InnovaCare Health and Its CEO Dr. Rich Shinto

InnovaCare Health is currently the leading Medicare and Medicaid institution in the entire Puerto Rico region. This facility is above all in the sustainable and cost-effective healthcare models. The reputation is based on the superb leadership. Explore on to find out much about InnovaCare Health.

This company has well designed Medicare plans. The plans are MMM healthcare and PMC. It caters for over 200000 people in the region. The employees are about 7500. This team is dedicated to its work starting from the leadership of Mr. Rick Shinto the Chief Executive Officer and Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administration Officer among others. These leaders are well experienced in their fields of experts from their previous work in various institutions.

Dr. Richard Shinto

He is the current chief executive officer and the president of InnovaCare Health. He has an experience of more than 25 years of clinical and operational healthcare management. He has a proven record of innovative physician-led care models which quality patient satisfaction plus financial performance.

He has worked as the CEO of InnovaCare’s subsidiaries in Puerto Rico in MMM holdings. It is the oldest and biggest Medicare Advantage plan that leads over 250000 people. Rich Shinto has worked as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc from 2008 up to its sell in 2012. He also served as the CEO of NAMM based in California before joining Aveta Inc. initially, Richard Shinto had served as the COO and CMO of Medical Pathway Management Company. He has also served as corporate vice president of medical for Med Partners among other posts.

Apart from providing easy access to Medicare, Richard Shinto educates his patients on healthcare awareness. The above and many other little things he performs has made him get the Access to Caring Award during the Tribute Caring gala. The gala was held at the Western University of Health Sciences.

Penelope Kokkinide

He Is the COO/CAO of InnovaCare Health. She has extensive experience of over 20 years in health care management.she has specialized in Medicare and Medicaid government programs. Initially, she has served as the executive vice president at the Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope Kokkinide has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health. At the AmeriChoice, Penelope Kokkinides worked as the Corporate Vice President.

InnovCare Health in the leading healthcare institution in North America. The company is well prepared to meet the modern dynamic healthcare challenges.

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