“Marc Beer: A Major Hope for in the Success of Renovia “

As a woman, there are certain disorders that require care and attention. Renovia has taken the necessary steps to help address some of those disorders. The article “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing” proves that Renovia is still working towards their original goals. The disorders that mean the most to Renovia our pelvic floor disorders. They hope to use this funding to help find ways to treat this disorder. It can be a very distressing thing for women of all ages. Pelvic floor disorder can lead to incontinence and can be very uncomfortable for anyone who has it. The goal of Renovia is to help alleviate those symptoms or remove them.


Since they were founded in 2016 the Renovia has gained a lot of attention for their product designs. They have taken on an issue that affects many women all over the world. This stems from a genuine desire to help alleviate some of the symptoms that plague their existence. Renovia may be doing research but they are also top producers of these medical devices that work to combat some of the symptoms of pelvic floor disorder. There diagnostic and therapeutic tools remain a valuable part of the medical process throughout the United States. A major contributor to the success of Renovia is cofounder Marc Beer.


Marc Beer is a major contributor to Renovia because he is one of the reasons why it was initially founded. While his co-founders have done a considerable amount to contribute to the success of Renovia Marc Beer is responsible for the funds that were raised to launch Renovia into production. In fact, Marc Beer helped secure the initial 42 million that was necessary to begin the company. He wanted the women’s health-centered companies to get up off the ground. He pounded the pavement and did the necessary presentations to secure the funding for the company. Now he acts as the chairman and CEO for Renovia.


Prior to Marc Beer’s association with Renovia, he worked at various other pharmaceutical companies. He also worked with some companies that specialize in the development of products. He initially holds a bachelor’s degree from an Ohio school entitled Miami University. This bachelors degree help segue him into the world of business so that he could become a fighting member in the realm of pharmaceuticals. He has worked many different marketing and sales of roles for Abbott Labs. He has also served as the CEO of Viacell. These leadership opportunities would prove to be beneficial experiences as they led to the joint decision with his co-founders to want to Renovia. Renovia has proven to be a very different venture from Marc Beer’s previous ventures. It has required a lot of his time and devotion. He has a willingly given himself to the cultivation of this company and it shows in their success. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


Marc Beer’s Career has led him to Renovia

Marc Beer’s startup Renovia Inc is able to move forward with several projects thanks to new funding.


Specifically, Beer’s organization is working on problems dealing with pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is just one of the issues that Marc Beer hopes to resolve.


Renovia also makes effort towards cures for other diseases and disorders. Leva, one of the FDA approved devices from Renovia. It is used to train a damage pelvis floor. Leva is the first product from Beer’s company to receive FDA approval.


This is all partially thanks to The Longwood Fund, an early investor in Renovia. The funding from The Longwood Fund will be used to further the technology behind the Leva device. It will also be used to fund the creation of 3 more devices.


Beer said that his relationship with The Longwood Fund will enable his company to expand, discovering new treatments for pelvic floor disorders. He said he was thrilled to have the support from an organization that shares his own vision on medicine. Their relationship is benefiting women who suffer from pelvic disorders.


“Combining our innovative and proprietary sensor technologies and form factors with a digital health platform will give our customers valuable data to inform new treatment options,” said Marc Beer.


Prior to creating his own company, Marc Beers was a strategic consultant at OvaScience. This company recently announced that it plans to merge with Millendo Therapeutics, a Michigan-based health organization.


 About Marc Beer


Beer has over 25 years of experience when it comes to developing and commercializing biotechnology. Along with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc Beer created Renovia. This was in August of 2016. It wasn’t long until they received Series A financing.


Marc Beer was also the CEO of ViaCell, a company that focused on umbilical cord stem cells. The company had over 300 employees, going public in 2005. The company was eventually purchased by PerkinElmer.


Abbott Laboratories, Erytech Pharma, Good Start Genetics, and Minerva Neurosciences have all benefited from the knowledge and experience of Marc Beer. Beer has also worked at educational facilities like Notre Dame, where he served as both a member of their Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and their Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Marc Beer received his education from Miami University in Ohio. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer