Inspirational Works of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Gonzalez has been an inspiration to most people all over the world. He is a known businessman and he is now in politics trying to bridge the gap between the two. This will help the two sectors work together in harmony to enhance peace and ensure that the economy develops. According to Manuel, there is great potential in Venezuela since there are available resources for farmers to utilize. He has been working for some time as the deputy in national assembly which has helped him understand the government more.


Keeping and Maintaining Balance


With this knowledge, he will be in a better position to know which places need changes. There is a lot of mismanagement of resources by the state government which leads to low agricultural produce. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has developed a close relationship with his community since he attends meetings and interacts with them. Since he has no enemies in the assembly, he intends on keeping it the same so he can balance the two and be in a position to gain trust from the people.


Manuel believes that it is possible for the country’s economy to improve in case the agricultural sector is looked into. Most of the farmers in this area stopped producing more tons of rice and corn since there was no market or outlet. They were not able to predict the future especially concerning their produce and this forced most of the farmers to quit farming.




Gonzalez argues that it is possible for the country to solve problems in the sector by having a national agreement. This agreement will help take into consideration the future generations and their responsibilities. To develop a more stable and reliable Parliament, Jose feels that it is the best platform to launch the agreement. It is always important for any country to have a proper governance and ensure there is no crisis. This will help in economic growth and it enhances peace among the citizens and their leaders. Gonzales is the best example of leaders who intend on bringing positive changes to the country and ensure that the main source of income in Venezuela is maintained and developed.

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