect human rights in every country with no disregard for political position or standing.

Those who belong are not passive activist. Many have been imprisoned or even beaten by police or other sovereign authorities in efforts to demonstrate or carry a message of injustice from those less fortunate. Thor Halverssen is often leading the charge by example and is no stranger to danger himself as he has endured physical altercations trying to get the truth of inhumane treatment in different countries.

One of the biggest human injustices is the pain and suffering of North Koreans. Halverssen’s group HRF work tirelessly to help free the North Koreans, through information. HRF seeks to free their minds, from the lies they have been fed their whole lives. HRF tries to smuggle, through various means of information, across the border using giant slingshots, helium balloons, or just smuggling contraband into the country. According to this Buzzfeed article, the hope is that the people of North Korea will learn that they do not have to live that way, and suffer the way they have for 70 years. Halverssen and HRF members continue to smuggle contraband into North Korea even under threats of death from the dictator’s regime.

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What I Think About Online Reputation Management

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Online Reputation Management has always given some cause to question things. Some feel that the people who advertise this sort of business are actually doing something really good. Others claim that Reputation Management is nothing more than a scheme to bilk companies out of some money.

Ever hear of the big UC Davis Scanadal? You might want to google it. This way you will have some sort of reference as to what we are talking about here. You can actually click right here to find out more about it. Here’s the link.

Well anyway, after this scandal there were many who started calling it into question. It was the UC Davis thing that started giving Reputation Management a bad name, primarily. People began to doubt companies like this, thinking they are only out to get their money.

In truth, companies like this do get a bad reputation. Not all companies are bad – According to this website Reputation Defender is a pretty solid company. Apparently they’re also connected to this company. The trick is seeing past what everyone else assumes and think for yourself.


In order to discuss this, we must first bring up the Sac Bee Report. The reporting job this company did was more or less a “scrub job”. This happens a lot in reputation management. There are many who feel the need to “wipe away pertinent information, just to make one side look better than the other”.

This is one of the biggest things wrong with companies like this. In trying to clean up other companies, they tend to pick sides. They tend to play favorites and only write one side of the story. Every side deserves the right to have their time, so everyone can hear every side. Unfortunately, some companies do tend to skate over certain facts. They do this just to get their name in the paper.

With online management there is sort of “competition mentality”. Some will do anything to get their name as “the hero for a company”. This is okay in theory, but some do tend to take it a bit too far.

The other issue involves the media. The media has become a vicious attack dog, set to bark at anyone or anything that comes its way. The media has been built up to be practically unfair to everything or everyone it touches. The media needs to be a bit more empathetic and sympathetic to what others are going through, so do the people who a writing the pieces.


Both the media and the companies themselves could learn more by being placed in these situations, instead of just writing about them. It’s this lack of emotion that causes many to think badly upon Online Reputation Management, as a whole. The industry itself is not bad, it’s the way the story gets told that tend to hurt everyone involved. It’s not about saving the image. It’s about understanding the image and repairing it for the sake of all involved.

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Everyone Who Invests Should Use Martin Lustgarten

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Martin Lustgarten has been investing his own money around the world for a long time, and he is helping all his clients do the same things. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make more money because they have gotten Martin Lustgarten to tell what to do with the money they have. They have a way of making money that will work better for the, and they have a way of making money that is going to really make sense.

Martin Lustgarten will talk with his clients to figure out how they are going to spend their money. He can ask them if they have countries they want to invest in, or he might find out that he has someone who has specific companies they are interested. Martin Lustgarten is going to make sure that they are going to spend money in countries that make sense for them, and he is going to tell his clients if it is not the best idea. That is something that people have to think about, and Martin Lustgarten can help them make sure that they are going to the right countries.

He will also look at every country in the news to see how they are doing politically. He knows that these countries are going to be in a state that must be researched. some countries have political problems that could be an issue, and he knows that other countries do not have economies that are going to be good for his clients. At the end of the day, Martin Lustgarten has to make sure that all his clients are going to make as much money as possible without getting into a situation that is too scary.

There are a lot of people who do not know how too invest their money, and they are going to ask Martin Lustgarten to see what they can do. Martin Lustgarten will help his clients invest in the right places, and he will handle all the research. He can teach his clients to do their own research, and he will show them how to correctly handle their finances.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

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Efforts To Incorporate Olympic Valley Prove Futile

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For the past few years, the north shore communities from the Lake Tahoe region have had difficult times. From natural challenges to political challenges, both businesses and the residents have felt the effect of the problems that were facing them. An epic drought brought operations at winter resorts to a standstill. This affected the businesses that depended on these resorts.

In addition to that, the political front presented the challenge of efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley. The picturesque valley has become a top tourist destination across the world. The valley is also home to winter sports terrain that ranks as the best in North America. Despite all the challenges, better times are ahead. For Andy Wirth, this is good news.

For the natural challenges, Mother Nature brought a welcome surprise. Early storms and cold temperatures meant that resorts opened weeks earlier than expected. For the political challenges, the relief came following the collapse of the efforts for the incorporation of Olympic Valley as those backing the move withdrew from the efforts.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was greatly involved in opposing the incorporation, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the same. Wirth pointed out that had the incorporation been successful, both residents and businesses would have had to bear the burden of higher taxes while at the same time suffering from the decreased levels of services such as road maintenance. The valley would also have been separated from the common pool of resources that the north shore communities rely on.

Incorporation backers have however come forward to point out that the motive of the opposition by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was more self-involved. They add that the company did not want to answer to a town council, preferring to go through the Placer County Board of Supervisors based in Auburn, California.

Andy Wirth is a man committed to seeing the growth and development of Olympic Valley. In line with this, his company is planning to embark on residential and commercial developments in the region. The successful businessman is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Andy Wirth is committed to working with environmental and community service organizations in the region he operates from. His commitment comes from the need to see the improvement of the Lake Tahoe area for all people.

Following a skydiving accident, Mr. Wirth was involved in co-founding the Wounded Warrior Support. The team is involved in raising funds for an organization, the Navy SEAL Foundation. The organization is committed to supporting the members as well as families of operation team members upon their return from deployment. The original article was reported by Reno Gazette-Journal.

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Eric Pulier Helps Kids With Technology

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Eric Pulier makes sure that people are going to be able to have the technology they need to assist them with life, and he is making it easy for these people to get the help that is needed for their situation. The situations that people are in usually require them to get some technology that will be most helpful for them, and Eric Pulier has created a lot of things that are going to help people get ahead in life.

There are education technology products that Eric Pulier has been hoping to give to the public, and he has advocated for the kids who are most in need of help. The kids who are in need of special services are going to be able to get the help that they need, and the kids who are trying to learn in an environment that is not made for them will learn a lot more when they are working with someone like Eric Pulier.

Pulier also started Starbright World to help kids with major illnesses talk to each other, and it helped the families give these kids an outlet that is going to help them feel their best. These kids are going to have an outlet that is going to help them talk to people just like them, and Eric Pulier had advocated for further help for these kids. The kids that Eric Pulier fights for are going to be able to have better lives because of the technology that he has created, and he is going to keep creating new items for everyone who is in need.

The people who are most in need have been helped by Eric many times over, and he has been making life easy for everyone who is the most in need. It is something that people need because they want to feel in control of their lives, and they always have the right kinds of technology by Eric Pulier that are going to change their lives. He has worked with people and communities who are most in need of help with their children and educational technology.

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Charles Koch pens a new op-ed

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Universities around the world are supposed to be sources of knowledge and learning. Every year, millions of students arrive on campuses to receive a quality education, but unfortunately, many of these institutions are going astray. Millions of students are having their free speech limited by their schools and other students are actively working to keep their students from speaking out. Colleges have no idea how to react to this situation, and many of them are choosing to give into the demands of their loudest students. This is causing a major crisis across the many institutions of the United States.

Many major thinkers have chosen to ignore this problem, but conservative and moderate people around the world know that they should not avoid this situation. They know that America was founded on the ideal of freely sharing thoughts with each other, and if universities continue to stifle free speech, then the foundation of the country is at risk.

Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch are some of the most powerful men in the Republican party. Bloomberg was mayor of New York for many years, while Charles Koch is a highly influential financier. They are filled with concern over the movement to remove controversial ideas from college campuses. They decided to write an op-ed to warn universities of the dangers of this movement. In the op-ed they mention several elements of this dangerous trend. Several universities have instituted safe spaces, trigger warnings, and speech codes on their campuses as a way to protect sensitive minds. Other campuses have stopped inviting controversial speakers. All of this is done to protect people, but Koch and Bloomberg argue that these movements are actually harming students.

College should educate students, and it cannot do so by constantly reaffirming student’s beliefs. Students need to have their ideas challenged, and challenge the ideas of others. If this does not happen, then students will not learn and grow.

Koch has long been one of the leaders of the conservative movement. He has helped shape opinions in every election since 1980, and is well respected throughout the world.

Colleges need to start challenging people’s beliefs if students are going to grow.

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An inside look at Diversant and John Goullet

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Diversant is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE). It is the largest African American-owned IT staffing business in the United States. They have many different scalable IT staffing and diversity products from which to choose. They also have staff augmentation, direct-hire and innovative diversity solutions.

Being a minority-owned business, Diversant is a company that strongly values diversity. This company offers programs that promote diversity in the workplace and they also have a large supply chain of talent acquisition. A major belief of this company is that diversity leads to better opportunities for consultants and partners. In turn, more innovative solutions are available to clients.

Divergent works with many different Industries. Some of them include government, energy, banking, information Technology, Insurance, manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications and Healthcare.

Diversant is also a strong proponent of integrity. They have a strong code for ethical business practices, along with the set of core values. The different core values of their business include respect for others, disciplined team work, ethical behavior and professional development.

John Goullet is the current Principal of Diversant. He is a businessman who has run many ventures in the private sector, mostly in IT. He started off his career as an IT consultant. In 1994, he switched to IT staffing.

John is very knowledgeable at understanding emerging market trends. He utilized his knowledge of these market trends and eventually founded Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company that provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the United States. After just five years of running this business, Info Technologies Group, the value of the business had grown to around $30 million.

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Dynamic Search Partners, an exclusive search firm in New York

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Dynamic Search Partners is New York’s most prominent and executive search firm committed to source top talent for private equity industries and the prestigious hedge fund. The organization has a decade track record of successfully pairing the clients with prominent industries across every area of expertise.

The success of the company is contributed to their ability to understand the sensitivity and details associated with executive search. Their relationships with the clients go beyond one-time placements. The relationship with clients helps them gather unrivaled industry insight, and provide a robust level of services that advances with the alternate investment industry.

Dynamic believes that by building strategic partnerships with a carefully selected group of high-caliber differentiated firms enables them to offer quality services. It also helps them present a focused and clear message to the marketplace. Their team of experts dedicates their time and resources to ensure they understand the clients and their particular search needs. Their extraordinary approach enables them to design and implement customized searches that are effective, organized, and transparent.

Dynamic Search Partners have a guiding principal that a successful executive search practice demands a long-time relationship with their candidates. They have a team that is accessible and knowledgeable and can attend to the candidates seeking for market insight, advice, or new employment.

Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2001. Previously, he was the manager at Alternative Investment Division. In his previous job, his role was to supervise the staff’s research regarding alternative investment decisions. Today, he implements the skills he acquired to bring immense and unprecedented success to Dynamic Search Partners.

Mann is an active philanthropist. He has been generous in giving back to the society, and this has contributed to the company’s success. He has exemplary managerial skills that have helped him fill over 2000 client mandate, since the inception of the firm. Keith has seen dynamic expand its maneuvers beyond staffing investment positions. His proficiency is indicative of Dynamic’s recognition as the largest staffers in the entire hedge fund industry.

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Cleaning Checklist to Use During Spring Cleaning

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The annual spring clean is arguably one of the highlights of this beautiful season that signals the end of the cold winter and ushers in summer. It is a time to clean the entire home, remove all the dirt and stale air while letting in fresh air. While this process may never become effortless (unless one hires a cleaning company) it can become manageable and even fun. It is important to have a thorough checklist of key areas to clean to ensure that the home remains sparkling.

One weekend is not enough to do a thorough cleaning. Things like organizing closets and shampooing carpets require at least several days. The cleaning should also involve the attic and basement if available. It is advisable to focus on a single task before moving on to the next.

Areas to Clean

• Walls and Ceilings should be vacuumed and later wiped to remove dust. .
• Reseal grot lines between all tiles in the home.
• Vacuum and shampoo carpets and rags. Use a hot water extractor to dry them.
• Dust shelves and books.
• Clean all upholstered furnishings. Make sure to check for manufacturers labels to determine proper cleaning solutions.
• Polish window hardware and metal doors.
• Wax wooden furniture.
• Wash window screens. Use dish-washing liquid and warm water, then rinse thoroughly.
• Clean window draperies and curtains. Again make sure to check cleaning labels.


Handy is a New York based firm that offers a leading platform for connecting homeowners and individuals seeking household services with independent service contractors. The company keeps a huge database of over 10,000 contractors who are all pre-screened and professional. The firm instantly matches customers with handyman services in 28 cities located in the U.S.A and United Kingdom. The booking process lasts for a minute and is highly efficient with a complete money back guarantee if services offered are not up to the required standard.

The firm was started in 2012 and is currently headed by CEO Oisin Hanrahan. Its COO is co-founder Umang Dua. Today, the company is worth nearly $500 million and has employed over 150 permanent employees.

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