UPDATE Clay Hutson: A Multitalented, Experienced Music Industry Veteran


Who is Clay Hutson?

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur who owns a business in the music industry. In looking at an article on The Bro Talk, we can see that Hutson owns a business, which provides services for musicians and event organizers. By trade Hutson is a live sound engineer. Prior to starting his business, he enrolled college in courses pertinent to theater design. He found work at companies in the live music industry and eventually became a project manager. After time had passed and Hutson grew wiser at his position, he decided to manage a firm which manages, produces, and designs concerts. In the music industry, Hutson’s work generally specializes in rock music. He has completed many managerial tasks for performers such as Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. In 2005 he took part in a world tour for band Garbage, where they traveled to various parts of Europe, Australia, and North America. Here he operated as the monitor engineer. Last year Hutson also added OneRepublic to his list of work experiences, where he operated the automatic rigging system for their Honda Civic Tour.

Hutson traveled to North America and Asia, as the concerts took place there in August and September. Further on in the article there is a question and answer portion for Hutson, where he answers questions on topics ranging from the origins of why he wanted to start his business to how his business attracts new clients. He also goes on to talk about what steps he takes in turning an idea into something real. In doing so he talks about the possible processes of developing new audio, set design, or illumination concepts for the topic. He says that his experiences in the past and present at concerts help him to distinguish what is plausible and what is not. He also goes on to mention how computer aided design plays a major role in the process.

In looking at Hutson’s background in the music business we can cite his early 2011 dealings with DiGiCo in using their products when he was a FOH, monitor engineer, and day-to-day production tour manager. Hutson essentially pushed the DiGiCo consoles through his work as a sound engineer and day-to-day production tour manager. In looking at his current website, he lists himself as a live sound engineer and production manager. His company offers a range of products including, production design, production management, show producer, monitor engineering, logistics management, stage management, and rigging. It says that it can offer budget friendly solutions which can be all-in-one, end-all-be-all solutions.


For 20 years Clay Hutson has honed his skills as a production manager and live sound engineer. Since graduating from Central Michigan University with a BFA in

Theatre Design & Technical Production and earning his MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Hutson has played multiple roles in the entertainment industry. He’s been a production manager with Getagrip Touring Inc. since 1999, worked with Ronin Event Creative beginning in 2001 and is now VP of Production. He’s a stage manager for Halsey, stage manager and rigger for Kid Rock and worked in automation and as a rigger with OneRepublic.


Passionate about his craft, Clay Hutson is the consummate perfectionist. He enjoys handling the details for events large or small and has experience working in lighting, audio, handling a variety of technical tasks in the truck and the production office and even driving the truck. No detail is too small for this industry veteran. While on tour, he enjoys the challenge of wearing multiple hats. You can find him behind the console, marking the floor and handling the nuts and bolts in the truck to ensure every aspect of every show flows smoothly.


Clay Hutson has been production manager for a number of top artists including Prince, P!nk, Guns n’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jennifer Nettles, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains and even Billy Graham. He has been monitor engineer for Maxwell, Gwen Stefani, Axl Rose, Backstreet Boys, Boston, New Kids on the Block, Kelly Clarkson, Velvet Revolver, Staind and many others. Hutson was also a tour rigger Alice in Chains, Boston, Velvet Revolver and Marilyn Manson and an arena rigger at Opryland Convention Center, Joe Louis Arena, Saginaw Civic Center, the Palace at Auburn Hills and many other venues.


Involved in the music industry since childhood, Clay Hutson is now an experienced event manager and music producer and a music industry veteran known for his expertise in engineering, design, production and automation. Known for his long-time love for and mastery of DiGiCo consoles, Hutson started with the hand-built D5 and has since used the SD7, SD8 and the small yet dependable 19-inch SD11 rack-mountable system. These systems provide him with the functionality and sonics he can depend on to control the sound of the voices, acoustic guitars and high-tech wizardry of artists ranging from Maxwell to Marilyn Manson no matter the venue.
Learn more: https://angel.co/clayton-hutson


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