Cloudwick Brings Advanced Security Analytics Platform to Business

Every year, hundreds of business loses billions of dollars due to data breaches. However, one company is making it much harder for the bad guys to compromise a company’s platform. That company, Clockwick, has recently debuted their new platform known as Cyber Data Lake or CDL to businesses across a number of industries.

Made from managed hardware appliance with integrated software, CDL can be used on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) via AWS Direct Connect. According to the general manager at Cloudwick, CDL can utilize advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to prevent future attacks by detecting usual activity attempting to compromise the platform.

On average, a data breach can cost a company $3.86 million dollars. For Fortune 500 companies, these costs can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Not to mention the cost of a company’s reputation. Cloudwick has been working hard to create the best data protection system that can work quickly and not compromise a company’s day to day efficiency.

CDL is the result of a two year project, created by Cloudwick and funded by Silicon Valley chipmaker Intel. Assisting Cloudwick in the development of CDL include other top security companies such as LogTrust, Bricata, Corelight, Solarflare, Protectwise,, and Graphistry.

Currently Cloudwick has a number of banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare using the current CDL system. This system is allowing these large scale companies to access and secure their data without having to deal with multiple protocols or stalls in accessibility.

While CDL has proven itself as one of the top security services available, Cloudwick will still have to convince some Chief Technology Officers that operating their systems on a cloud is the best route for the company’s data security. In the past, the cloud has been perceived as inferior to non-cloud based platforms. However, the company is working hard to show that CDL and cloud-based data security is the platform of the future.