Cloudwick Brings Advanced Security Analytics Platform to Business

Every year, hundreds of business loses billions of dollars due to data breaches. However, one company is making it much harder for the bad guys to compromise a company’s platform. That company, Clockwick, has recently debuted their new platform known as Cyber Data Lake or CDL to businesses across a number of industries.

Made from managed hardware appliance with integrated software, CDL can be used on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) via AWS Direct Connect. According to the general manager at Cloudwick, CDL can utilize advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to prevent future attacks by detecting usual activity attempting to compromise the platform.

On average, a data breach can cost a company $3.86 million dollars. For Fortune 500 companies, these costs can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Not to mention the cost of a company’s reputation. Cloudwick has been working hard to create the best data protection system that can work quickly and not compromise a company’s day to day efficiency.

CDL is the result of a two year project, created by Cloudwick and funded by Silicon Valley chipmaker Intel. Assisting Cloudwick in the development of CDL include other top security companies such as LogTrust, Bricata, Corelight, Solarflare, Protectwise,, and Graphistry.

Currently Cloudwick has a number of banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare using the current CDL system. This system is allowing these large scale companies to access and secure their data without having to deal with multiple protocols or stalls in accessibility.

While CDL has proven itself as one of the top security services available, Cloudwick will still have to convince some Chief Technology Officers that operating their systems on a cloud is the best route for the company’s data security. In the past, the cloud has been perceived as inferior to non-cloud based platforms. However, the company is working hard to show that CDL and cloud-based data security is the platform of the future.

Data virtualization is HGGC’s new frontier

The middle market private equity firm HGGC, recently came out to announce that it had made a substantial investment data virtualization firm, Denodo. This new investment marks the private equity’s first attempt in this highly lucrative space. The private equity firm went ahead to mention that in the investment deal, a significant portion of Denodo’s stake will remain in the hands of its founder’s and senior management.

Today, data virtualization makes up for a significant portion of the $4.5 billion market for data integration. According to HGGC, the market is expected to expand even father as firms in this space work on maximizing their efficiencies. Additionally, other lucrative opportunities are expected to arise as this data virtualization investment is modeled to complement other data management investments. The private equity firm’s management pointed out lower costs for data flow, greater security, and short time-to-value, as the more significant benefits that are expected to come of this deal. Additionally, data virtualization is rapidly growing as the solution for data integration, data access and data delivery in numerous business applications.

HGGC expressed its hope that this new partnership will help both parties grab even better opportunities coming ahead. They went ahead to say that they were very proud of this new partnership and it signifies their drive to drive change for a better future. Denodo is among the world leading providers of futuristic, real-time data integration services. This firm has its R&D department located in Coruna, Spain and its headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

About HGGC

This middle market private equity firm has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Currently, the firm has a cumulative capital commitment of over $4.3 billion. Over the years, HGGC has been working on its iconic ‘Advantage Investing model. This model has been very significant in the success of the firm. The firm also relies on creating strong interest alignments among its management staff, sponsors and founders to drive its success. This private equity firm has over $13 billion in transactional value as a result of add-on acquisitions, liquidity events, recapitalizations and platform investments. The Denodo deal is one among the firms three $1.84 billion worth Fund III technology platform investments.

Talkspace to Work with Michael Phelps

After completing school, most professional look forward to joining the corporate world and working with the companies they have always dreamt about. For many, a great working opportunity is one that has a good salary and many benefits. Most professionals prefer to work for the companies that empower their employees in each step of their career life. When reality sets in, things start to change, and these workers start getting depression and several other mental problems. With the stigma that comes with these conditions, many employees have suffered in the workplace without telling even their families what they go through. Talkspace was started to deal with mental problems that are arising at the workplace. The online platform offers specialist services to all the individuals that need help. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at

Talkspace came at a time when most people were not ready to seek the services of a trained professional when they are dealing with mental issues in the workplace. The institution primary focus is to make mental health a topic in all companies. The founder of Talkspace felt that having an online platform would work perfectly for the individuals who are very busy with their career lives. This idea has been working so well, and this has led to many developments in the recent months. Talkspace has unveiled a new partnership that will help more workers. The institution will be forming an alliance with Michael Phelps, one of the most successful individuals in the sports world.

Talkspace chose to partner with Michael Phelps because of various reasons. First of all, he understands mental health, having dealt with the problem when he was performing exceedingly well in his career. Michael wants the society to know that getting depression when working and leading a successful life is normal, and getting help from an expert is the best way. Many lives have been lost in the past because people were not opening up about what they were going through. Michael Phelps wants to use his hardships to motivate the global community to seek help, especially when they discover they are struggling with any mental disease. Talkspace works online, so professionals do not have to travel to their offices.



How Stream Energy is Making an Impact through Philanthropy

cost-effective energy services to its clients. Founded in 2005, the company has become a market leader in providing protective, wireless and home services to clients in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Texas, and Delaware.

Since its inception, the company has been in the frontline in assisting its associates to earn an extra coin to supplement their mainstream income. The company has come up with a program dubbed Stream Opportunity. Through the program, thousands of people have joined the company as associates. Into the bargain, the associates earn extra income by selling the company’s products and signing up new members.

Over the years, Stream Energy has helped thousands of women and the jobless to pay their bills. Additionally, the company provides training in sales and marketing to its independent associates. The skills acquired through the training enable the associates to earn a livelihood even if they chose to work for other entities.

Many of the company’s associates confirm that the Stream Opportunity program has helped them get out of debt cycles, comfortably pay fees for their children, and afford to pay for other mandatory bills conveniently. They hail the company as an excellent example of social mindfulness, from which others should learn.

Besides the Stream Opportunity, Stream Energy has also established The Stream Cares Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the company. The foundation was formed by the company’s management team in collaboration with the independent associates and staff.

Stream Cares partners with other like-minded organizations to assist the needy in their hour of need. Some of the noteworthy partners include the Red Cross, Hope Supply Co., Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army. Jointly, Stream Cares has donated cash and supplies in times of disaster and to assist the less privileged in the society.

2016, Stream Energy was among the first organizations to swing into action in aid of Texas tornado victims. The stream Cares Foundation organized a concert to raise funds for the Texas Tornado Benefit. The Stream matched the donations given by its associates to make a total of $20,000. Sara Beth, a country musician and one of the Stream associates also donated her talent to raise funds.

InnovaCare Health and Its CEO Dr. Rich Shinto

InnovaCare Health is currently the leading Medicare and Medicaid institution in the entire Puerto Rico region. This facility is above all in the sustainable and cost-effective healthcare models. The reputation is based on the superb leadership. Explore on to find out much about InnovaCare Health.

This company has well designed Medicare plans. The plans are MMM healthcare and PMC. It caters for over 200000 people in the region. The employees are about 7500. This team is dedicated to its work starting from the leadership of Mr. Rick Shinto the Chief Executive Officer and Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administration Officer among others. These leaders are well experienced in their fields of experts from their previous work in various institutions.

Dr. Richard Shinto

He is the current chief executive officer and the president of InnovaCare Health. He has an experience of more than 25 years of clinical and operational healthcare management. He has a proven record of innovative physician-led care models which quality patient satisfaction plus financial performance.

He has worked as the CEO of InnovaCare’s subsidiaries in Puerto Rico in MMM holdings. It is the oldest and biggest Medicare Advantage plan that leads over 250000 people. Rich Shinto has worked as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc from 2008 up to its sell in 2012. He also served as the CEO of NAMM based in California before joining Aveta Inc. initially, Richard Shinto had served as the COO and CMO of Medical Pathway Management Company. He has also served as corporate vice president of medical for Med Partners among other posts.

Apart from providing easy access to Medicare, Richard Shinto educates his patients on healthcare awareness. The above and many other little things he performs has made him get the Access to Caring Award during the Tribute Caring gala. The gala was held at the Western University of Health Sciences.

Penelope Kokkinide

He Is the COO/CAO of InnovaCare Health. She has extensive experience of over 20 years in health care management.she has specialized in Medicare and Medicaid government programs. Initially, she has served as the executive vice president at the Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope Kokkinide has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health. At the AmeriChoice, Penelope Kokkinides worked as the Corporate Vice President.

InnovCare Health in the leading healthcare institution in North America. The company is well prepared to meet the modern dynamic healthcare challenges.

OSI Food Solutions (Expansions, Acquisitions, and Recognition)

The reason OSI food solutions are among the top 100.
OSI food solutions are considered one of the world’s largest meat processing industries. What’s makes this meat processing giant stand out is its continued support of quality products and excellent customer service since it was a small meat market in 1909. It has been supplying meat products to our favorite food chains from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut.

The Globe Honor 2016.
The food solutions were among eighteen other organizations competing for this award. The competition requires that any organization willing to participate has participated in positive environmental maintenance practices and has received all the five stars by the British Safety Council’s audit from August 2015 and July 2016. OSI food solutions were awarded the Globe honor for its excellent environmental risk maintenance strategies.


OSI Food Solutions double chicken production.
Food solutions expanded to Spain to increase their market base. The plant is located in Toledo and had a capacity of about twelve thousand tons annually. OSI invested in a large-scale production line that doubled the annual poultry produce. The Toledo plant now produces beef and pork along with the poultry. The improvement of equipment for receiving, storing and other operations is set to boost the high production plant which currently has a capacity of 45000 tons.

Purchases and acquisitions.
In 2017, OSI food solutions purchased Tyson food plant. The plant was on a 200000 sqft space that was convenient for OSI expansion that would increase food production to cater to the North American market. Though the industry has other plants located in the area, the demand for OSI products was rising too fast compared to production. Therefore the need for the Chicago expansion.

Flagship Europe and Baho Food acquisition.
This acquisition happened in 2016 to help the organization increase its reach in the European market. Formerly known as the Flagship Europe, the industry processed pies, frozen poultry, etc. Currently, it’s called Creative Foods to match its purpose.

Baho was another European acquisition that helped The food solutions to increase production its market in German and Netherlands. Baho processed and distributed deli meats and snacks in the Netherlands and Germany prior the acquisition.

Find more about OSI Food Solutions:

Why New Brunswick Is Forever Grateful to Boraie Development

When most people are planning to venture into the real estate industry, they establish an enterprise. It’s possible to get some more real estate deals or business opportunities when you have an enterprise. Boraie Development is one of the highly reputable enterprises you find in the real estate industry. The excellence this company has in the development sector is immense. Omar Boraie established this company with the aim of changing the lives of people in New Jersey. The 72-year-old entrepreneur has the company’s main offices in New Brunswick. He serves as the CEO of the real estate company, and his entrepreneurial skills and experience have always been evident.


The buildings the company has constructed in Brunswick are many and classy. He did his Ph.D. in a university based in Europe. He saw many world-class housing projects in Europe, and he wanted to introduce the same in his city. Since he joined the real estate industry in 1976, his company has been doing well. The state of New Brunswick was horrible by this time, but Boraie was determined to change the situation through his real estate company. Through Boraie Development, he was able to rebuild a block that had about 21 dilapidated buildings. Some people didn’t understand what Sam Boraie was doing when he started to construct some first-class offices and condos in Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Boraie’s real estate company was also involved in establishing the first Albany Street Plaza Tower that was completed in 1988. Boraie Development started establishing Albany Street Tower Two in 2007. The company has also established office space that has attracted many entrepreneurs in the city. Boraie also build One Spring Street Condominium in 2007 when he acknowledged the need to build residential property. The condominium building has about 121 luxurious apartments, a parking garage, retail shops, and fantastic offices.


Many people find these apartments enticing since they have windows that touch the floor and the ceiling, and also spacious balconies. The real estate property Boraie Development has established has made many people, especially the middle-class individuals to relocate to downtown New Brunswick. Many people are putting efforts to ensure they buy some houses in this city. This company acquires undeveloped buildings and plots across the city and develops them with time. Boraie ensures these properties are converted into modern and attractive office space and homes. The real estate company also established The Aspire that is famous in the city today. The Aspire is a residential building with trendy entertainment, modish restaurants, and posh apartments. Check out




Click here:


Sahm Adrangi Creates a Positive Capital Management Experience

When Sahm Adrangi started offering capital management advice, he knew he could try things that would help people have a better understanding of everything they did with their money. He knew he wanted to show people they could get more from the capital management opportunities he offered. Because of the way he worked, Sahm Adrangi felt things would keep getting better for all the clients he worked with. They needed someone who was the best in the business and Sahm felt he could provide the options people always looked for. He also felt things would keep getting better because he knew the right way to handle his company. Kerrisdale Capital Management was something people began turning to because they knew that Sahm was one of the best investors. He works hard to show people they have someone who knows what they’re doing. He also works to give the community a better chance at good investments.

No matter what Sahm Adrangi does, he always puts a lot of time and effort into it. It doesn’t bother him to invest in his company since he knows how to give back and make things better for all his clients. It also makes sense because he believes he can provide people with an experience that is unlike any other. Since he spent a lot of time coming up with good ideas for the company, he knew what would happen to make the business better. It is his goal to always show people they need someone who is important to the company.

After Sahm Adrangi spent years learning about different opportunities and giving people a chance to try different things, he felt good about what he was offering them. He wasn’t afraid to keep showing people he was important to the community no matter what it took for him to do things the right way. Sahm felt his position in the industry set him apart and made him one of the best. Since Sahm knew how to help his clients, he never suffered when working for his company. He always used his experience to cater to them.

Tips to Manage Fire Damage From Aloha Construction

There are many companies that will work with you when you have fire damage. However, Aloha Construction is the best one. It won the BBB torch award for ethical business practices. It is a great company that helps with restoration projects after fire and smoke damages a home. Here are some steps to take after you have a fire in your home.

One step you should take to manage smoke and fire damage is to make sure your home is secure. You want to make sure that all your windows and doors are securely locked. You can work with the fire department to get this done. This ensures that nobody steals your things, or vandalizes your property. Aloha Construction can come to inspect your home and give you a quote. They can even help you with your insurance claim.

After you have secured your home you want to make sure that it is safe to live in. You want to hire engineers and electricians to make sure that your home is safe. Before you spend the night in your home you want to make sure you hire these people to make sure it’s safe to use the electricity there. You want to make sure that you check all your appliances before you use them again.

After your house is deemed fit to live in then you can start to get rid of the smell. Aloha Construction suggests putting a large fan in a doorway that leads to the outside. This will blow fresh air into your home. Close all the windows in the other rooms accept the room you are currently airing out.

Lastly, you will want to clean the soot from your things. Aloha Construction recommends mixing your own solution. You should take one teaspoon of dish soap, a quarter teaspoon of vinegar, one gallon of water, and mix them altogether. Then you can use this solution to wipe down all the surfaces in your home, like shelves. By using these great steps from Aloha Construction you will get your home looking like new in no time at all.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a great investment company that loans money to businesses whether they are big or small. While this is common of investment companies what has put Equities First Holdings on the map is that they are an investment company that uses the stock in a company as the collateral. By doing this and spending a great deal of time counseling the companies in which that borrow money the company has seen a huge success rate of not only repayment of the loans but success from the loan in the businesses that take the loans out.

Equities First Holdings prides them self on the unique companies in which they help with the loans as the want to work with companies that are changing the way their communities function for the better by providing services in community where that service was not there in a functioning form before.