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Learn About the Business of Vintage Wines from UKV PLC

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United Kingdom Vintners, UKV PLC, is a consulting firm with a strong focus on luxury and vintage wines. It is based in Surrey in the UK with a branch office in London. The firm focuses on delivering selected wines to consumers. The company runs as an independent agency as opposed to distributing products from a particular channel. This enables the company to broaden its search for quality and sought-after wines.

The company sources for bonded luxury wines and champagne through a network of traders and brokers. The wines are then offloaded to individual buyers for consumption or held as stocks for sale to the speculative buyers. Specialty wines bought for resale are referred to investment grade wines. They are typically sold through auctions. The price is influenced by available supply, global demand and the popularity of the particular brand.

Just like pieces of fine art or gold bullion, investment grade wine appreciates in price over time. Reputable winemakers must make it. The wine is aged for over twenty-five years. Only about one percent of the total wines produced in the world makes it to investment grade status. UKV PLC stores wine for resale in custom bonded warehouses. This reduces the amount of tax charged to in country consumers.

The storage warehouses enjoy controlled humidity and temperature. This serves to enhance the quality of the wines, therefore, increasing their profitability. UKV PLC is an excellent choice for collectors wishing to augment their investments in wine. Besides operating a brokerage service, UKV PLC also buys vintage wines and holds it as stock for resale. The company sources investment grade and other vintage wines from select vineyards.

This includes the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions in France as well as Spain and Italy. Global demand for vintage and rare wines continues to grow. UKV PLC is well positioned to exploit this growth. Investing in vintage wines is an exciting opportunity. It allows connoisseurs to invest in products they love. It is an excellent mid-term investment. The recommended hold times is five years on average to maximize profitability.

Vintage wines consist of limited stocks. This means their value increases with consumption. UKV PLC runs seasonal promotional campaigns. These serve to educate wine lovers as well as pitch to potential investors in the luxury wine market.

Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard – The Benefits

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Who Are They?

Traveling Vineyard is a wine-tasting group that was formed back in 2001, during the first-in-home wine tasting event organized by the five founding members. It was from that ceremony the idea of the company was conceived, which came into manifestation and has since been known as traveling vineyard.

How Does the Traveling Vineyard Business Model Work?

The main aim of Traveling Vineyard as a company is to encourage people to see the possibilities in every wine bottle. They do this by providing Wine Guides aimed at making tasting less stuffy and creating happiness by way of a comfortable home experience that educates and demystifies wine consumption.

To this end, the business model of Traveling Vineyard involves moving from one community to another with own certified wine, marketing tools, wine accessories, etc, all packed up in the Success Kits of all Wine Guides who are signed and trained accordingly—sharing love and friendship on the road.

The business model of Traveling Vineyard is the type that seeks to change the manner the world tastes and shop for wine.

What Are The Benefits?

First, upon signing up as a member and a Wine Guide on Traveling Vineyard, you become entitled to the flexibility of choosing which events to attend, when, and what to handle. That is, member get to decide what to do with their time and schedules without any form of hindrance whatsoever.

Secondly, all enlisted members are entitled to be paid, as being a Wine Guide creates the ability to make extra income and compliment individual bill payments.

Lastly, a member also has the benefit of meeting new friends in the course of traveling all over the world with Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide.

Such a member also gets the chance to have extra fun and memorable moments—feeling fulfilled in every ramification of the word.

Now, it is clear why the company is named Traveling Vineyard.

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