Clayton Hutson Joins Kid Rock’s Crew

Kid Rock is once again hitting the road for the second time in 2018. He is touring with his “Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza.” He will be accompanied Brantley Gilbert, Wheeler Walker Jr. and his new production manager Clayton Hutson. This is not the first time that Clayton and Kid Rock are working together this year. Hutson earlier worked with Kid Rock in his American Rock N’ Roll Tour as a stage manager. Ravi Mandalia of the Reporter Expert gave out some of the challenges the first Kid Rock tour was facing and also pointed out that the stage manager by then Clayton Hutson was a significant contributor to its success.


Clayton when asked how he found solutions to the challenges they faced in the tour said that he allowed his previous experience as a stage manager as well as a production manager to play a part in guiding him. Hutson had worked hard during the tour and was able to overcome the challenges they were facing during the tour. Confidence was another reason why the tour was a great success as millions of fans showed up to support Kid Rock all across the US. The role that Clayton Hutson played in “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” is likely to be the main reason why he was asked to join the Kid Rock’s crew. A personal level, Clayton is happy that is going to work with a good team to ensure that the ‘Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is a success. Clayton feels that he got a solid and a well-built crew that he will not be working with but also living alongside with which will make the summer tour an enjoyable tour. These days Clayton has had a busy schedule as he earlier was with Tim McGraw and Faith Hills on their “Soul2Soul Tour.”


When Clay Hutson is not on the road, he resides in Nashville, Tennessee which is considered to be the active and a growing hub for both the music and event industry. Hutson has always had an interest in music since his childhood days. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University. He also has an M.B.A from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After his graduation, Clayton has held several positions with a number of live entertainment companies. After working for some years, Clayton discovered that naturally he was an entrepreneur and he started his own business.

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