Bernardo Chua Zealous Efforts Geared towards People’s Health Using Nutritional Constituents

Bernardo Chua has always had that inherent drive to help people lead better lives. First forward, Mr. Chua is a Philippine in nationality but mixed race his grandparents being on the Chinese descent. Through them, he came to learn of the medicinal value of Ganoderma Mushroom and how it is used to treat various conditions. Much Later in Life, he joined the Gano Excel, this is a leading nutritional supplements and products selling company. It operates using a multi-level Marketing model, and he joined as an associate for his first role.

His personality has helped his market Gano excel products from infused teas, coffees and consumables. During his tenure at the company, he helped sell products even as far as Hong Kong, United States of America, Canada among many other countries. Having acquired the needed skills, he did branch off to establish an entrepreneurial venture along the same line.

Bernado Chua in 2008 launch the Organo Gold, which is an umbrella for other companies with the Organo or Coffee Connoisseur trademark. Ideally, it sells a portfolio of beverages and body stimulants containing Ganoderma Lucidum, an active ingredient from Lingzhi mushroom. The products are then sold to consumers through independent distributors who market and promote a wide range of Organo Gold products. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold recently re-branded as Organo. It’s a healthcare based company that manufactured organic health products from Ganoderma mushroom. His research into the field has undoubtedly borne fruits as he can produce high-end products, nutrient-rich products which has made it easy for the company to get voluminous customers within a short time. To shed insights on these, he has been featured on various media outlets; Cision PR Web, Direct Selling News, Market-wired and has a strong social media presence.

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Wes Edens Extends His Interest In Sports In English Soccer

Since 2014, the private equity expert and sports investor, Wes Edens has been expanding his reach into many different areas of the sporting sector. The future of the sporting dynasty being created by the founding partner of Fortress Investments has been assured by the decision to partner with Egyptian billionaire, Nassef Sawiris. The Sawiris family is estimated to be worth $36 billion with Nassef a respected expert in brokering sports franchise deals and based in the U.K. capital, London.

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Wes Edens has taken an innovative approach to the development of his sporting empire, including the purchase of an electronic sports team, Flyquest. The team was originally a development phase group designed to create better players for the top team but quickly outgrew its role. In 2014, Edens made the purchase for which he is known, the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise which had been languishing at the bottom of the standings for a number of years. The purchase pushed the profile of Wes Edens into the public consciousness after he promised to keep the team in Wisconsin and build a new arena to replace its outdated version.

The opening of the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks came just four years later and should have been a time of celebration for the members of the Edens family. However, the Summer of 2018 saw the opening of the Milwaukee Bucks arena overshadowed by the purchase of the Aston Villa soccer team in England’s second city of Birmingham. Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris rescued the club from a winding-up order delivered following an unpaid tax bill of around $7 million. Edens and Sawiris purchased a 55 percent stake in Aston Villa which allowed them to deliver the funds to effectively wipe out the debts of the club and allow a fresh start following relegation from the Premier League in 2016. Newly installed Chief Executive Christian Purslow has made a point of explaining the fresh start delivered by Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris means it is not essential the team achieve promotion to the Premier League because of the innovative structure of the club.

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Wes Edens has shown affinity in the world of investing

The one thing that Wes Edens co-founder of Fortress Investment Group is interested in is counterintuitive bet. The financial crisis did not stop him he still famously dove back to become the leading subprime in 2010. Through Fortress he is now able to invest $3 billion to go to the building of private passenger railroad. The railroad is based in Florida, and it has come just at the right time when self-driving cars are uncertain investments. Also, Wes Edens is the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Through the company, he was able to bet on a team that participated in the championship so many years ago, and the other thing that he does is in the struggling English soccer club Aston Villa he possesses the majority stakes. See more at to learn more.

Most of the fortunes that he owns he got it from Fortress that he co-founded in 1998. In the same company, he is still the co-CEO. The company was the first private company in the equity funds to go public in 2007 that oversaw Edens gain a stake worth of $2.3 billion. SoftBank purchased Fortress in 2017 for $3.3 billion. The purchase oversaw them become the stakeholder of 40% premium. Wes Edens grew up in a ranch, and most of his childhood days he spent them outside. In his teen, the only thing that they could do was either read the books or go out to play.

Wes Edens attended Oregon State University where he gained his degree in finance and business in 1984. Straight after he graduated from the university, he got his first job at San Francisco at a small bank. A friend that worked at Merrill Lynch encouraged him to consider moving to Wall Street for more opportunities. He decided that he was going to move to New York where he landed a job at Lehman Brothers. In 1984, he joined BlackRock where he was the managing director and partner. In 1998, that’s when he decided that he and some of his friends they will branch on their own and start something and that’s how Fortress was started.

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How Stream Energy is Making an Impact through Philanthropy

cost-effective energy services to its clients. Founded in 2005, the company has become a market leader in providing protective, wireless and home services to clients in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Texas, and Delaware.

Since its inception, the company has been in the frontline in assisting its associates to earn an extra coin to supplement their mainstream income. The company has come up with a program dubbed Stream Opportunity. Through the program, thousands of people have joined the company as associates. Into the bargain, the associates earn extra income by selling the company’s products and signing up new members.

Over the years, Stream Energy has helped thousands of women and the jobless to pay their bills. Additionally, the company provides training in sales and marketing to its independent associates. The skills acquired through the training enable the associates to earn a livelihood even if they chose to work for other entities.

Many of the company’s associates confirm that the Stream Opportunity program has helped them get out of debt cycles, comfortably pay fees for their children, and afford to pay for other mandatory bills conveniently. They hail the company as an excellent example of social mindfulness, from which others should learn.

Besides the Stream Opportunity, Stream Energy has also established The Stream Cares Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the company. The foundation was formed by the company’s management team in collaboration with the independent associates and staff.

Stream Cares partners with other like-minded organizations to assist the needy in their hour of need. Some of the noteworthy partners include the Red Cross, Hope Supply Co., Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army. Jointly, Stream Cares has donated cash and supplies in times of disaster and to assist the less privileged in the society.

2016, Stream Energy was among the first organizations to swing into action in aid of Texas tornado victims. The stream Cares Foundation organized a concert to raise funds for the Texas Tornado Benefit. The Stream matched the donations given by its associates to make a total of $20,000. Sara Beth, a country musician and one of the Stream associates also donated her talent to raise funds.

Jacob Gottlieb Is Still Set On The Healthcare Industry With Altium Capital

The healthcare industry is a lucrative one, as technology continues to get better and healthcare is needed more around the world. This is one of the reasons why Jacob Gottlieb has chosen it as his particular field of interest when it comes to investing. Jacob also focuses on the healthcare industry because it was his first career choice before he became a successful investor. As a man with experience in the healthcare industry, it makes it easier for Jacob to understand the market and find good companies to invest in that have potential. Altium Capital is Jacob’s new focus and this new hedge fund will look for companies in the healthcare industry to invest in and possibly bring to a new level of success.

At the moment, Altium Capital is still in the works and remains a small corporation with just a handful of employees managing assets. At first, Jacob Gottlieb was going to take a break from the industry after he had to close down his former company, Visium Asset Management. Unfortunately, closing down a company is a long and costly journey which took a toll on Jacob because he didn’t get any compensation. Just two years after the closure of Visium, Altium Capital is on the way to becoming a full-fledged hedge fund focused on investing in healthcare businesses.

According to Jacob Gottlieb, there is always fluctuation going on right now in the healthcare industry between money coming in and out. For seasoned investors, the healthcare industry is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on. Visium Asset Management flourished under Jacob Gottlieb’s leadership, it was just an unfortunate circumstance that he had to close the company due to a scandal with other members in management. Jacob is going to use his new company to make improvements on his old business strategy as well as the people he gets into business with.

Sahm Adrangi Creates a Positive Capital Management Experience

When Sahm Adrangi started offering capital management advice, he knew he could try things that would help people have a better understanding of everything they did with their money. He knew he wanted to show people they could get more from the capital management opportunities he offered. Because of the way he worked, Sahm Adrangi felt things would keep getting better for all the clients he worked with. They needed someone who was the best in the business and Sahm felt he could provide the options people always looked for. He also felt things would keep getting better because he knew the right way to handle his company. Kerrisdale Capital Management was something people began turning to because they knew that Sahm was one of the best investors. He works hard to show people they have someone who knows what they’re doing. He also works to give the community a better chance at good investments.

No matter what Sahm Adrangi does, he always puts a lot of time and effort into it. It doesn’t bother him to invest in his company since he knows how to give back and make things better for all his clients. It also makes sense because he believes he can provide people with an experience that is unlike any other. Since he spent a lot of time coming up with good ideas for the company, he knew what would happen to make the business better. It is his goal to always show people they need someone who is important to the company.

After Sahm Adrangi spent years learning about different opportunities and giving people a chance to try different things, he felt good about what he was offering them. He wasn’t afraid to keep showing people he was important to the community no matter what it took for him to do things the right way. Sahm felt his position in the industry set him apart and made him one of the best. Since Sahm knew how to help his clients, he never suffered when working for his company. He always used his experience to cater to them.

Vijay Eswaran’s Views On Change Shared On A Blog

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of QI Group Ltd. which is one of the world’s largest e-commerce multilevel marketing and asset management companies. But he’s also a deep thinker and a man who studies philosophies and religious teachings, and he’s written books and articles on those subjects. One recent blog post detailed thoughts he had on the issue of change in one’s life. Eswaran says that everything in the world is going to go through change at some point, and those who thrive during change are those who accept it and change themselves. Eswaran says that personal change shouldn’t involve giving up your core beliefs and morals but instead just change in your life structure or in the way your business works. Eswaran has been through a lot of that himself throughout his life.

Vijay Eswaran’s business work has brought a lot of change to the Asian markets he’s served including making starting up a business friendlier to people, and bringing change to environmental awareness. He grew up in Malaysia and graduated from the London School of Economics in the 1980s. He got serious about the multilevel marketing industry in the 1990s and after trying it out for himself, he and his friend Joseph Bismark started their own company in 1998. QI Group Ltd. had some tough sledding in raising its own capital, but after going through several trials it became one of the most profitable Asian companies. Most of its direct sales and marketing is conducted through QNET, and its real estate investments and small business financing is done through QI Asset Management. It’s also the parent company to QI University and the Raise Yourself to Help Makind (RYTHM) Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran travels around the world to share business startup ideas as well as lecturing on his philosophies and spiritualism. Several nominations he’s had include listings in Forbes Asia’s “Heroes of Philanthropy” and their “Top 50 Wealthiest,” being honored at the World Economic Forum and India’s 6th Pravasi Divas, and being given the New Global Indian award at the 2012 Global Indian Meet event. His books have also been named as bestsellers such as his most famous one titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Dr. Mark Mckenna, Medical Aesthetics & Elective Healthcare

In the world of medical aesthetics, the patient can determine his or her physical destiny. This means that the patient can seek medical services that benefits his/her life on the surface. Confidence is king, especially in today’s world. With so much technological advancements in place, people are now changing their lives for the better. Dr. Mark McKenna stands at the forefront of this precise movement, and he has operated two of the Southeast’s most efficient medical-aesthetics practices. ShapeMed, a nonsurgical aesthetics clinic, provided the latest and greatest in skincare, in laser treatments, in weigh-loss solutions and in injectables. Of course, it was a hit as it reached the revered “Black Diamond” status.

On the other hand, Dr. Mark McKenna moved on to ShapeMed 2.0 in a sense. This new medical-aesthetics practice is known as OVME, and it is basically bringing the same services to your home. In addition to those services, OVME provides minimal-invasive procedures, which can also be brought to your home. For those who want to come in and receive the total experience, OVME has a state-of-the art center in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood. Everything can be found here from private consultant rooms to luxury treatment rooms. OVME, pronounced as “of me,” will give you the best out-of-body experience. Dr. Mark McKenna is definitely a revolutionary to some degree. This happily married man and loving father practices what he preaches. Dr. Mark McKenna actually lives a healthy lifestyle and since he’s a medical doctor, he can assist those who are interested in doing the same things.

The Tulane University graduate also gives back in his free-time. Many people see him as being a philanthropist. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna is the real deal when it comes to this exclusive field of work, and he will continue to bring newer ideas in the years to come.

Why Dr. Mark Mofid Created A New Type Of Implant

Mark Mofid, MD, is a San Diego area plastic surgeon. He operates is own practice and treats both men and women who want to improve their appearance in some way. He is skilled at forms of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, facelifts, gluteal augmentation, and liposuction among others. He and his team are dedicated to offering personalized services that are delivered in a compassionate way. They help their patients not just before and during the surgery but afterward as well.

In order to help his patients to the best of his ability Dr. Mark Mofid keeps himself informed about things going on in his industry, including new state of the art technology and new techniques. He is also very timely in appointments with his patients because he recognizes that everyone’s time is valuable. Patients always have direct access to him and he makes the process of getting cosmetic surgery as comfortable as possible.

It is in La Jolla just outside of San Diego that Dr. Mark Mofid put his offices. He also can meet with patients at a satellite office he set up in Chula Vista. The surgeries are all carried out in the main La Jolla office which is an AAAASF certified facility. The surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and the surgical room is equipped with all of the latest surgical care.

Dr. Mark Mofid start doing gluteal augmentation surgery in 2006. When he started out the only choice was to use silicone implants. He said these were deficient and he always had to carve them down before he could perform the surgery. For this reason he created what’s called a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant. He said it has a more tapered and natural profile while the bottom of it is more proportional. He said that the result is something that looks quite good and not fake at all. This new implant that he created is now sold to other plastic surgeons by a medical technology company called Implantech. He says that he doesn’t get any royalties from the sale of these implants.


Louis Chenevert’s Mastery of the Aircraft Business

The Canadian businessman held the highest executive office at the United Technologies Cooperation (UTC) and left an enviable legacy. Six years of service at Pratt & Whitney Canada, an aerospace manufacturer, was enough to propel him to the presidency of the organization that is a subsidiary of the UTC. His patience at UTC paid the most when he was able to land an $18.4 billion deal after spending a whole year in negotiations. This resulted in the merger of UTC with Goodrich who specialized in supplying both the defense and aerospace industry with systems and services. He ensured that UTC kept on creating manufacturing jobs through its investments in high-quality technology products.

HEC Montreal, his old university, acknowledged his great achievements by awarding him an honorary degree. Environmental friendly designs have always been at the heart of all the innovative projects of UTC. Chenevert knew this well enough and never failed to mention it every time he marketed their products. All of the company’s facilities had to reduce their water consumption by 53%. The emission of greenhouse gases also had to be significantly dropped. General Motors were the first employers of the production management student. As he left the company fourteen years later, he had risen to the position of production manager.

Louis Chenevert has not spent that much time in a single company ever since. Pratt & Whitney extended his work experience from vehicles to aircraft. Here, he had the rare opportunity of being involved in the creation of engines for military aircraft. Louis conceptualized the geared turbofan engine although it did not receive much support at the beginning. Its cost seemed to scare a lot of people who did not like the idea of sponsoring someone’s pet. When it was used in the Airbus A320NEO, Pratt & Whitney’s place in the aircraft industry was firmly established.

His resilience and never say die attitude made this possible. Chenevert’s significant accomplishments at UTC came during the recession. Most of them were a result of his investments in technology and his workforce. Louis has over the years learned how to go about the aircraft business subtly, and he has made good use of his knowledge.