David McDonald: The Head of a Global Leadership Position

David McDonald, the president of OSI group, has contributed a lot to the spectacular arc of expansion and growth. The respected entrepreneur current success has not been a ride in the park, but it through his determination that he rose from being a project principal to be the COO and president of OSI Group.

This food industry is gradually becoming the world’s food provider, it partners with several international brands. Initially, the company started as a butcher shop and Otto Kolschowsky owned it; it was in the early 20th century.

Within a couple of years, the butcher shop became a regional food supplier for McDonald’s restaurant chain. Currently, the OSI Group works with branched out enterprising into recently developed ventures not only in the United States but also internationally. OSI Group boast of nearly 20, 000 employees, 65 facilities in around 17 countries. Forbes ranked the company in 2016 by placing it in the list of the giant private companies in the U.S. All that proves the successful growth of the food industry.

About entrepreneur David McDonald

David McDonald grew up in the northeast side of Iowa on a farm. He was enrolled at the ISU (Iowa State University) earned a degree in animal science, and graduated. The focused man was awarded masterly Senior Award, Wallace E. Barron. The award recognized McDonald’s outstanding success in community activities and academics.

David is now the president and COO for OSI Group, which is among the most popular and successful American privately owned food companies. He plays a very active role in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative of Iowa University, and he still very committed and helpful to Iowa State’s community.

David McDonalds is a financial supporter of AGR scholarship fund. The generous man also plays an impressive role in establishing internships gaps for ISU students at his company, OSI Group. David McDonald won an award, ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, in 2004 for his active activism with this alumni association. He also won another award in 2014, the Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist. Today, the ambitious man is married with 6 adorable kids: his wife’s name is Malinda and two of his kids attended ISU.

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