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USHEALTH Group – America’s Trusted Choice for Healthcare the Company

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USHEALTH Group is a medical insurance company with two subsidiaries. Through provision of products that are different for entrepreneurs and their employees, self employed persons and families, it has aspired to be America’s trusted partner in healthcare. USHEALTH Group serves over 15 million customers with tailor-made products for more than 50 years.

The Products

USHEALTH Group knows every customer has unique needs. The company has developed an array of coverages to its clientele, so they can pick a cover that suits them. The products are tailored to address the customers’ needs for affordability and flexibility.

For customers on a budget or those that have to meet high annual deductibles before enjoying the benefits from their plan, they are offered benefits for covered services and network discounts across many providers.

For customers who can meet a specific level of cost sharing, and are seeking the stability of a more personalized cover, the USHEALTH Group gives a unique choice of Specialized Plans that are flexible, reliable and affordable.

In spite of the type of coverage chosen, USHEALTH Group helps customers increase their cover with their ancillary products such as Dental, Income, Income Protector, Critical Illness and Vision Plans.

USHEALTH Group offers their plans through USHEALTH Advisors. The advisor must meet very stringent checks before they can be allowed to represent the products. Customers are therefore promised a great buying experience.

USHEALTH Group understands that customer needs are unique and ‘one size fits all’ is not right all the time. The company has an award winning customer service team. The 2013 recognition put the group among the best companies for unparalleled customer care. In a market with shifting customer patronage, USHEALTH Group has been able to create long standing customer relationships through exceptional customer service. It is truly given America a healthcare with a difference.

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Kieth Mann Takes an Active Involvement in the Causes He Believes In

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Not only is Kieth Mann a forward thinking business executive, he is also a well known animal rights activist and humanitarian. Mr. Mann recently gave an interview to the Animal Liberation Foundation, where he discussed his personal views on animal abuse and cruelty. When asked about his active stand on the issue of animal rights, he replied about how taking action for what he believes in has become a way of life. This is why Mr Keith Mann often finds himself in the spotlight of many news articles pertaining to animal abuse and cruelty. The philosophy Mr. Mann chooses to follow embraces compassion for all living things. This compassion in turn leads to the higher evolution of human beings.

A Great Humanitarian

Not only has Kieth Mann been recognized for his outstanding work with protecting the rights of animals, he has also contributed a lot to help educate children from poor communities. Mr. Mann recently made news headlines when he helped raise more than twenty-two thousand dollars for the New York branch of Uncommon Schools. Mr. Mann and his company Dynamic Search Partners held a fundraising event to help raise money for the education of children who come from low income homes. Mr. Mann has openly stated how much he believes in the mission objective of the Uncommon Schools and their effort to help children from low income families get into college.

As a successful businessman working in the field of executive search and placement, Kieth Mann knows how important it is to have a good educational background to make it in today’s fast-paced business world. Mr. Mann saw the need to create a unique executive search agency designed to staff specialized positions. He took action by creating Dynamic Search Partners, which has grown to include clients in Asia and Europe. With his keen insight and amazing drive to succeed, it is no wonder why Mr. Mann is quick to give a hand to the causes he believes in.

Financial Advice

Richard Blair Providing Sound Investment and Wealth Solutions to Clients in Austin, Texas

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Wealth Solutions offers top services that allow its clients to grow, protect and manage their assets. Clients find a resourceful partner and advisor in founder Richard Blair. Blair is highly experienced and qualified with several certifications including CAS, CES, RICP and CFS.

Wealth Solutions is an Investment advisory firm that is based in Austin, Texas. It operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

The Financial Planning Process Followed by Wealth Solutions

Blair believes that everybody needs a solid plan that allows them to pursue all their financial goals. Therefore, he aims to arm the Austin, Texas, community by providing wealth management services and retirement planning to clients.

Wealth Solutions follows a comprehensive three pillar approach. This allows the firm to quickly discover their client’s financial situation as well as their retirement needs. It is also easy to come up with a holistic plan customized for each client.

Pillar 1: It is specifically designed to help the client lay out their financial roadmap. It identifies their strengths, goals, risk tolerance and growth opportunities. By understanding where a client is coming from, it is easy to help them forge a great financial roadmap to follow.

Pillar 2: This pillar is used to develop a long-term strategy that meets the investment needs of the client. It is tailored to a specific client’s liquidity needs and investment goals. Richard reallocates and manages assets to ensure maximum performance of a client’s portfolio when the market is suitable, while reducing the impact to their client’s investment during negative market periods.

Pillar 3: After determining a client’s goals and establishing strategies to achieve them, Richard meets their insurance needs. This includes long-term care and life insurance as well as annuities.

Richard Blair

Blair’s decision to offer financial services and advice to individuals, small businesses and families was largely influenced by his family’s teaching background. His grandmother and mother were teachers and he got to witness how teaching grows one’s confidence and increases their knowledge. Therefore, together with his love for finance, Blair started Wealth Solutions in 1994 to serve clients around Austin, Texas.

Today, his firm has continued to provide unbiased and objective advice to all clients with no conflict of interest. Richard has gained immeasurable knowledge and skill that allows him to impart financial knowledge and advice to clients enabling them to grow investments and meet their retirement needs.

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