How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things Will Change Everything

We are on the brink of a great new advancement in the way that our world operates and it is thanks to an enterprising young technology: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, of course, is the proponent by which our world is going to fundamentally change and evolve. The Internet of Things refers to the way that the internet will interface with technology in our day to day lives. There are a great many ways that the Internet of Things is going to impact our lives and it is the work of Jason Hope, a renowned futurist and entrepreneur, who is committed to trying to get the word out.

You might know of Jason Hope already thanks to a plethora of his different notable achievements. Hope primarily is known for his work with the SENS Foundation, researching new trends in the medical field, but he is now becoming increasingly known for his faith in the Internet of Things. As a noted futurist, Hope is always looking to the horizon in order to try and estimate what is coming up next in the crowded tech field. For the past few years Hope has firmly hitched himself onto the Internet of Things.

Now, the reason that the Internet of Things is so fundamentally important is that it will be addressing the very way with which we live our lives. The Internet of Things refers to all of the devices that we use in our day to day lives and how they will start to interface and become automated thanks to the internet. We can look to kitchen appliances, public transit, and even the cars we drive as a couple of the categories that will see huge change. Automation is hugely important to the Internet of Things, but it isn’t the only beneficial concept.

The reason that Jason Hope is so involved with the Internet of Things is that it could eventually turn into a life saver. Consider the ways that automated, smart technology can decrease waste while improving the quality of our lives. There are nearly infinite applications for the internet of Things.

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Tumblr’s Value Suffers A Major Decline


Social media is wildly popular. This is a common refrain made in today’s internet age. The truth is certain social media sites are popular. Others do not sustain their popularity. Twitter’s shares are collapsing. Those with long memories remember when Myspace was the leader in social media and, today, it is a non-entity. Now, Tumblr looks to be in bad shape. The social sharing site seems to be a victim of circumstance. Tumblr was purchase by Yahoo, and Yahoo is suffering from widespread financial chaos.

The numbers for Tumblr are pretty bleak. Tumblr has lost 25% of its value since Yahoo took ownership. In some ways, this is reminiscent of the purchase of Myspace by News Corp. When the media giant bought Myspace, many believed the huge financial assets of the corporation would turn Myspace into an even bigger internet colossus. Myspace collapsed due to a combination of poor management and competition from Facebook.

Yahoo purchased Tumblr in 2013 for $1.1 billion. According to Marc Sparks, the non-Facebook deal is shaping up to becoming a major fiasco. Yahoo may have paid way too much for the social media/blogging service. Now that the world is coming to the realization that Yahoo overpaid, the valuation has dropped by 25%.

Yahoo is plagued with all sorts of problems. Mainly, Google and other online giants tower over Yahoo. Yahoo’s upper management works very hard at trying to make itself as successful as it once was. Unfortunately, no one is delivering results.