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The Kheradpir Era: Coriant and Its Story

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A giant in the field of networking, Coriant emerged on the technology map of the world in 2013 to bring new heights to the telecommunications industry. So far, Coriant has been highly successful in the provision of efficient cloud connection systems, optical transmission systems and has even come up with a revolutionary backhaul system that is just another addition to the router service it provides. Initially under NSN, Coriant soon detached itself from Nokia and announced its independence, but not before absorbing the experience worth 35 years into its core. Soon afterwards, Sycamore merged with Coriant and later, Tellabs followed suit.

In 2013, when Coriant was formed, the corporation attracted the attention of Shaygan Kheradpir, the businessman who had started his career in 1987 and was already cruising through titans like GTE laboratories and Verizon. Kheradpir holds a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. This, combined with his fortune of belonging to a professionally minded family (His father was a doctor), enabled him to toil hard in his field and bring about innovative ideas with confidence and passion. He will always be remembered at Verizon for infusing the spirit of competition among the employees themselves, asking them to present new ideas every month and work in groups to make their ideas a reality.

While working at GTE, Kheradpir reached the position of the CIO and was critically acclaimed at the Wall Street. After Verizon, he worked at Barclays and again managed to bag the CIO position there. The Hall of Fame announced by the CIO Magazine chose him in 2007. In 2014, he also became the CEO of the Juniper Networks. With a career as chock full of experience as that of Kheradpir, it is no wonder that Coriant has made a name for itself under his leadership.

Coriant has been making breakthrough developments. On the 15th of March, the company announced a data transmission system of a 100 GB per second speed that is not affected by lightening and even tested it under an artificial lightning. Coriant also occupied a central position at the OFC this year, where it announced its innovations in the transmissions using optical systems. The company is known for creating interfaces that are friendly for users and the beneficial utilization of the available resources to do so. With a progress of this sort, Coriant is expected to continue to amaze the world with its innovations.

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Why Kyle Bass’ Predictions Should Be Carefully Considered

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Kyle Bass has made a handful of successful economic predictions, but the primacy of his success seems to come from underhanded means.

Kyle Bass became well-known in financial circles around 2008. He predicted that sub-prime lending practices which were in wide use among American banking systems would result in a collapse. Bass was correct in this prediction, so many began to pay attention to him.

Bass runs a hedge fund out of Texas, and that hedge fund’s performance seems to have an inverse relationship to Bass’ media appearances. The more appearances he makes, the more boldly he predicts economic trends, the more poorly his fund performs. There are those who think this is one of the reasons which prompted Bass into creation of his special interest group, CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. What CAD does is use petitions, lawsuits, or any means that are convenient to force pharmaceuticals into decreasing the cost of their medications. This results in a stock drop for the pharmaceuticals which Bass quickly capitalizes on through short selling of the stock he has with the company CAD’s been set upon. Basically, Bass uses a mask of humanitarianism to gut rich companies.

Why he does this could certainly be explained through financial drive, but there is a deeper possible motive which shouldn’t be ignored. Kyle Bass is closely aligned with Cristina Fernanez de Kirchner.

De Kirchner is a socialist despot presiding over Argentina. She’s actually pushed the country so far into the red that Argentina has economically defaulted twice over the last thirteen years. Yet one won’t find a word of negativity toward this positively abhorrent financial state of affairs from Bass. In contrast, Bass seems only capable of praising the despot, and every indication supports the contention he operates in America as one of her lackeys.

UsefulStooges exposed that Kyle Bass is currently involved in continuing CAD efforts to diminish stock value of big pharmaceutical companies, and stopping him is difficult because his actions are technically legal. So deep is the problem that congress waxes bipartisan in their efforts to shut Bass down.

In light of these things, whenever Bass makes a media appearance, it isn’t untoward to assume he’s operating with ulterior motives in mind. Very likely, he’s got some further manipulation not immediately apparent up his sleeve. The clues are in his hedge fund’s poor performance, CAD, and his ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Though Bass seems to be making accurate predictions about China currently, it’s important to remember that many other financial analysts have come to the same conclusion. It’s just possible Bass is encouraging or discouraging a trend in some way with his remarks. With Bass, be sure to read between the lines.


The World of Banking

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Very wealthy, well dressed, well spoken and confident is what we all think of when we think about investment bankers. Martin Lustgarten is no exception. As an investment banker Martin has made a ton of money and a lot of people happy and rich. Martin Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer at his own firm Lustgarten, Martin. The Florida Native has been working in the same field for over 20 years and has been approved tried and trusted. With a net worth that is undisclosed, it is not hard to see why they say he is some what private about his finances. With all the terrible acts of theft and embezzlement going on in the investment banking world, it is always nice to see one of the good guys. False accusations didn’t stop Martin Lustgarten at all, he continues to make money by doing his job the right way.
Martin Lustgarten is a family man. He enjoys taking his companion on skiing trips and mountain climbing. It seems like there is always a smile on Martin’s face. With a beautiful family and a ton of money, it must be easy to smile so much. He has a lot of different interests other than traveling and most of them include making some kind of money. He is a self proclaimed vintage watch trader and collector. Along with making great investments for companies he also has a silly talent. He loves to juggle and also has a Vimeo account.
As you can see Martin Lustgarten is a well rounded family man. He plays by the rules and makes a lot of money.


Sam Tabar: How to Improve Investor Relations

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For any financial services firm, success involves establishing excellent investor relations with individual clients as well as institutional investors. While many firms focus only on investors who possess a very high net worth, others realize it is also important to cultivate smaller investors who often get overlooked by most firms. However, a number of firms still choose not to make this a top priority, which often limits their business. However, while working as the Head of Business Development and Management at PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar has realized just how important it is to not only keep current investors involved, but also bring in many new investors for added growth.

To succeed in investor relations, Sam knows it takes not only a vast knowledge of the financial market, but also a true desire to work with others in order to help them achieve their financial goals. To accomplish this, it takes a person such as Sam who has an extensive background in the legal and financial areas involving hedge funds. After graduating with Honors from Oxford University, he then decided to further his education by enrolling in Columbia Law School. While at Columbia, Sam began to showcase his abilities by becoming the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. In fact, it was in this position that Sam laid the groundwork for what would become several of his specialties later on. Hedge fund structure and formation, employment law, compliance matters, and more were all areas Sam focused on while at Columbia.

Once Sam began his career in the investment industry, investor relations became his first and foremost priority. After becoming employed by PMA Investment and given management responsibilities for a $2 billion hedge fund, Sam set out to ensure the hedge fund would grow at an aggressive rate. To accomplish this, he knew it would take a combination of various types of investors being brought together in a short period of time. As a result of this strategy, Sam then began meeting with as many investors as possible, discussing their financial goals as well as how the hedge fund at PMA could work best for them. Meeting with clients the world over, Sam eventually was able to compile a list of over 2,500 investors whose net worth and financial goals were a perfect match for PMA.

While others stand pat once they achieve success, Sam is just the opposite as evidenced on Never one to slow down, Sam knows that to stay successful in the financial industry he must continue to look forward. Always one to take on the toughest challenges, Sam sees them as chances for success rather than potential problems. With this attitude, it’s no wonder Sam has succeeded.  Sam Tabar’s complete job history can be found on LinkedIn.


The Devos Family Entering into the Liquor Business

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Dick and Betsy DeVos, a very influential and wealthy couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan are embarking on a process to break into the world of liquor sales. The DeVos couple owns a holding company called the Windquest Group, which buys shares of companies in return for shared control and influence in decision making. There most recent move was to acquire the Coppercraft Distillery. This Holland Township based company has been in business since 2013 and is looking to expand its operations. As of now, the license transfer has been approved by the LLC and the DeVos are now “registered agents” of the company although no further information is being given by the DeVos couple or the owner of Coppercraft Distillery. It will be time before operations can continue due to the liquor license approval process that is underway for Dick and Betsy DeVos. It is a bright future for both the Coppercraft Distillery and the Windquest Group as they continue to expand their experience and influence. 

Dick DeVos hails from Michigan and is an entrepreneur at heart. He is the son Richard DeVos who was a co-founder of Amway, a direct seller of home care and self care products. Dick took role of CEO for the Amway company for just shy of a decade from 1993-2002 and increased the success and sales. Read more about his time at Amway here:

Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos are work with the Windquest Group that was grown to be a very successful holding company with which he is still doing work. To be sure, DeVos’ leadership experience spans further than distribution companies. When his family acquired the Orlando Magic basketball team, Dick became the CEO and President for the team, according to his New Netherland Institute profile.

Dick DeVos is married to his wife Betsy and have a few children. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have a strong influence in the community both in business, charity and the political realm. Their businesses create countless jobs in the area for local residents. In addition, they have become one of the most well recognized donators in the area. It has recently been released that their total donations add up to about $1.2 billion. One of their targeted donations has been $36 million to Grand Valley State University to provide an example. In the political realm, Dick is very influential as well. He works directly with Grand Action which is a group interested in improving the downtown area. He is also closely associated with school reformation and has even founded an aviation charter school in the area due to his interest in flight. Dick is also an avid sailor who has won many championships for his abilities.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

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Surprising Highland Capital Management’s Q3

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On 3 February 2016, James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management released it Q3 (third quarterly) financial report. Their overall hedge fund portfolio suffered a reduction to $3.42 billion from its previous quarter at $4.91billion. This simultaneously affected their allocations to various sectors that fall under the hedge fund portfolio. The reductions are as follows: Healthcare at 20%, Information technology and finance at 18% each, energy at 12% and lastly, consumer discretionary at 10%. These sectors have allocations, which are below the previous quarter.

Additionally, the company sold out its stock in Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, Mckesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Holdings, and Laboratory Corp Amer Holdings. However, it is unclear what the reasons for the sale of their stocks were.
However, it the company did not suffer losses only with their reduced portfolio. Between the Q2 and Q3, the company made purchases to several companies, therefore increasing their assets. These companies include Spdr S&P 500 (1.96%), Amazon Com Inc (0.68%), Eagle Pharmaceutical Inc (0.52%), Danaher Corp Del (0.5%) and Intra cellular Therapies Inc (0.46%).

James Dondero, commonly known as Jim, is the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management. He started the company in 1993 and has continuously led the company. Jim started out as a Certified Financial Analyst before starting the company. He majored in Accounts and Finance in the University of Virginia and graduated with the highest honors. Initially, he worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager. Moreover, he worked on GIC subsidiary as a CFA analyst. With the experience, Jim Dondero is a designated user of the CFA title.

Moreover, James Dondero is one of the pioneers to use Collateralized Loan Obligation. He also is a member of the Board of Directors at American Banknote and MGM. James Dondero is importantly the chairperson of the Board at NexBank and CCS Medical Corporation.
Apart from working like a CFA analyst at Highland Capital Management, he is also a philanthropist. He gives back to the society by supporting veteran affairs, public policy and education. His works have influenced many people especially the young, and he continues to do so.

Octafinance,. “HIGHLAND CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Top 10 Holdings In Q3 2015 – Octafinance”. N.p., 2016. Web. 16 Feb. 2016. via


Security is Tightening Up at Wall Street

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In one of the most intense work environments throughout the country, Wall Street is starting a new trend by tightening up security with giving more liability to compliance officers with illegal activity by traders. In light of recent scandals where compliance officers were found to be responsible for some critical mistakes, the SEC administration along with New York State governor Andrew Cuomo wants to be able to charge compliance officers for mistakes that occur on their own watch.

Compliance officers in general feel that this is unfair as they feel singled out for being responsible for mistakes that are not always controllable on their part. Many large banks and corporations have hired compliance officers to avoid massive fines. However, many compliance officers will argue that getting banks to adapt to a legal process is cumbersome and a long term adjustment. However, there is concern that companies who hire compliance officers are providing them high salaries to act as independent as possible and to limit communication they have with the chief officers of companies to limit knowledge of such violations.

The corruption in company compliance was well addressed from 1999 to 2007 when Morrison was a regional SEC director that headed securities enforcement, as well as litigation and regulatory issues. Helane Morrison pointed out that some companies were practically buying real estate from themselves that were creating false profits, while other companies were found to not have a substantial amount of their own employees actively engaged with insider trading. (quotehd) These are some of the compliance issues that went unnoticed that have led to major fines for some companies, while others got away with illegal schemes.

Morrison, who now works as Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, has represented the SEC in legal, business, and financial communities, along with numerous government agencies and media outlets. It is through Morrison’s testimony and historical data that the necessity that it is necessary to start holding Compliance officers liable for trading violation in an effort to force these officers to push harder on the companies they monitor to perform business in a legal way.

To read more about Helane’s career and life check out her LinkedIn profile or click on the following link:


Prominent Business Professional Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Comments on the Forbes List of US Ivy League MBA Programs

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by Ricardo Guimarães

If you’re like many young professionals, it’s hard to know what to do to get that edge you need in the business world. However, even if you don’t have the most captivating personality or a genius understanding of money or technology; you can still achieve great success in business by getting your MBA. In addition, your MBA training is practical training in all aspects of business management including:

-The ethical aspects,
-The functional aspects, and
-The analytical aspects

If you’re interested in the best programs out there, here’s what to expect:

1. Want to attend Stanford Business School? Plan to shell out $126,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 730 on your GMATs; and work hard. Stanford’s graduation rate is only 7%.

2. Want to attend Harvard Business School? Plan to shell out $139,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 730 on your GMATs; and work hard. Harvard’s graduation rate is only 12%.

3. Want to attend The Booth School of Business? Plan to shell out $128,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 730 on your GMATs; and work hard. Booth’s graduation rate is only 24%.

4. Want to attend The Warton School of Business? Plan to shell out $137,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 728 on your GMATs; and work hard. Warton’s graduation rate is only 20%.

5. Want to attend The Haas School of Business? Plan to shell out $110,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 720 on your GMATs; and work hard. Haas’ graduation rate is only 20%.

6. Want to attend The Tuck School of Business? Plan to shell out $139,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 730 on your GMATs; and work hard. Tuck’s graduation rate is only 12%.

7. Want to attend The Yale School of Management? Plan to shell out $124,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 720 on your GMATs; and work hard. Yale’s graduation rate is only 24%.

8. Want to The Kellogg School of Management? Plan to shell out $127,000 annually and make sure to score at least a 720 on your GMATs. School officials don’t list graduation rates for Kellogg.

9. Want to attend Columbia Business School? Plan to shell out $136,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 716 on your GMATs; and work hard. Columbia’s graduation rate is only 18%.

10. Want to attend The Leonard N. Stern School of Business? Plan to shell out $131,000 annually; make sure to score at least a 710 on your GMATs; and work hard. Leonard N. Stern’s graduation rate is only 10.8%.