NewsWatch TV: Making Dreams Come True for Small and Big Businesses Alike

NewsWatch TV has been one of the leading providers of entertainment, tech, celebrity and consumer product news since its inception in March of 1990. Over the past two decades, NewsWatch TV have proven themselves as one of the most professional and popular news series’ and have won multiple awards for their attention to detail in the program. This reputation has led some of the world’s leading companies to work alongside NewsWatch to further progress their brands. NewsWatch TV has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, as well as a multitude of smaller independent business’ to develop segments showcasing their work.

Of these companies, some notable names include Siemens, Audi, and Sony. NewsWatch has worked alongside a plethora of notable rising business’ as well, boosting the brands and products of some far beyond where they may have reached without the help of the series’ massive marketing networks. Companies like Avanca, who launched an extremely successful Indiegogo campaign, thanks to NewsWatch TV’s segment on the electronics company, reaching over 95 million households in the U.S. alone, highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team. It seems that thanks to Newswatch’s longevity and massive fanbase that the series is able to bring any company some degree of success through their superb marketing tactics.

Another of the companies assisted in success by a NewsWatch TV Segment is Contour Design. When Contour developed their ergonomic workstations, they knew the product would catch on if only they could get it to the right audiences. Enter NewsWatch TV, who helped Contour market their Ultimate Workstations through both televised and online mediums. Through NewsWatch’s exquisite PR skills, Contour’s segment was delivered into over 200 U.S. markets, resulting in a dramatic spike in sales for the company. Visit NewsWatch TV online to see what they can do for you and your growing business!


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