OSI Food Solutions Services the FoodService Industry

OSI Food Solutions is the leading private group supplying food to the foodservice industry. The foodservice industry is hyper-competitive, which in turn, makes being the company that supplies them with the product a hyper-competitive industry in turn. One of the main issues facing those who supply those in foodservice is the product. Consumers demand a consistent supply of new and shiny products to consume. Fast food companies have to change their product lines at least once a month in order to meet a growing consumer base of demanding, hungry customers who are always seeking out the latest and greatest.

OSI Food Solutions has become a master at meeting these expectations. OSI makes all of their lines of products customer-fitted for food service customers. OSIs R&D team stays on top of current market trends and uses the latest-and-greatest flavors and taste profiles to recommend and create compelling products. On top of the R&D teams lies the OSI Culinary team which is capable of crafting just about any product a provider of food could want.

Chicken is one of OSIs specialties. Whether it is breaded nuggets or chicken meatballs the company can craft just about any chicken-related product for consumers. To meet the growing demand for chicken, OSI has been pouring resources to increase its factories capabilities. A great example of this is in OSIs Toledo, Spain, factory. OSI recently doubled its chicken output to an overwhelming 24,000 tons —tons— of chicken each year.

Another way that OSI Food Solutions has been keeping up with recent trends and growing its portfolio is via acquisition. Recently, OSI acquired both Baho Foods and Flagship Europe which both served as key acquisitions to increase their brand loyalty, worldwide recognizability, and most of all their portfolio. These two acquisitions gave them access to deli meats, convenience snacks, frozen poultry, pies, sandwich fillings, and sauces. These are all products that will help fill any gaps in OSI Food Solutions product line.

OSI Food Solutions is creating a powerful array of products to use in order to serve its customers better. OSI is showing the world how to create a powerful brand in a competitive industry. The world wants meat, food, bread, sauces, and for all of those products OSI is there. It continues to create diverse and delicious products for customers to enjoy.

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The Innovation of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Food Group could be considered one of the most successful CEO’s of his time. As one of the largest food providers in the world, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people within more than 60 facilities. Although the company is considered monster size now, it certainly wasn’t always this way. The company has continued to grow with the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, and others along with him that have embraced modern change and growth along the way. How did this successful company evolve from the beginning?

As the story goes, OSI Group has immigrant roots. This dates back to the days when at the turn of the 20th century, there was a growing presence of German immigrants within Chicago Illinois. This city was the center of industry, and it would become a turning point for immigrants that brought their own opportunities. Otto Kolschowsky along with his sons, ran the company until the sons reached retirement age. It was at this time that the sons approached Sheldon Lavin about running the company, the legacy they were so proud of. Asked to join as a partner, rather than just a leadership on the board, he did so.

Because Sheldon Lavin was not a stranger, and was approaching the opportunity as a consultant with an opportunity to invest, he was eager to be a part of the bigger plan for OSI Group in 1970. It was then that OSI began to grow and focus on increased production with their company. It would be in 1977 that OSI opened it’s very first facility just outside of Chicago and later in Utah. The growth was exciting, and it encouraged other companies to follow the same pattern. OSI competing closely with McDonald’s, the companies were looking for new ways to grow and enter new markets around the country. McDonald’s and OSI Group ended up discussing a joint venture, and soon it was known that the companies would work together for further growth around the globe.

The growth in international markets was inspiring, and it was the business acumen of Sheldon Lavin that prompted the company putting him into position as the Chairman and then CEO of OSI Group in the early 80’s. The strong relationship with McDonald’s that OSI built no doubt fostered a sense of leadership within OSI Group and within their marketplace. This is why today Lavin continues to focus on new opportunities and growth for the company.

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