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Why Dr. Mark Mofid Created A New Type Of Implant

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Mark Mofid, MD, is a San Diego area plastic surgeon. He operates is own practice and treats both men and women who want to improve their appearance in some way. He is skilled at forms of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, facelifts, gluteal augmentation, and liposuction among others. He and his team are dedicated to offering personalized services that are delivered in a compassionate way. They help their patients not just before and during the surgery but afterward as well.

In order to help his patients to the best of his ability Dr. Mark Mofid keeps himself informed about things going on in his industry, including new state of the art technology and new techniques. He is also very timely in appointments with his patients because he recognizes that everyone’s time is valuable. Patients always have direct access to him and he makes the process of getting cosmetic surgery as comfortable as possible.

It is in La Jolla just outside of San Diego that Dr. Mark Mofid put his offices. He also can meet with patients at a satellite office he set up in Chula Vista. The surgeries are all carried out in the main La Jolla office which is an AAAASF certified facility. The surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and the surgical room is equipped with all of the latest surgical care.

Dr. Mark Mofid start doing gluteal augmentation surgery in 2006. When he started out the only choice was to use silicone implants. He said these were deficient and he always had to carve them down before he could perform the surgery. For this reason he created what’s called a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant. He said it has a more tapered and natural profile while the bottom of it is more proportional. He said that the result is something that looks quite good and not fake at all. This new implant that he created is now sold to other plastic surgeons by a medical technology company called Implantech. He says that he doesn’t get any royalties from the sale of these implants.



Louis Chenevert’s Mastery of the Aircraft Business

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The Canadian businessman held the highest executive office at the United Technologies Cooperation (UTC) and left an enviable legacy. Six years of service at Pratt & Whitney Canada, an aerospace manufacturer, was enough to propel him to the presidency of the organization that is a subsidiary of the UTC. His patience at UTC paid the most when he was able to land an $18.4 billion deal after spending a whole year in negotiations. This resulted in the merger of UTC with Goodrich who specialized in supplying both the defense and aerospace industry with systems and services. He ensured that UTC kept on creating manufacturing jobs through its investments in high-quality technology products.

HEC Montreal, his old university, acknowledged his great achievements by awarding him an honorary degree. Environmental friendly designs have always been at the heart of all the innovative projects of UTC. Chenevert knew this well enough and never failed to mention it every time he marketed their products. All of the company’s facilities had to reduce their water consumption by 53%. The emission of greenhouse gases also had to be significantly dropped. General Motors were the first employers of the production management student. As he left the company fourteen years later, he had risen to the position of production manager.

Louis Chenevert has not spent that much time in a single company ever since. Pratt & Whitney extended his work experience from vehicles to aircraft. Here, he had the rare opportunity of being involved in the creation of engines for military aircraft. Louis conceptualized the geared turbofan engine although it did not receive much support at the beginning. Its cost seemed to scare a lot of people who did not like the idea of sponsoring someone’s pet. When it was used in the Airbus A320NEO, Pratt & Whitney’s place in the aircraft industry was firmly established.

His resilience and never say die attitude made this possible. Chenevert’s significant accomplishments at UTC came during the recession. Most of them were a result of his investments in technology and his workforce. Louis has over the years learned how to go about the aircraft business subtly, and he has made good use of his knowledge.


Lessons from Josh Verne

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Josh has been in the entrepreneurial world for over 20 years now. During this period, he has specialized in founding businesses, developing them and finally selling them to earn some profit. Some of the companies that are credited with him include and With these two companies, he started them from scratch and even served as their chief executive officer for a while.


Recently, he had the chance to speak with knowledge for men about the tips that would make someone succeed in life, and this is what he had to say.


For you to be someone in this world, you must develop a passion. According to this success genius, he describes passion as the burning desire to be someone better. It’s the one thing that makes you wake up early in the morning or sleep late while working. However, it has been proven that not all people with passion have made it life. It requires persistence, consistency and follows up to make it in life.


Josh Verne then talks about the importance of living a balanced life and ensuring that there is growth in your life. Balance and growth means that there is some improvement in all aspects of your life such as relationships, economic aspects, and the spiritual aspect. He then tells people willing to succeed in life to learn to listen more than they speak. There is more to listening than just speaking as you get to learn much and give your words more power. He then finishes by advising people to become leaders and not bosses, caring for the other people and their emotions.



There’s A New CEO of Manse on Marsh in California

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The wonderful Assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo is happy to let everyone know that they have hired a new Chief Executive Officer for the Manse on Marsh facility. Farron Bernhardt comes to the facility with experience that will help grow the Manse on Marsh to a top contender in the marketplace. Farron Bernhardt was with the Nevada senior housing for over thirty years. He worked with neighborhood development and housing and was the Vice President overseeing the company. Farron made up his mind to pursue a new and exciting challenge and took on the job offered to him by the search committee. Farron will be looking at all parts of the facility to make sure everything is top shape and running smoothly.


The Manse on Marsh sits in the town of San Luis Obispo, California, according to A Place For Mom. It is a coastal town with seafood markets and downtown shopping areas. The area hosts seniors that wish to sit outside at the tiny tables for a cup of coffee and chat with their friends. It is easy to take a stroll downtown to do shopping and window shopping. The area is a small town with a large amount of comforts to offer.


AssistedLiving writes that the Manse on Marsh is a facility that offers flats, suites, and cottages. There are private homes and cottages that give the residents their independence and ability to bring along their personal belongings for comfort. The facility offers restaurant style dining with delicious choices of foods. There are many activities and social engagements for the people to enjoy when they come to live at the Manse. Parties and festivals are always the fun thing going on. Card games are challenging. Board games arranged and ready at any time. Arts and crafts are in the activity room for the resident’s pleasure.


The Manse on the Marsh will make anyone happy because they offer all the comforts of home with many other amenities to enjoy. Who else will be able to walk a few steps to the beauty parlor or the library. The movies are just a hop, skip and a jump. The nurses are always around so everyone has fun and feels safe while living at the Manse.  They can be contacted online, or look up an in depth review to get a feel for the facility.  For another view of The Manse on Marsh, we recommend’s insight and analysis, considering their history with the assisted living facility award programs.



Inspirational Works of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

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Gonzalez has been an inspiration to most people all over the world. He is a known businessman and he is now in politics trying to bridge the gap between the two. This will help the two sectors work together in harmony to enhance peace and ensure that the economy develops. According to Manuel, there is great potential in Venezuela since there are available resources for farmers to utilize. He has been working for some time as the deputy in national assembly which has helped him understand the government more.


Keeping and Maintaining Balance


With this knowledge, he will be in a better position to know which places need changes. There is a lot of mismanagement of resources by the state government which leads to low agricultural produce. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has developed a close relationship with his community since he attends meetings and interacts with them. Since he has no enemies in the assembly, he intends on keeping it the same so he can balance the two and be in a position to gain trust from the people.


Manuel believes that it is possible for the country’s economy to improve in case the agricultural sector is looked into. Most of the farmers in this area stopped producing more tons of rice and corn since there was no market or outlet. They were not able to predict the future especially concerning their produce and this forced most of the farmers to quit farming.




Gonzalez argues that it is possible for the country to solve problems in the sector by having a national agreement. This agreement will help take into consideration the future generations and their responsibilities. To develop a more stable and reliable Parliament, Jose feels that it is the best platform to launch the agreement. It is always important for any country to have a proper governance and ensure there is no crisis. This will help in economic growth and it enhances peace among the citizens and their leaders. Gonzales is the best example of leaders who intend on bringing positive changes to the country and ensure that the main source of income in Venezuela is maintained and developed.