Slyce is changing visual search engines forever

When the internet first started, it was extremely difficult to navigate. Finding the site you wanted often required having the exact web address, and even then a single missed letter could lead you astray. To make the internet easier to navigate people immediately began working on search engines. Soon the internet was filled with easy to use search engines that made the internet easy to use. Today, finding the page you want is as simple as plugging in a few words.

Search engines changed the internet forever, but finding images on the internet is extremely difficult. If all you knew about a particular product was the way it looked, then you would struggle to find it on the internet. Eventually, companies realized that a visual search engine could prove valuable. Several visual search engines have been produced, but one of the best visual search engines on the market today is Slyce.

Slyce is a popular mobile phone application. You take a picture of a product with your phone, and the application searches the internet for versions of the product. This visual search engine such as product recognition has gained popularity with thousands of users because it is easy to use. All you need is to take a picture and you can have the product quickly. Many companies have affiliated themselves with Slyce because it allows customers to quickly find their products.

As Slyce increases in popularity, the company has started creating more apps to work with their powerful search engine. They recently unveiled Scout. Scout is a concierge app that helps people find the product they need at the price they want. There are hundreds of concierge apps on the market today, but these apps rarely integrate visual search technology. This means you have to know the exact name of the product you are looking for before you start searching for it. Scout changes the way people search for products, and makes it easy to find the best possible price. After you perform a search, Scout provides you with the resources necessary to save you money. You will be presented with coupons that could save you money and local stores in your area that have the product. With Scout on your phone you’ll be able to easily purchase the products you need when you need it.

Visual search engines are allowing customers to find the products they need. Slyce will continue to be a leading innovator in this field.