Keith Mann Funds Excellent Scholarship Program for Charter School Seniors

Keith Mann is quite busy with his duties at Dynamics Search Partners. Finding the right executive to fit a major company requires a lot of work and effort. Keith Mann does take time away from his important duties to help those students in the New York area who would benefit from a scholarship. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is designed to help cultivate the next generation of business leaders. Maybe one of the students who receives the scholarship will end up being recruited by Mann’s firm some years down the road.

Mann has announced the scholarship through a press release in BusinessWire.

The scholarship is the result of an effective partnership between the Keith Mann¬†and Uncommon Schools, a management organization that specializes in charter schools. Uncommon Schools’ non-profit organization works with several charter schools in the Brooklyn region.

The scholarship is a competitive one, and will be issued to the student(s) who craft a very well-written essay as part of the application process. The topic of the essay focuses on how a college degree would be beneficial to career paths. Students who craft compelling essays that answer the question in an interesting and moving manner are surely to stand out.

Keith Mann understands the importance of finding talented individuals with good business and executive acumen. As the director of Dynamics Search Partners, he is always looking for the best professionals suited for executive roles. He realizes a number of those budding executives of the future are studying at local charter schools right now.

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