Matthew Autterson: One of the Leading Investment Management Specialists

Securities trading and portfolio management are what the investment management sector entails. Activities in investment management are directed towards achieving specific investment goals. Portfolios are comprised of assets, bonds, shares, and several other security types. Stakeholders in investment management include both private and public investors. The private investors are usually persons who have a contract in place with fund managers. Public investors, on the other hand, are insurance firms, charities, governments, pension funds among other big firms.

Vanguard Group is one of the largest investment management firms in the world. It is also the oldest having started way back in 1929. The firm currently manages assets worth over $4 trillion. Vanguard works with a variety of clientele; global investors, individual investors, financial advisors, retirees and institutional investors. Vanguard describes itself as a ‘mutual’ mutual fund therefore with the clients’ interests a priority. Other similar investment firms include JP Morgan Asset Management and Goldman Sachs.

Profits by investment firms have a direct relationship with market valuations. This running any investment firm a complicated affair. If market valuations fluctuate a bit to the downside, profits will be dealt a major blow. This also brings about customer uncertainty which translates to another blow to the profits. Matthew Autterson is one of the specialists who can be brought on board by these firms to manage these issues.

About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson works at WIN Wealth Management as Chief Advisor. This position requires him to help clients meet their investment goals. He provides strategies such as building appropriate risk profiles according to the investment portfolio at play.

Estate planning, tax issues, and life insurance are also part of Matthew Autterson job description. His alma mater is Buena Vista University where he studied in Accounting. Besides being Chief Advisor, Matthew Autterson is also Investment Policy Committee Chairman at WIN.

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