Chainsmokers Release New, Darker Singles

With singles like “Sick Boy” and “Everybody Hates Me” being released in 2018, it is easy to see how the Chainsmokers have evolved and become much darker in their lyrics. The pair behind the hit EDM group, Alex Taggart and Drew Pall, knew that they were taking a big risk when they decided to take their music in this direction, but they knew that they wanted to express who they are and what they thought about within their lyrics. Fortunately for them, their fans absolutely love how the DJ/producer pair are evolving musically and are staying with them through their journey.

The Chainsmokers are different from most of their contemporaries in the dance genre, they don’t just focus on the beats, they want to create music with a deeper meaning behind it that their audience will relate to on an emotional level. Both of these songs address realities of life as a celebrity but in a way that even everyday people in their generation can relate to and understand on their own level.

In “Everybody Hates Me”, the lyrics talk about how it can be incredibly lonely as a celebrity even when hundreds of people around you know your name. No matter how popular someone may be, there is still that paranoia that deep down nobody actually likes you no matter what they are saying. The fact that people know what the Chainsmokers look like and what their names are but have no idea who they actually are as people is something that the duo accepted a long time ago. “Sick Boy” is a song in a similar vein as “Everybody Hates Me” and delves deep into how the social media obsessed society that we live in seems to only value people with likes and upvotes instead of actually caring.

Despite the risks, the Chainsmokers keep rising in popularity and giving their fans new music that is unlike anything else on the radio today. Their journey through music appears to be just beginning and fans are waiting to see what is coming next.

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