Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, TX

Doctor Jennifer Lee Walden was born in Austin, Texas. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse, so she grew up in a medical household. That could have influenced what career she decided to pursue. She got her degree from the University of Texas, and her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Despite starting on the waitlist there, she graduated as the second ranked student in her class, finishing with great honors. She worked hard to get there, and has never stopped. She did her residency there, but then moved on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital where she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. She stayed in New York until 2011 gaining experience with silicone breast implants. She then decided to move back to Austin. She opened a private practice, and it quickly became a success. She is known for using progressive and technologically advanced methods to ensure quality results. She has made appearances on CBS, ABC, NBC, VH1, Fox News and E!, and in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Self, Glamour, and other magazines. She also has her own lifestyle segment on KVUE-TV, which is Austin’s ABC affiliate, and regularly appears on local news shows in Austin, Texas. Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and others, she is a well known and sought after medical commentator. She has also written a few books about her profession, detailing certain procedures, and how they are executed etc.. She works in multiple locations, including Hill County Hospital, which was named one the nation’s top 100 hospitals. She handles face, breast, and body surgeries, hair restoration, laser treatments for removing unwanted hair and improving skin appearance, radiofrequency treatments, injections, skin care, vaginal rejuvenation, IV hydration therapy, health and wellness, and sexual wellness services. Pretty much, if you want to improve something about your body, you can ask Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she should be able to help you. She has her own website and is very well known, and thus should be quite easy for you to look up.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna, Medical Aesthetics & Elective Healthcare

In the world of medical aesthetics, the patient can determine his or her physical destiny. This means that the patient can seek medical services that benefits his/her life on the surface. Confidence is king, especially in today’s world. With so much technological advancements in place, people are now changing their lives for the better. Dr. Mark McKenna stands at the forefront of this precise movement, and he has operated two of the Southeast’s most efficient medical-aesthetics practices. ShapeMed, a nonsurgical aesthetics clinic, provided the latest and greatest in skincare, in laser treatments, in weigh-loss solutions and in injectables. Of course, it was a hit as it reached the revered “Black Diamond” status.

On the other hand, Dr. Mark McKenna moved on to ShapeMed 2.0 in a sense. This new medical-aesthetics practice is known as OVME, and it is basically bringing the same services to your home. In addition to those services, OVME provides minimal-invasive procedures, which can also be brought to your home. For those who want to come in and receive the total experience, OVME has a state-of-the art center in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood. Everything can be found here from private consultant rooms to luxury treatment rooms. OVME, pronounced as “of me,” will give you the best out-of-body experience. Dr. Mark McKenna is definitely a revolutionary to some degree. This happily married man and loving father practices what he preaches. Dr. Mark McKenna actually lives a healthy lifestyle and since he’s a medical doctor, he can assist those who are interested in doing the same things.

The Tulane University graduate also gives back in his free-time. Many people see him as being a philanthropist. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna is the real deal when it comes to this exclusive field of work, and he will continue to bring newer ideas in the years to come.


CAA’s Commitment to Quality

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) serves 20 medical facilities throughout the Austin, Texas area. It is made up of over 80 physicians who have received board certifications from the American Board of Anesthesiology or are actively obtaining them. They have training in various specialties including cardiac, pediatric, and obstetric. CAA is considered a leader in providing quality medical care to patients in need of anesthesia. There are also over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists committed to making patients feel comfortable and secure. The medical team’s commitments have helped them achieve the highest percentile benchmarks for quality across the nation.

CAA also has an administrative staff that works with patients to answer questions and help with payments. They work with numerous insurance companies so that patients can concentrate on their health instead of their finances. They can also provide information to clients about how to prepare for anesthesia and what to expect afterward.

The Anesthesia Quality Unit (AQU) works with CAA to maintain a consistent level of quality care. AQU uses data and education to guide CAA members towards current patient care trends that are efficient and successful. They can also guide the team toward effective future practices in the anesthesia field.

CAA was established in 1973 and provides general anesthesia, local anesthesia, and regional anesthesia. Pain and stress are relieved in patients throughout the process regardless of extensive surgery or minor surgery being needed. Breathing and comfort levels are monitored in surgical patients by CAA’s medical team.

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