Dick Devos

Public service isn’t something Mr. DeVos will boast about. In fact, it’s not something many people know about, except for the people in Michigan. He and his wife, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, would rather quietly help people who need their assistance. That’s the type of people they are.

For instance, from 1989 to 2015 Mr. DeVos gave $138.7 million to various causes, organizations and charities. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has provided countless organizations such as arts and culture, leadership programs, health, human services millions of dollars. Their goal is to help people.


Mr. DeVos was Never Content Being CEO of Amway


Mr. DeVos worked as CEO of his family company, Amway, from 1993 to 2002. He’s been donating his time and money to public service long before that. He’s always believed in helping people and fighting to change laws that hurt individuals, not helped them.


While his wife Betsy successfully pushed for the expansion of charter schools in Michigan, Mr. DeVos worked to convert the state into a right-to-work place. In 2012, he was successful. Now Michigan allows people the right to work in the state whether they want to be in a union or not. Mr. DeVos doesn’t hate unions. Instead, he wanted everyone to have the right to work without being subjected to paying union dues if they didn’t want to be in a union.


Mr. DeVos Shares a Passion for Education with Mrs. DeVos


Mrs. DeVos has done a lot to improve the lives of students. It’s always been her mission that a good education doesn’t depend on the type of money a family has. Mr. DeVos believes the same thing. That’s why he’s worked hard to help children receive a good education.

He’s even gone a step further and opened his own charter school in Grand Rapids. He didn’t want just another charter school for low-income students. He wanted a charter school that offered more. He created his charter school to include aviation education. Aviation is another passion Mr. DeVos has.


Mr. DeVos Has Spent His Life Devoted to Public Service


It’s something he doesn’t talk about often. He’d rather let all his hard work and donations let people know how much he does for people and his believed Michigan. Mr. DeVos isn’t interested in stopping his efforts to improve the state and people’s lives. He’s devoted his life to public service and won’t stop any time soon.


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