YouTube Artist, Wengie’s Easy and Fun Hair Beauty Tips

Wengie, as always, brings a positive energy to her audience with her upbeat attitude and fun ways of describing how the everyday person can improve their physical beauty and well-being. This video focuses on hair care and styling tips geared towards keeping one’s hair healthy and looking it’s best. Wengie’s recommendation for a strong hair foundation begins with eating healthy and getting one’s body the essential minerals and vitamins for strength and growth. Biotin, folic acid, vitamin C, Omega 3’s, and vitamin A. All of these vitamins and more can be found in the easy to take, Sugarbearhair Gummy Vitamins.

Wengie goes on to further explain some simple tricks that can be used to style one’s hair easily and tips to keep hair from damage and frizz. One of the easiest things that can be done to improve hair’s appearance is washing one’s hairbrush by picking out the hair left behind, scrubbing the brush down in a basin filled with water and a small amount of shampoo, followed by toweling dry the hairbrush. This can reduce the occurrence of oils and dead follicles being put back onto hair when re-using a brush. Replacing drying one’s hair after a shower with a T-shirt instead of a towel can also reduce damage and prevent frizz. The key is in the softer fibers of a T-shirt that will be gentler on the hair. Also, it is important to note that using a patting motion to dry the hair is much better than a rubbing motion to keep damage to hair minimal. Another quick tip Wengie recommends is not shampooing hair every day and instead use a dry a shampoo in regular shampoo’s place. Corn starch or baby powder can be used as an effective dry shampoo as well. Applying the powder right to the scalp and brushing it evenly throughout your hair is most effective to do right before bed as it will give one’s hair time to absorb the powder and be good to go in the am.

The Struggle Of Finding Hair Care Products Until Now

When it comes to finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner many things come into play such as the texture, thickness, and length of your hair. For example, if your hair is longer and more curly it may tangle easier meaning you need a shampoo that also works as a detangler. Not only is it hard to find the right shampoo and conditioner due to the things that you have to consider when looking for the right one but it is also difficult because there are so many different types of shampoo and conditioner out there.

What may have felt like a difficult decision to make may have just got a whole lot easier due to WEN By Chaz Dean products. Wen By Chaz Dean hair care products is great because they not only eliminate the time spent looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner because they are exactly what you are looking for but they also are made to keep your hair much healthier than any other shampoo or conditioner out there. Wen by Chaz Dean also keeps your hair shiny after every use unlike every other shampoo or conditioner on the market.

Wen by Chaz Dean hair care products come in three different formulas that you can choose from depending on what you think your hair care needs are each day. The first and most popular hair formula on Sephora that Wen By Chaz Dean offers is their sweet almond mint formula that is made for hair types of all lengths and textures. The second Wen formula is the pomegranate formula that is soy based and made to help strengthen your strands well also keeping them nourished. The last formula of Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean is the Lavender formula that gives you a soothing and calm feeling after washing your hair. Check out the WEN YouTube channel for more information on this amazing brand.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Brand Goes Mainstream In A Big Way


When it comes to beauty, there are makeup pioneers who aren’t afraid to create something bold and new. Take Doe Deere, for instance. She’s the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, a brand that favors bright, opaque and modern lipsticks, eye shadows and liners.

Doe Deere was already offering fans around the world her radical color base and concepts of bright blue lipstick, for example. It took a while for traditional attitudes about cosmetics to lighten up, but then people started seeing stars on the red carpet like Lupita Nyong’o wearing blue lipstick, and then Kylie Jenner and several others.

Lime Crime had made it to the forefront, and it was suddenly alright for women to wear such bold, different shades in public. Doe Deere should get the credit for that, but she doesn’t mind. Doe Deere is creative and smart, and she just keeps doing her thing, offering young women and men a different cosmetics experience.

Doe Deere has often said in interviews that her makeup line is empowering to those who put it on. Her makeup is made with bold opacity in quality design and allows the wearer to experiment and create their own concept of what’s beautiful.

Lime Crime appears to be the originator of the liquid-to-matte lipsticks that so many brands are now starting to copy. Doe Deere’s Velvetines lipsticks glide on like silk and dry soft to the touch like velvet. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have been photographed in Lime Crime lipsticks, looking glam and sexy, and there are gorgeous shades to choose from. Consider Lime Crime lipsticks in stunning Metallic Gold, Green, Blue, Electric Lavender, and then there are her new Velvetines lip duos like Raven and Marshmallow.

Doe Deere started her company in 2008, because she could not hunt down a good enough variety of brightly colored makeup. That was her signature- “Go big and bold, or go home.” Doe Deere enjoyed having candy-colored hair and vivid fashion, so the makeup collaboration seemed like the next natural step in Doe Deere’s world.

It was a slow, steady climb, but now Doe Deere and Lime Crime are stealing headlines and selfies on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Doe Deere loves an interactive fan base who can check out the gorgeous rich shades of Lime Crime makeup and share their favorite combinations.

Lime Crime has just exceeded two million Instagram followers.

Appraising the Effectiveness of WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioners

Many beauty products have flooded the consumer market in recent years. Unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of this state with some coming up with products that have adverse effects on those who use them. Wen by Chaz line of hair conditioners ( are among those that are celebrated not only for being genuine but also effective. Blogger and wikipedia content writer, Emily McClure recently sought to establish whether the conditioners are as good as it is reported. Though hesitant at first, she was surprised by the overall effect that the products had on her hair.
Before embarking on the experiment, Emily’s hair had an unruly appearance. She was apprehensive about the quantities recommended by the manufacturer but still decided to follow the guidelines. To her dismay, her hair did not get weighed down after the conditioner was applied. More surprisingly, the hair gained a softer texture almost immediately. It also looked thicker and more voluminous. No strands fell off during rinsing as it the case with other conditioners.

Emily followed the routine in the subsequent six days. Each day, she noticed that her mane grew healthier, silkier and stronger. The greasy look that it had previously, also vanished. At the end of the week, all uncertainties that she had were addressed. She therefore recommends Wen conditioners to other beauty enthusiasts. The article was originally posted on Bustle. To read more, follow this link:

Wen by Chaz in Brief

These conditioners are a brainchild of famed hair stylist, Chaz Dean. They were advanced after the realization that products that existed had severe effects on the hair of those who were using them. He therefore wanted to come up with conditioners that would incorporate cleansers, conditioners and detanglers in a single bottle. Since they entered the mainstream market, the products have gained a foothold due to their ability to leave the hair tough, nourished and manageable. The fact that they have been made available online via makes them even more expedient.

Brushing To Get The Hair Longer

If you have short hair, you might wonder how to get it to grow faster. While some take vitamins and some use special shampoos, all it could take is brushing the hair to get it to grow. One woman decided to stop washing her hair after learning that certain kinds of brushes can make the hair grow faster than if you were to take a supplement or to use hair care products.

A boar bristle brush is one that has stronger bristles. When you use this kind of brush, the natural oils are distributed along the scalp. Most brushes have bristles that only cause damage to the strands of hair, breaking them in the process. A dermatologist in New York tested the theory to see if brushing really gives enough strength to the hair to make it grow at a faster rate. If it’s done daily and with the right type of bristle, then it can stretch the hair. It doesn’t mean that the actual hair is growing faster, it just means that the strands are being stretched so that they appear to be longer.

If you use a brush that has stronger bristles, then it can help improve the circulation along the scalp. The sebum near the scalp where the hair shaft is located is stimulated as well. This is what gives the hair its shine. Once the sebum is stimulated, you will notice that there is a fullness and a shine to the hair that washing on a daily basis usually doesn’t give as the sebum is often washed away. The increased circulation also provides oxygen to the hair shaft, which boosts the health of the hair as well.

Wengie is a beauty blogger who has reviewed various hair products. She offers advice on hair styles and what can be used to give the shine that is desired as well as how to get the strength in the hair so that it doesn’t break as easily. Wengie often appears on YouTube, addressing millions with her beauty hacks and secrets.

One of the things that Wengie wants others to know is that it’s alright to be unique. Everyone has their own style when it comes to makeup and hair. She wants to give her viewers the best experience possible when it comes to the advice she gives so that they get the results they desire. Wengie is from China and has grown up in Australia.

People Who Have Become Famous On You Tube

A lot of people have become well known on YouTube, some people have even gotten discovered and become famous. People like Justin Bieber who was discovered by the famous Usher when he was just a little kid and became a huge star, The Weekend was discovered in 2010 after Drake started posting his music on his personal blog, and Cody Simpson was discovered on YouTube after a music producer named Shawn Campbell discovered him and his music and got him a record deal with mega famous Atlantic records. Carly Rae Jepson was on YouTube singing her big hit “Call Me Maybe” when Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun saw her and felt that she had significant talent and should be famous, he then became her manager.

The Wonderful World of Wengie, a famous site from Australia, was discovered on YouTube, this is a website for cosmetics by Wendy Huang. She is a beauty blogger who offers reviews of products, tutorials, beauty, and what is hot and what is not in the world of beauty. The site was first started when she was doing marketing for other companies and saw how websites, social media, and blogs helped promote their business. She then decided to start her own company and do the same marketing for her.

Wengie is also about fashion, style, and beauty fashionistas. She follows other fashion gurus on YouTube and in fashion magazines and is inspired by them. She says she started out by learning from others but had to adapt what she learned to her own self. She has a particular interest in Asian (Japanese and Korean) beauty products and their use because of the lack of information and help that is offered for these women. She also has an obsessed interest in circle lenses, she says that these contacts helps to make your pupils appear larger to other people and also help you appear more full of energy and alert. She says that different colors have different affects and she explains about how to use them, who they suit, and how to apply the make-up to suit them.