Duda Melzer; The Man at the Helm of the RBS Group

In an article on ADVB, Eduardo “Duda” Melzer is the president and chair of the RBS Group. RBS is a media conglomerate that provides content through various media channels including newspapers, radio, and television. It operates twelve radio stations and three newspapers in Brazil. He is also the founder and chair of e.Bricks. The investment company invests in technology companies. It is present in Brazil and the US. Melzer is the director of an international art show known as the Mercosul Biennial. It is held in Porto Alegre. He is also involved with the largest wine shop in South America known as Wine.com.br.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande and an M.B.A from Harvard University. He joined the financial sector and was a consultant to several international companies after school. Melzer moved to the US and acceded to the Delphi Corporation as a senior analyst. He later joined Box Top Media as the CEO. This is a media company in New York. Melzer is frequently invited to speak at international forums organized by the Brazilian Advertisers Association, the Institute of Business Studies, and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

Duda Melzer was appointed the director general of the RBS Group in 2004. Melzer was promoted to vice president of Business Development in Brazil four years later. He became the executive vice president of RBS in 2010. He was appointed president two years later. Duda was named the chairman of the RBS Group in January of 2016. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was recognized as one of the members of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise Leadership List in 2015. The organization brings together the new generation members of families that have been involved in the business for a long time. Duda was named the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young that same year.

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