Meet Bridget Scarr, a Content Developer Extraordinaire

Bridget Scarr has created a name for herself as far as creating compelling content that extends across varying platforms is concerned. The creative producer cum writer is known for her projects, which revolve around virtual reality, interactive exhibition, augmented reality, television and digital content. Additionally, all her projects resonate emotionally and intellectually with her large audiences. Currently, Bridget Scarr works at Colibri Studios where she is in charge of content development, strategy and partnerships. In her capacity, she is considerably involved with the company’s daily development. Bridget also collaborates with global project partners, creative talent and broadcasters to bring projects to reality.


In an Interview with IdeaMensch, Bridget Scarr revealed the source of the idea to come up with Colibri Studios. Before Colibri, she served as a TV producer who was involved in making others people’s ideas a reality. Later, Colibri Studios was born out of her decision to make a career transition in creative and development aspects of content creation. Since then, the company has become a home for Bridget since it allows her to execute her ideas under a single umbrella.


How Bridget Executes her Ideas


For Bridget Scarr, transforming ideas into life largely depends on a given project and the initial inspiration behind it. Her current project involves augmented reality, which seeks to help users gain a connection to history viscerally. The project relies on stories of common people who experienced history. Additionally, the stories are of real individuals from diverse cultures and background communities.


Word of Counsel


As an experienced content developer, Bridget Scarr has experienced a lot when it comes to the ups and downs of this field. For this reason, her advice to the younger generation is for them to trust their journey, believe in their God-given abilities, and get rid of fear. She also emphasizes on loving unconditionally, meditating, being grateful, and free.


Unexplored Business Idea


Bridget Scarr is not satisfied with the apps in the wine industry. For her, no wine application has adequately captured the wine experience. Instead, they eliminate the excitement that is accompanied by wine through telling the user the likes and dislikes about wine before experiencing it. Bridget feels that wine apps ought to have an online store that delivers the best wine at your doorstep from different parts of the world. In fact, the application ought to include virtual wine tours in VR as well as an AR app for reviews and recognition.


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