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How Whitney Wolfe Is Revolutionizing Online Dating

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Dating apps give people constrained by time or other factors an opportunity of interacting. The dating app users upload their profiles on the app, and when two users take an interest in each other, a connection is made. This connection may be developed into meaningful relationships, and some users have found wives and husbands from the dating apps.

Bumble is a location-based dating app that has experienced enormous growth since its launch in December 2014 will almost eleven and a half a million registered users. The app’s growth is attributed to its unique style of letting females make the first move. This resounds, and distinct difference from other conventional dating apps has been the outstanding feature in Bumble. As a result of these gender role reversal, many women who had been uncomfortable with other dating apps flocked to Bumble.

Bumble boasts of having created a brand associated with positive connections with a goal of letting people step out of their comfort zones. It is estimated that one in ten Americans has used a dating site or mobile dating apps. Eleven percent of American adults have used these online dating platforms, and sixty-six percent of online daters have gone out on a date with someone they found through dating apps and sites. A significant percentage of these daters have met a spouse or developed long-term relationships through these websites. Dating apps such as Bumble have helped many people develop connections.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. Whitney studied at Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. After the BP oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Whitney Wolfe came up with a concept of eco-friendly bags to raise funds for the affected areas.

Whitney Wolfe has received many recognitions for her contributions in tech the most notable of which is being named as one of the 2017’s Forbes 30 Under 30.


Video Email Marketing Just Got Easier

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All marketers and business owners should be using video email marketing. However, it is not a mystery why they are not using it: it is difficult to do with traditional video services. It can also be costly. If only there was a way to deliver quality video experiences to your customers’ inboxes without the hassle. After all, the web marketing experts at HubSpot recently mentioned that you can increase your email open rate by virtually 20% with videos.

Imagine how many more leads you could convert if you boosted your open rate by that much. What kind of revenue would it mean to your business? You could engage much more customers and build a solid relationship with video. Video is the most powerful form of communication today. Luckily, there is a way to improve your video email marketing.

Talk Fusion is an innovative company that specializes in video services for businesses. You can enjoy sending video emails and newsletters, having live video chats, and creating lead capture videos. You don’t even need to download software. You can access the video email service in the cloud, where you upload your video of choice.

It works with Apple, Android, and PC devices. Talk Fusion was founded by the serial entrepreneur Brad Reina. He saw a need for a better email video service. To this day, Talk Fusion is dedicated to providing amazing video technology at affordable prices. They also give to charity regularly. They participate as part of the Direct Selling Association with pride.



Handy On-Demand Cleaning Services and Handyman Company

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Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services company. Its current estimated worth is $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan is the founder having established other companies prior. He first established MiCandidate an online platform that availed any political content to media companies and The Undergratuate Awards a non-profit organization. His move from political content to on-demand cleaning services was inspired by two crucial experiences in his life. When in college in Hungary, Oisin worked in real estate. He discovered that people found it hard to perform small tasks inside apartments. Secondly, after finishing college in Hungary and moving to London, while working at Excel Ventures which invested in on-demand taxi service he thought of how to apply this concept to other sectors.

When doing his MBA at Harvard, Oisin brought Handy to life together with his friend who is also the co-founder. They dropped out of college later and concentrated on propelling Handy into full business. They found that Boston was not the suitable place where Handy could grow, they relocated to New York. This coupled with New York being the biggest market for Handy was the logical decision to make at that point.

Handy has not really faced competition since no other company has reached the scale that Handy has. Oisin says that the company is more focused on maintaining and building their lead rather than investing time and energy focusing on other players.

Handy involves working with contractors and customers on a daily basis. The contractors seek flexibility to work when in need of earning extra cash and working for less than 20 hours per week. Customers on the other hand seek the flexibility of being able to book a handyman or cleaner at a particular time and their reliability.

Handy plans on maintaining the contractor status and not regarding them as employees. With this they enjoy a staff of 160 and over 10,000 contractors. In keeping with competition from companies such as Thumbtack and Hassle, Handy has sought to expand in more cities. It has also come up with a different type of service. This service aims at providing people with option of buying furniture from third party stores through Handy which is later delivered and assembled in one’s house.

It’s not going to be easy for Handy and it seems that it is ready to do more in order to maintain its position.