Eli Gershkovitch Absorbs the Craft Beer Bumps

Beer is the most popular and largely consumed alcoholic beverage for a while now. Craft beer is gaining renaissance, particularly in Canada. If the BMO Nesbitt Burns report is anything to go by, Craft beer sales are growing at or near double digits yearly. Among other major breweries that produce craft beer is Steamworks – the industry’s leader then Flying Monkeys, Cameron, Nickel Brook and Waterloo Breweries.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Steamworks Breweries has perfectly blended consumer preferences with quality, quantity, and price. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of the company. He uses a tagline that “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you,” this expansion strategy has ingrained growth to make Steamworks an empire. As a sole entrepreneur for the group of companies, he has made remarkable strides from the humble genesis as a brewpub in Gastown, Vancouver. To second this Eli Gershkovitch once told the Press that going from brew pub to brewery is transformational.


Eli Gershkovitch uses a stardom business strategy; controlled growth. He will only expand his business conditionally – he must be in control of all the activities. Retaining control is the engine to making vertical integration. As a lawyer, Eli Gershkovitch is cautious of the legal and regulatory frameworks in the beer industry. Although, he does not take up any opportunity as it comes he has been able to acquire a 30,000 sq. Ft space at the Burnaby Boundary. This facility has a production capacity of 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale ale & pilsner and 800 12 pack of seasonal brews.


About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli has a law degree although he has never practiced per say. He has only been his counsel. However, this is not a waste since knowledge acquired at his alma mater has helped him comply with the industry legal requirements and push for necessary changes.


The Belgian beer stirred up interest in brewing firm, and he consequently visited a micro brewery. The opportunities and desire for freedom lead him to establish a brew pub he has grown to a brewery. Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Group of companies supplies in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and 14 US states. His competitor from BC Craft Brewers Guild, Ken Beattie says he has set a good Precedent.

More about Eli Gershkovitch at https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation

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