Krishen Iyer: Top Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

In business, it’s said that success is in mind. It’s also every entrepreneur’s dream to make it in the industry. To get there, however, one requires effort. Experience is also one of the variables to consider if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are also those who put effort into overcoming objective as well as subjective challenges in their businesses. As such, entrepreneurs need to establish a good balance between their products and service development as well as marketing tasks. If businesses fail to spend time finding out how to invest resources particularly in marketing, companies will stagnate. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to develop service products by creating a good business plan. It’s valuable to analyze the importance of marketing for your branding requirements.



Entrepreneurs can avoid the trap by understanding how to dominate the industry without spending most of their time on it. They can invest in the appropriate audience evaluation to identify their budget. Those are just a few methods they can use to establish a good marketing strategy. In a list that was released by Entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer, an excellent business professional reiterates the value of following these tips. Mr. Iyer is the founder of an insurance marketing company called Managed Benefits Services. The firm focuses on offering clients lead generation as well as consulting services to insurance firms specializing in dental and other healthcare services. He broke down the tips into segments while giving an elaboration. According to Krishen Iyer, business professionals should focus on the following tips to grow their brands.



Establish A Marketing Campaign


Krishen Iyer reiterates that entrepreneurs are always happy about their ideas and products. They are still eager to share their opinions as well as content online. However, this is not the most effective marketing strategy. Sharing content that may not be attractive to potential clients is a mistake that should be avoided by entrepreneurs. Krishen Iyer says that they need to invest in a better marketing strategy that can allow clients to interact ideally.


Use Natural Language


Krishen Iyer also adds that in the current generation, many clients prefer a personalized approach toward everything in business. Krishen Iyer adds that natural language is essential especially in social media posts, blogs, as well as other types of communication made to reach clients.

Marketing CEO, Krishen Iyer’s Take on Marketing Through Smart Speakers is the Wave of the Future

The Accomplishments of Krishen Iyer

The former quick link marketing currently known as Managed Benefits Services was started two years ago by Krishen Iyer. This company majors in technical growth, online marketing, and client interfacing. Note that he mainly focuses on dental and health insurance. He has become very successful because he is persistent; he is dedicated to his customers, and he is very attentive. He has flourished all through his professional and academic occupation, and he has initiated numerous companies.




He started his first insurance company in 2002 before he graduated from the San Diego State University in 2004. He continued expanding his business despite being the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HIS insurance. In 2009, he started another company known as Name My Premium since IHS was not meeting his expectations. He worked hard and the second company became successful and ve4ry famous.




It is essential to note that Krishen Iyer enjoys doing community service with his family, he loves playing chess, and soccer during his free time. In a recent interview, he confessed that he ensures that he is involved in client interfacing and development on a daily basis. He also likes concentrating on advertising so that he can be effective in the business and it helps him to focus on the needs of his customers.




He believes that effective communication is the only way of making ideas work. He insists that all the great ideas came through communication. He is a very curious person, and he normally asks different people some questions, and it has helped him to realize that people don’t see things in the same way.




The executive thinks that the worst job is the one that does not give workers a chance to learn new stuff. He has always learned new things in every job that he has done, and for that matter, he has never come across a bad job.


Ann Scango–A Great Artist In Texas

Ann Scango is a sculptor and visual artist who hails from the United States of America. She creates pieces of art that are three-dimensional and texturally complex. The high quality of her work has made her well-known in the state of Texas.

Image result for contemporary art moma

On her Medium, there is an article about what people should do when they want to dive into the art world. Newcomers may feel a bit insecure when first getting involved in the art world because there is a feeling that one is not in the know about the things, or that one will sound uneducated and foolish in front of people who are seasoned veterans of the art scene. However, newcomers should not feel intimidated or insecure because all it takes is thinking about what one likes, going to venues that foster art scenes, interacting with people who love art and researching art.

One thing that a person should do is find out what his or her taste is. What type of art draws you in? What style? This is the type of a question a newcomer to the art world must ask his or herself. If you want to get your feet wet in the art world, you should look for listings of venues that have art shows. You can usually find listings like these online, on neighborhood directories and in publications. Looking for artists, art shows and pieces of art in the local community is the first and easiest step. You do not have to buy anything right away or make any sort of commitments—you just have peruse what is out there and think about how you feel.


A person who wants to buy art should put a lot of consideration into where the art will be placed, how much room is in his/her dwelling and how certain types of art will match (or not match) the interior of their homes.

Rodrigo Terpins, One of the Unbeatable Rally Drivers in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in the Brazilian rally racing sport. He has interest in sports entrepreneurship and is a passionate racer for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team that participates in the Sertoes Rally off-road championships. Besides, Rodrigo Terpins teamed up with his brother, Michael Terpin, to form the Sertoes Rally team. The Terpins brothers are equally talented rally drivers and have won numerous championships races together. Rodrigo Terpins’ love for rally driving stems from his family, where his father, Jack Terpins, and brother, Michel Terpins, were sports enthusiasts. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael Terpins share the same career as rally drivers, but their father was a renowned basketball player who played as a defender for the Hebraica team.


Rodrigo Terpins has built a broad fan base throughout his racing career for his outstanding racing skills. T1 Prototype category and Sertoes Rally Championship is some of the races that earned Rodrigo Terpins the recognition he enjoys in the Brazilian motorsport space. He has participated in numerous T1 Prototype categories aboard the T-Rex and emerged the winner. For example, he took part in the Sertoes Rally 22nd edition that covered a distance of 2,600km and stretched to two states. Despite having inadequate time to prepare, Rodrigo Terpins scooped the third position in the category and 8th in the overall championships. The race was so competitive that Rodrigo Terpins felt impressed by his performance together with his partner, Fabricio.


Rodrigo Terpins raced alongside his brother, Michael Terpins, in the 24th Sertoes Rally edition and scooped the 5th position in the overall competition and won in the second stage of the T1 Prototype category. The Terpins brothers teamed up to race for the Bull Sertoes rally team aboard the T-Rex, which has a powerful engine developed by the MEM Motorsports. The brothers have raced together aboard the T-Rex in the past four seasons and have won numerous prestigious honors. Rodrigo Terpin’s name is a force to reckon in his hometowns of Minas Gerais and Goias. His goal is to feature as one of the Brazilian rally legends down the road. You can visit his website




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Preparing for Retirement with HCR Wealth Advisors

Walking over to this new phase of one’s life is never easy, which is why it takes a lot of understanding of what to expect and what is likely to come. Transitioning to a state where one is free to do as they like, and also can engage in the activities that they have always dreamed of, may be something that is overwhelming. Retirement is a beautiful phase in life where one can sit back, relax, and bear the fruits of the labor that they have put in for so many years.

When thinking about retirement, one of the first thoughts that generally tends to run through people’s heads is whether or not they would be able to afford the life that they want to lead. During retirement, the amount that one earns from their livelihood is severely reduced or, sometimes, even completely stopped. This sometimes can have a harsh effect on the person if they haven’t saved enough, or if they haven’t budgeted properly for their retirement.

Proper financial planning and budgeting is a must for anyone who plans to retire but often people who are in this position start this process far too late. Retirement planning should begin from the early moments of one’s career so that they can lead a more comfortable life once they do stop working.

Seeking Professional Help from HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that knows what happens when someone goes through the essential stages of their lives and the financial situation that comes along with those situations. The firm has helped hundreds of people plan for a better retirement so that they can live the life that they have always wanted, and so that they can be carefree once they step into a new phase of their lives.

At HCR Wealth Advisors, clients are put in touch with an advisor who is well experienced with what they do, and someone who can guide them towards this path of better financial stability. The advisors at the firm always work towards what is best for their clients and formulate personalized plans of action that can take care of all of their basic needs. Connect with Russell on LinkedIn.

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TMS Health Solutions Taking Services Closer to the People

Depression is the second known cause of disability worldwide. A sizeable percentage of patients suffering from resistant clinical depression do not respond to conventional medication and treatment regimes. Some patients develop intolerance to drugs used in the treatment of clinical depression. Such patients require a more innovative approach to treating them.


Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation is a drug-free, safe and noninvasive alternative therapy. It is effective in treating patients with acute depression, especially those who are resistant to other forms of treatment.

It is a brainchild of Dr. Richard Bermudes, and it was established in 2007. He named it TMS Health Solutions. Dr. Brad Hummel is the CEO while Dr. Richard Bermudes is the chief medical officer.


Its headquarters are in San Francisco. TMS Health Solutions works to make its services accessible. They have other branches in Oakland, Sacramento, Eldorado Hills, Roseville, and Burlingame where they offer trans-cranial stimulation therapy. They comprise of a group of clinicians with a focus on research, treating patients with mental illness such as clinical depression.


They showed their dedication to taking services closer to the people by recently opening the TMS therapy Roseville. The clinic is located close to the Caltrain and Millbrae stations, which makes it convenient for patients to locate it.


Highly qualified psychiatrists operate all TMS Health Solution Clinics. The most notable are Dr. Noah DeGaetano, a trained and board certified psycho-pharmacologist; Dr. Abel Bumgarner, an adult psychiatrist who is also board certified; and Dr. Richard Bermudes, a qualified psychiatrist. The three are in charge of the TMS therapy in Burlingame.


The food and drugs authority approved TMS therapy in 2008 as a safe alternative for the treatment of resistant clinical depression. The therapy is administered in about thirty sessions of forty-five minutes. They spread for between six and eight weeks and are outpatient based.


The therapies have minimal side effects, usually manifesting in headaches and muscle soreness. A small number of patients may experience seizures as a side effect of the therapy.


TMS therapy is effective in treating 30% to 60% of patients with resistant depression. A study done in France also showed that the patients have a reduced chance of recurrent depression once they complete the TMS therapy.


To make TMS therapy more accessible, the management of TMS Health Solutions ensures their patients have insurance cover. They help those without cover to get financial assistance. Insurance providers like Anthem, United Healthcare, Optum, Cigna and Blue Shield provide cover to patients in need of TMS therapy.

Dr. David Samadi and Menopause

     A woman at some point in her life will has to undergo the transition life of menopause. This is when a woman does not have a menstrual cycle for a full year. This is a normal condition that all women have to undergo as they age and it marks the end of their reproductive years. While some women have knowledge on what to expect during menopause, others have no idea on how menopause can affect their lives. Each woman will have a different encounter during their menopause phase. While some experience minor symptoms, others normally experience extreme symptoms such as weight gain, vaginal dryness or extreme hot flashes.

Dr. David Samadi who is an experienced doctor talk about menopause and what women should expect during this phase in their lives. No matter how a woman is treated by menopause, there are some things that they should understand before they go into this new chapter in their lives. According to David Samadi, it is important for all women to visit a healthcare professional who will then guide them through the entire phase of menopause in order to make sure that the transition is smooth. Dr David Samadi says that majority of women will stop experiencing their menstrual periods between the ages of 45-44, although the average age is 51.

Dr. David Samadi says that menopause can begin many years before a woman can notice that there are any changes. He further says that genetics can play a huge part in determining the age in which a woman will start their menopause. Majority of women will mostly start this process at around the same age that their sisters or mothers did. There are however other factors that can contribute to early start of this phase such as chemotherapy or even smoking.

A celebrity doctor, Dr. David Samadi serves as the Chairman of Urology and also the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a certified urologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, urologic diseases, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. Dr. David is also specialized in minimally invasive treatments when it comes to prostate cancer such as Laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Dr. David Samadi was in the Persian Jewish Community in Iran. He studied in Belgium and London prior to relocating to the United States where he went for his high school studies at Roslyn, New York.

Truth and More

Bruno Fagali

     Loving your audience is important and easy. This is when ‘giveaways’ and promotional events are handy; create deals and be as ‘Bruno Fagali‘ as possible. If you go out of your way for a customer, he will recommend you to someone else. Word of mouth has always been the basis of marketing; before computers and technology, ‘word of mouth’ was the only type of marketing there was. Get your audience to believe in your product, and become someone they care about. Customer loyalty creates consistent sales. The only way to do make them care about you is by caring about them.

The Media and Lies – Bruno Fagali

     When we are young we are taught that lying is wrong and when you lie there are consequences. When we become older and more knowledgeable, we learn that lying is only wrong when you’re caught, however, if it’s the right thing to do than it’s okay. For example, in a movie called “Lincoln”, President Lincoln lies about there being a terms of surrender from the South. In telling that lie, the thirteenth amendment was passed and slavery became illegal. Was that the right thing to do? Absolutely.

President Lincoln told a lie that pushed the media in a certain direction causing an uproar that resulted in the abolishment of slavery. He was also a lawyer and, in my opinion, lawyers have to tell lies; it’s part of the job. In order to win a case, lawyers like Bruno Fagali play into the media by either using it to their advantage or avoiding it all together.

One thing society can always count on is the media lying to them. The United States is a freedom of speech country, meaning you can say whatever you want! In Bruno Fagali’s opinion, this trend challenges us as consumers to stay sharp. You can’t take anything at face value, forcing us to do research on our own and pick through what is real and what is just a gimmick. It keeps us questioning everything, which in turn makes our society smarter.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Has Benefited From A Celebrity Investment

     Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest addition to the investor family of a Hippeas brand, a company that manufactures chickpea puff snacks. DiCaprio alongside his investment ship, Strand Equity partners pumped an undisclosed amount into Green Park Brands Inc., the holding company for the Hippeas Brand that is based in Santa Monica.

According to one of the executives who is also the founder of Green Park Inc., Livio Bisterzo, the company carried out a successful investment round that saw it raise over $2.5 million. Without disclosing the worth of DiCaprio’s investment, Livio Bisterzo indicated that part of the investment came from friends and angel investors.

The Hippeas brand of snacks started retailing started retailing early last year. To date, the company has posted over $2.5 million in revenues from the sale of the Hippeas puff snacks. Livio Bisterzo is an asset at Green Park Inc. With his vast experience in business, he has been able to create a distribution process for the Hippeas snacks enabling the product to reach the shops of most retailers quickly.

The new investment from one of the most seasoned actor, Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrates the economic viability of the Hippeas brand. The puff snacks are a healthier option compared to other light meal offerings in the market. With the right and attractive packaging, Hippeas brand has been able to capture the market because it looks trendy. Hippeas puff snacks are not only healthy, but they are also trendy.

Most retail brands such as Albertsons and Starbucks have already incorporated Hippeas on their menus. The snack has also managed to cross the high seas into the United Kingdom necessitating Green Park Inc. to have a regional office in the UK.

Livio Bisterzo, the founder of Hippeas, is of Italian descent, and he resides in Los Angeles in the United States. As a family man with three children, Livio always strives to ensure that he achieves a work-family balance.

With a background in marketing, Livio Bisterzo has been able to come up with some of the most disruptive brands such as Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. Mr. Bisterzo also boasts of a vast business portfolio that covers different sectors of the economy.

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Businesses Taking a Stance: Honey Birdette on the Australian Marriage Equality Plebiscite

There has always been the question on whether it is wise for any business to take a stance on controversial issues. Especially considering the risk of such issues dividing customers. Australia’s leading lingerie brand Honey Birdette recently took a bold step in attempting to do this. 60 of the brand’s models and employees recently showed its stand on the marriage equality matter in Australia. They did this by marching in the streets of Sidney.

The workers did this clad in lingerie with signs saying ‘#freethenipple’ and ‘make love, not plebiscite’. This drew a backlash from some members of the public, but others were impressed and liked the idea. Honey Birdette’s managing director and founder Eloise Monaghan, later on, gave a statement concerning the matter. She stated that she understood the brand can be polarising but liked the fact that it sparked a good debate on the goings on out there.

In another matter, Honey Birdette caused a stir with a couple of posters in Rundle Mall. One of the models in the posters had her nipple visible. Most notably, a mother and her adult daughter thought the posters could offend people. Stacey, the daughter, said that she saw the image from two perspectives. One, she would wear the advertised product to please her partner. Two, she thought it was raunchy to some extent considering kids could see it.

Phil Martin, an Adelaide City Councillor, said he believed people had the right to consume whatever they wanted. He, however, added that the images had the potential to offend people in public places. According to him, such images should not be placed outside stores to reduce the likelihood of offending. Another councilor, Anne Moran deemed the posters okay by stating that they were just on edge towards being offensive.