Beneful Wet Dog Food

Dogs of all breeds enjoy the savory taste of Beneful wet dog food. Beneful Prepared meals are made with the same quality standards as their dry dog food and provide the same nutrition. However, if your dog is overweight, the Healthy Weight dry dog food formula may be a better option, as it is lower in calories.

All adult breeds can enjoy Beneful wet food. However,for smaller breeds it is recommended to give them Beneful Incredibites, which are smaller bites of food designed for their little mouths and teeth.

Beneful Prepared Wet Meals come in 10 oz. containers under $2 a peice. Amazon currently sells a pack of 8 for roughly $15. Coupons can be found in local ads, online coupon sites and/or directly from

Beneful wet food comes in a large variety of flavors. These include, but are not limited to, Beef & Chicken Medley, Savory Rice & Lamb Stew and Roasted Turkey Medley. The Beef & Chicken Medley is a favorite amongst many pet owners for the combination of 2 savory meats that their pets adore. Variety packs also offer a large selection of formulas your dog can try.

Beneful Wet Dog Food is nutritionally balanced and extremely healthy for dogs. They are especially suitable for picky eaters that do not seem to enjoy dry food. They are made with real meat and vegetables to supply your dog with vitamins, minerals and protein for great health.

Beneful wet food is for adult dogs only. Puppies should be fed puppy formulas to properly nourish their growing bodies.

A.D Dolphin, Founder of Gives You The Breakdown To Healthy Living On The Steve Harvey Show

For an extremely long time, has been a brand that has consistently met customer needs and provided them with the best solutions to healthy living. With a variety of different products specially catered to different needs, Dherbs has become one of the biggest suppliers of nutritional products and health supplements in the United States founder A.D. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey show earlier this month and showed audiences all over America just how easy it is to prepare healthy meals at home. Dherbs has always been a brand to tell its customers about the importance of healthy living while using their products to see maximum results.


One of the products which is most famous for would be the Full Body Cleanse which is a twenty-day full body cleanse which helps one take control of their health. The Full Body Cleanse is Dherbs’ bestselling product with millions of copies sold worldwide. Dherbs, however, believes that one should not have to give up their most loved foods just to lose weight. The program is designed to let you eat healthier versions of your favorite food while carrying on your journey to good health.


Be it maternity care, or care for a person desperately trying out every solution in the market, Dherbs has a supplement for it. The brand emphasizes the focus on healthy eating to such a large degree that the products all come along with healthy meal recipes, just to put America on a healthier eating spree.


Mr. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey show after completing the journey to help the show’s host lose over 12lbs of weight. The process of losing health isn’t an easy one, but with the right foods and nutrition, along with a clear cut plan, weight loss can be achieved by anyone who actually needs it.  Something the Rickey Smiley Morning Show found when they tried the cleanse.


On the show, Mr. Dolphin demonstrated the various preparations of fresh diet foods, which are so easy to make, anyone could do it. While implementing their body cleanses, maintaining your nutrition levels is an absolute necessity and A. D Dolphin demonstrates how to go about doing that, with complete ease.

Read Mr. Dolphin in his own words, when he spoke about with Ideamensch: