Paul Mampilly: Why People Should Highly Embrace Technology

Great success comes with being focused on the main thing and staying ambitious in all seasons. People who have made a name in various sectors in this world have always remained focused even when things aren’t working their way. Paul Mampilly is a great investor who doesn’t miss what he aims. His ambitions to be on Wall Street bore fruits after being patient for a while. Paul joined the working world when he got an opportunity to work at Bankers Trust as an assistant manager in charge of the bank’s portfolio. Working with other organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank has helped him achieve an advanced career.In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management looked for Paul Mampilly to manage its $6 billion firm. Through his business skills, the firm has increased its asset-worth from $6 billion to $25 billion.

Although he was doing well on Wall Street, Paul found it good to do something else that would help the average investor succeed. He is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he specializes in small-cap stocks, growth investment, technology, and special opportunities. Paul has a great name when it comes to investment, and his impact on the business world can’t be undermined.Paul is passionate about business and investments that involve technology. The blockchain is among the technology area he values. He says cryptography is the best in listing blockchain records. He says it’s hard for the blockchain content to be manipulated if each block has a timestamp and transaction data.

Although most people think about cryptocurrency when blockchain is mentioned, Paul Mampilly says it’s more than this. With blockchain technology, you would know what to share and what to hide.As the investment world grows bigger, fraudulent seems to increase. Paul Mampilly says that most fraudsters get an opportunity to mislead people when they leak much information about what they do. With the blockchain, you would increase your privacy. If you are thinking about identity management, you should find blockchain is the best solution. Paul says technology has come to make replacement or renewal of identification records like birth certificates, social security, passport, and driver’s license quick and more efficient.

HCR Wealth Advisors Suggests Teaching Children Finance and Money Management Early

HCR Wealth Advisors helps investors navigate the world of investing and finance. HCR encourages parents to teach their children to do the same.

Money management is a critically important skill. The professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors are committed to educating their clients on how to achieve financial security. Below, the firm offers some tips to help parents educate the investors of the future.

Give your child compensation for helping around the house. This is also a chance to teach them about working overtime to earn extra money by doing extra chores. Don’t “give” them an allowance, make them earn it.

Demonstrate the value of budgeting. On the left side of a piece of paper have your son or daughter write the heading “Income“. Have the child list the amount of their allowance under the heading. The right-side heading will be “Expenses”. Besides introducing a youngster to budgeting having a visual aid will help them see what purchases they can make right away and which purchases will have to wait.

According to their facebook post, childhood is a good time to be introduced to the world of banking. Open a bank account for your child but take them with you so they can witness the process. Once open, encourage the young account holder to make regular deposits. Make the use of debit cards part of their banking education. Emphasize the security and peace-of-mind that results from having money in the bank.

Explain that investing can be a way to increase wealth. Buy your child a single share of stock but help them research the company first. Show them how to track the stock and understand why the value fluctuates. You can achieve the same goal with play money and imaginary stock purchases.

Having been in the business for 30 years, HCR Wealth Advisors offers investment advice and financial planning to its clients.  The firm helps to guide its clients through life’s many transitions, such as parenthood, marriage, divorce, and retirement. Besides financial services and wealth management, HCR Wealth Advisors also offers business consultation services. The firm customizes financial plans for each client based on their financial situation and their goals.

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What Ryan Seacrest is All About

Ryan Seacrest can be heard or seen anywhere on television whether it’s from ESPN to American Idol. Along with being a TV personality, Ryan is known for his work behind the camera too working on reality TV shows. On top of that, he’s the managing editor for E! News, where a lot of the shows he produces are broadcasted. Along with working at E! News, Ryan is the radio host of “OnAir with Ryan Seacrest” as a source of news, stories, and headliners.

Being in the spotlight as such a TV personality while hosting shows that are seen by millions daily can create a burden for lots of celebrities to do more than just entertainment, so that’s exactly what Seacrest did. In the year 2010, after many years of hard work, Seacrest jumped into philanthropy work and started the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” with a focus on aiding the youth who are in hospitals for any sort of condition. The idea of the foundation to bring more joy and energy into the children’s lives, as they shouldn’t have to spend days in the hospital.

With the Ryan Seacrest Foundation being run by Ryan Seacrest it allows for him to use his connections and bring top celebrities to children’s hospitals around the world, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for the kids who are battling day in and day out. There have been over a hundred celebrities to help the foundation by donating their time, voice, and energy to the children. These celebrities range from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Justin Beiber all the way to Michelle Obama and David Beckham. Being someone who has connections like Seacrest does works out great for philanthropy work, as he has contact to anyone and everyone in the industry, and is willing to use all those connections to help a child smile.

From the spotlight to behind the mic on the radio, all the way to running a foundation under his name, Ryan Seacrest has put great amounts of time and energy into his career, launching his own menswear, and anything that follows. He continues to grow his foundation and name around the world allowing for more children to get the chance they deserve, and live a happier life.

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The Oxford Club Members Have Access to Pillar One Advisors

The Oxford Club a global membership organization comprised of some of the most wealthy and savvy investors in the world has access to world-renowned financial advisors with their Pillar One Advisors Program. The Pillar One Advisor Program is an exclusive opportunity for investors to capitalize on the expertise and guidance provided by this third party financial advisory firm. The Oxford Club members can utilize the financial advisors to create lucrative investment opportunities and profits. The Pillar One Advisors Program was created so investors that are unsure in how to grow their portfolios and protect against economic risk factors that are present within the market can rely on this advisor program to provide much-needed insight and perspective.


The Oxford Club was established in 1989 by Bill Bonner founder of The Agora Companies a billion dollar company. The Oxford Club was established to provide opportunities for wealthy individuals to share information through meeting and socializing at various gatherings to provide insight and knowledge that is not available within the mainstream publication networks. The Oxford Club currently has more than 100,000 members from around the globe that built their wealth through various ways including entrepreneurship, business, and inheritance opportunities. The ultimate goal of the organization is to help its members to grow their wealth and live a lifestyle of luxury that only the truly rich individuals can actually live. Also, while enjoying their wealth, it provides members with resources to continue the expansion and growth of their individual portfolios and provide opportunities for them to eliminate risk potential and provide the surety of long-term growth on their assets.


The Oxford Club has Julia Guth as its Chief Executive Officer and has a talented staff of publishers, researchers, editors, sales and marketing, operations, and customer service professionals that provide a high level of results for its members through intellectually astute resources and publications that are very well done. The Oxford Club specializes in asset categories including private equity, stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, options and various other asset vehicles within the investment industry. With the Pillar One Advisors Program, The Oxford Club provides members with the opportunity to expand their portfolio and eliminate risk with the financial advisors’ information and guidance provided by their membership.

Todd Lubar Strategic Investments in Baltimore Real Estate Market

Baltimore seems like its reducing in terms of its population but it is actually performing well with the younger demographic. The charm city is bound to experience changes with time as its economy continues to rebound. There are many young people in Baltimore and consequently, the demand for apartments is high. Real estate investors are converting old buildings into hip living facilities for the city residents. Consequently, there are many apartments in the city.

Baltimore is focused in the expansion of public transport to make it more suitable for residents who prefer to live and work downtown. There are also projections that improving the transport system will develop the metropolitan areas faster since more of the suburban residents will be able to access the city for work without paying for parking.

The business community in Baltimore is beginning to Blossom. Many initiatives have been put in place to improve the business environment for companies which want to relocate. In the recent years, Baltimore has earned a good reputation in the business community as a result of attracting talent and supporting new business developments.

According to Patreon, the cost of living in Baltimore will not rise too high thus making it an attractive place for those who feel that the Washington D.C lifestyle is too expensive. The new housing developments for the young professionals will have more amenities. The young people are attracted by access to luxury shopping and fresh restaurants and food joints within the proximity of their residence. There are many residential options for middle class citizens.

Todd Lubar has practised real estate in Maryland for more than twenty years. Todd Lubar has a background in finance and credit. He is the president of TDL ventures and he also runs other real estate firms. Todd Lubar went to Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in 1995. He also worked at Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He was the senior vice president at Charter Funding .Lubar is passionate about community service and business and is looking forward to growing his real estate project in Baltimore and to participate in more charitable events in the community.

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Glen Wakeman Provides Strong Business Tips With LaunchPad

Glen Wakeman is a champion of promoting business startup blueprints. This is what he does with LaunchPad Holdings. Glen Wakeman has proven to be a very valuable part of the business startup world because he has a company in place that can give entrepreneurs a better mind frame on what they should be doing. So many entrepreneurs put a lot of time into focusing on marketing their business but this is only one aspect of a business model. There are so many other things that business leaders need to be mindful of.

They need to have a plan in place for the cost of operations. There needs to be a plan in place for the growth of the company. There needs to be a blueprint in mind for sales forecasting, inventory management, employee growth and customer satisfaction. These are all the areas of business that Glen Wakeman can help people develop through his LaunchPad company.

Wakeman has been in the business world long enough to know that no business is going to be able to thrive unless there is some solid foot work put into developing the blueprint for the business. Glen Wakeman has worked with General Electric. He knows exactly what it takes to make people take a second glance at a business. Wakeman has run companies so he knows every aspect of business.

Glen Wakeman knows what it takes to be successful because he has been in the shoes of the entrepreneurs that are starting from the ground up. He knows the ins and outs of what can go wrong when a business is not properly funded. That is why he also creates a blueprint for entrepreneurs to engage in venture capital investing. He wants entrepreneurs to know that they will often have to request money from other people that have money to invest in companies. In order to do this, there has to be a flawless presentation in place to get people to really invest in your idea. That is where LaunchPad is able to help entrepreneurs form better business plans.

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