Deirdre Baggot: What You Should Know

Having worked as a business strategist in a variety of companies across the United States, Deirdre Baggot is endowed with experience in matters of strategy and payments. The positive impacts in the organizations she has worked exhibit the harmony of excellent education and rich work experience. Deirdre holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from South Illinois University, and an MBA from Loyola University, Chicago. She has also graduated from the University of Colorado with a Ph.D. in the field of Nursing. Read more about Deirdre at

Transforming patient experience, especially through the billing process has been her aim since she ventured into healthcare. Deirdre began her career in business analytics and strategy at the University of Michigan Health System. Improving efficacy in quality control and safety was her role at the organization. She facilitated the system progresses necessary for such changes in just three years and gained recognition for outstanding leadership in quality as well. Nine years on, Deirdre Baggot took up a new role as a senior administrator at Denver CO. At the Cardiac Institute, Ms. Baggot oversaw acquisitions, business development, hiring, marketing, as well as payer contracting, with approximately 450 employees under her supervision.

The strategists’ budding reputation grew to recognition by top firms in the US. This came with a new role, a greater challenge as the Senior Vice President at GE Healthcare Partners. She set out to examine the company’s payment systems, including how to improve their efficiency. Her work at the partnership firm conceived a novel payment consulting institution whose proceeds increased with $ 7 million in just one year. Deirdre Baggot’s zeal to provide business aide in the healthcare sector has seen her contribute to shows on National Public Radio, including the Morning Edition, and All Things Considered. She also contributed to finding innovative solutions for challenges encountered in modern healthcare payment systems while she served as the Chairperson for National Bundled Payment Summit.

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