Securus Technologies, Expanding Business Practices

Securus is a leading technology center that is located in the United States. The company’s office is hardhearted out of Carrollton, Texas. Securus has been doing an amazing job over the years helping to make the world a better place. The company provides inmate communications, biometric analysis, information management, investigation, public information, providing emergency response, incident management, and many other services as well. Securus has been in business since the 80s. They provide service to over one million inmates across the country and they have helped many law enforcement agencies build cases on their suspects.


Securus recently teamed up with Government Payment Service. Since Securus is constantly growing each day, this partnership was a great move for the company. Government Payment Service and Securus joining together allows Securus to give the clients different diverse ways to pay for their products and purchases. GovPayNet is now apart of Securus and it has allowed Securus to expand their serving business for payments.


If you aren’t familiar with GovPayNet, GovPayNet has been in business for more than 20 years now. GovPayNet specializes in processing electronic payments for the government. As of now, GovPayNet only processes payments by using credit and debit cards. This company was established by an experienced law enforcement officer who is now retired. The company was established to help assist with large payments like bails, criminal fines, electronic monitoring costs, probation cost, court cost, and many other fess.


The announcement of this partnership took place in early January of this year. Securus and GovPayNet joining together was a great idea. Both companies do similar things in the same field of business, so this was perfect. The president of Securus, Robert Pickens made a public announcement that he is extremely happy and proud about the partnership. Many people are waiting to see their great works!


Jason Hope Involvement in anti-aging efforts forward

Jason Hope is not a new name in the American households. Most people know the businessman because of his accomplishments in technology. The businessman rose to fame when he came up with the internet of things technology. According to the businessman, the world will soon be connected to one small village using the internet. Jason Hope has been urging all companies to embrace this kind of technology early so that they can make more profits and at the end of it all impress the consumer. Companies that do not wish to use the technology will be forced out of the market shortly.

Apart from being involved in technology activities, Jason Hope has been influential when it comes to age-related medication. When the subject of age-related diseases come up, the modern medication industry seems to have a reactive measure instead of the right proactive measure. This means that medical professionals in the world have not been doing a lot to reduce and also prevent age-related medical conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer. These professionals have been bothering about other complicated issues, forgetting about the aging individuals in the society.

Jason Hope, however, has taken a different route. The internet businessman has decided to use his money and other resources to advance the anti-aging initiatives in the medical profession. According to a recent report, the businessman has been using his influence and wealth to assist an institution known as SENS Foundation. The non-profit making organization was introduced into the market in the year 2009, and its greatest objective is to tackle most of the age-related conditions that affect human beings in the modern times. Since its introduction into the competitive market, the firm has been advocating for the rejuvenation of biotechnology.

Jason Hope has been working in close collaboration with SENS Foundation since the year 2010. This was when the businessman chose to donate more than half a million dollars so that the foundation could make an impact in the lives of the people in the society. Thanks to the huge donation that was given by the businessman, the organization was able to set up a laboratory that has been doing very well, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Since the laboratory was established, it has assisted very many studies. The founders are looking forward to coming up with the right therapies to combat the many medical conditions that are brought by age. The laboratory has been getting support from other sources too, and

ClassDojo Critters Enter Scene!

ClassDojo has produced a new series of animated shorts staring ClassDojo critters Mojo and Katie to teach parents, students and teachers about the “growth mindset.” These clips are created to share the idea that “intelligence and abilities are not innately fixed, but can be developed and strengthened over time” according to a recent article on These animated clips will be presented weekly on Youtube and on ClassDojo’s “Big Ideas” website. In creating these new video shorts ClassDojo joined Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) at Stanford University. PERTS is a group that studies students’ motivation and resilience. According to group executive director Dave Paunesku, the group was excited to work with ClassDojo to create these shorts because of their educational outreach to so many teachers already. While the “growth-mindset” is not a new idea, Paunesku is hoping to spread the true meaning and give it traction among teachers and parents. These new videos mark the first time that the ClassDojo is using its platform as a content distribution channel and are experimenting with this new way to communicate ideas in the ClassDojo community. In weeks to come Paunesku says that they will be surveying teachers before and after video viewings to answer questions such as “Do these cutesy animations get students more engaged in growth mindset activities?” and “What classroom practices are teachers trying to help students understand these lessons?” All of which will be used to gain data about the usefulness of these clips.

ClassDojo is a great new tool used by teachers, parents and students alike as a communication platform that allows everyone to create a positive community with classrooms and schools. Creating empowerment through connection helps to create a beneficial culture that helps education change from the ground up. This system has allowed 2 out of every 3 schools so far the ability to interact with parents, students and teachers in a way that is positive and encourages great support for education. The ClassDojo is always free for teachers and is accessed from iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or from any computer. Privacy is never an issue with the ClassDojo as it is built with security in mind.

The ClassDojo allows for teachers to connect easily with parents through a number of ways. Teachers can send private messages to individual parents directly or send out a message to all parents to notify of an important update pertaining to everyone. Not only can you send messages and communicate among each other within the community but even language is not a barrier for anyone with this tool. ClassDojo allows everyone the ability to translate any message in up to 35 different languages. With photo/video sharing parents can see the genius minds of children at work all day long and never miss a beat on their child’s progress in the classroom. Not only do teachers like it but parents and students love it as well!


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