Securus Technologies Keeping Tabs on Criminals

When there is a dangerous fugitive in our city, my team of officers has to be in the position to be able to strike fast before they have the chance to react. Many times, a fugitive will get a tip from their inner circle and escape capture minutes before the authorities were closing in on them. We have a resource in Securus Technologies that allows us to get the dirt on these suspects before they even know what hit them.


This week we got the call that a high-ranking gang member was picking up where his boss left off. His boss was put in jail for life, so this gang member not only assumed his role, he began committing the sames crimes the leader was arrested for. Although he thought he was smarter than us, it was his close associations with other gang members that would help us to draw closer and make and arrest.


Securus Technologies installed their modern inmate telephone monitoring system in the local jail, and it allows my team to listen to the incarcerated gang members talking about everything from drugs to crimes they commit in the jail. The head of Securus Technologies, CEO Rick Smith, says all of his Dallas-based team members are dedicated to the objective of making the world a safer place to live.


We got an alert on the LBS software that the fugitive we had been hunting was still in fact getting his orders from the leader that was now in jail. Once we determined where the suspect was hiding, we needed to swoop in fast before he was able to go through with his next order. The conversations on that call system were key in helping us to get in position to take down the fugitive without anyone getting injured.


The End to Accusations

There are many issues within the business world, and this includes patent laws for products that are generated by companies. Securus Technologies, an information technology firm, has recently been under fire by one of its competitors over the possibility of operating under expired patent codes for its products. If true this would mean that Securus would need to legally release its products for use in the outside world, and this would definitely mean ruin for the company as a whole. After much research has been conducted on the situation it would seem that these accusations are untrue and baseless. This means that not only will Securus continue to offer the same products to their customers but that they can continue to develop and build on these products for a long time to come.


Securus Technologies is a communications solution company that provides excellent service and products to incarcerated individuals currently residing within the United States prison system. One such product that is frequently used is a downloadable application for both Apple and Android devices that allow customers to communicate through video chat interfaces that work over reliable WiFi signals. This means that not only will inmates be able to effectively communicate with their loved ones on the outside, but they will be able to provide for them the ability to avoid uncomfortable security checks at the prison and also bypass time it would take to physically drive to the location itself.


Securus, through its products, has been able to give to their customers something that no one else has decided to do. Inmates are an often times ignored consumer base in the United States, and one that Securus happily and gratefully accepts with open arms. This identifies them as both a technology company and as a humanitarian firm as well.


Securus is Changing the Industry

The prison industry is one that has come under increasing levels of scrutiny over the past couple of years. Many states are spending millions of dollars housing inmates, and there is no end in sight. Although the economy has improved recently, many people are worried about the budgets in the future. Reducing the cost of prisons is one of the top priorities in many states around the country. Securus is the leading company in this space. They have a variety of high-tech products and services to offer the prison system. Although there is an initial investment, over time companies tend to save money on their programs.
Inmate Behavior

One of the biggest costs in operating a prison is dealing with inmate behavior. According to PR Newswire’s study, inmates that cause issues are much more costly than those who do not. There are many studies that show inmates that are given privileges are more likely to have good behavior. Some prison systems like Securus are updating their software to help people connect with those inside of prison. The logic behind this is that inmates will have better behavior if they have contact with people on the outside. Although there is an initial investment, better inmate behavior over time generally leads to lower costs.


There has been some backlash against prison systems for making things easier on inmates. Many people feel like funding for prisons should actually be reduced. There are a lot of government programs that need additional funding. Funding the prison system is a bad public relations move, and many states have had to prove that this will lead to lower overall costs in the future. Anyone who is interested in learning about the prison system should research Securus. They have a track record of adding value in this space, and Securus America‘s technology is now leading the industry.