“How James River Capital’s Founder Prevents Employee Burnout “

Paul Saunders, the founder of James River Capital, has recently written an article regarding employee burnout on Patch. Paul Saunders has been the CEO of James River Capital, as well as the CEO of James River Financial since 1995. Saunders is also an avid philanthropist. Saunders has supported multiple organizations, such as the University of Virginia, the university he attended. He and his wife also founded a foundation called The Saunders Family Foundation which supports numerous causes, with a general mission statement of helping organizations achieve their goals as well as sustain their growth.

James River Capital is a financial services company that focuses on investment advisory services. The company’s investment philosophy is centered around the diversification of the investments themselves as well as the people managing those investments. The company believes this investment philosophy helps to minimize potential losses and provides a very stable investment strategy.

In the article Saunders wrote on Patch, he started off by talking about the stresses of work and how they can compound with personal issues that may be going on in employee lives. He mentions the importance of looking out for warning signs in employees and taking an interest in helping them regain lost motivation and put them back on the right track. Paul Saunders then goes on to explain some ways that employers can help their employees to not feel burnt out.

The first suggestion Saunders gives is to help prevent a loss of the sense of control that employees have. He recommends having employees take a small part of the beginning of their morning to list out tasks they’d like to complete for the day. Saunders also recommends transparency to help prevent uncertainty in employees. Namely, he suggests managers be open and honest about decisions and give explanations of decisions when needed. Saunders suggests that offering workshops and other job-related resources may help as well.

Paul Saunders goes on to mention how stress and other negative emotions can lead an employee into burning out. To combat this, Saunders recommends that employers talk with their employees and offer support in a variety of ways including recommending employees to disconnect from work when they’re not working. Saunders also recommends encouraging employees to find a hobby outside of work. Learn more: https://www.cbinsights.com/investor/james-river-capital

The last think Saunders says to look out for is a loss of employee confidence. He cited that employees that aren’t confident in their work and in their own abilities are much more likely to disconnect while working and eventually burn out. To remedy this he suggests sitting down with employees and setting small, manageable goals for them to achieve over time. Saunders ends the article mentioning that helping employees succeed is essential as their successes are also the company’s successes.

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