Travel Around Tokyo With Kim Dao And Friends

Kim Dao recently spent a fun day in Tokyo and vlogged the entire adventure. If you’re interested to see what a typical Saturday in Japan is like for Kim Dao, check out her video entitled, “Hanging out in Shibuya | Picnic in Yoyogi | KimDao in JAPAN.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao tells us all about her plans. First, Kim Dao says she’s going to meet her friend Laura Ribeiro. After that, she says she’s going to celebrate Kasia’s birthday.


In the next section, Kim Dao is in Shibuya Station. Kim Dao says it’s incredibly hot outside and really busy around the Shibuya Station area. Although it’s humid and hot out, Kim Dao says she didn’t pack any water.


Next, Kim Dao shows us Laura’s private art exhibit. There are tons of gorgeous wigs and photographs around the small studio.


After visiting the art studio, Kim Dao goes to lunch at a vegan restaurant with Mimei and Bronwyn. Kim Dao orders rice, vegetarian falafels, and mushrooms.


Once they’re all done with lunch, Kim Dao walks back to Shibuya Station and checks out nearby makeup shops. A few moments later, Kim decides to visit Yoyogi Park to visit some more friends. Unsuprisingly, everyone (including Kim) is playing “Pokémon Go” in Yoyogi.


As she’s walking around Yoyogi, Kim finally breaks down an buys a bottle of water. She meets up with Chris and Kaisa (aka TheUwagaPies). Chris gives Kim Dao some homemade bruschetta to try.


Pretty much everyone at this picnic gets drunk except Kim Dao. When the picnic gets a bit too crazy, Kim Dao decides to go home.

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People Who Have Become Famous On You Tube

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Wengie is also about fashion, style, and beauty fashionistas. She follows other fashion gurus on YouTube and in fashion magazines and is inspired by them. She says she started out by learning from others but had to adapt what she learned to her own self. She has a particular interest in Asian (Japanese and Korean) beauty products and their use because of the lack of information and help that is offered for these women. She also has an obsessed interest in circle lenses, she says that these contacts helps to make your pupils appear larger to other people and also help you appear more full of energy and alert. She says that different colors have different affects and she explains about how to use them, who they suit, and how to apply the make-up to suit them.