Goettl AC Company Solidifies Its Presence In California After Acquiring A Family-Owned Company

Goettl Air Conditioning, a company that has been keeping indoors comfortable since 1939 recently released a statement that it has acquired Walton’s Heating and Air. It is a family owned company that is based out of South California. The Goettl’s management made the announcement but chose to keep the financial details of the deal a secret.

The new acquisition allows Goettl to serve a larger geographical area in Phoenix, Tuscon and Las Vegas. That will help Goettl to begin solidifying its presence in California and for the Walton’s Heating and Air to expand more than it could have on its current status. Todd Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s Heating and Air, admits that he had done his best to steer the family-owned company to the current state, but it had somehow remained stagnant without experiencing some significant growth over the years.

Goettl had shown interests to acquire the family-owned company back in 2015, but Longbrake was reluctant to jump onboard. But after doing his research about Goettl and owner Ken Goodrich, he decided to give it a try. The deal was finalized in mid-2015 and Longbrake admits that his company has grown tenfold since the acquisition. After the deal, Longbrake was retained in Goettl where he serves as the sales manager and field supervisor.

Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, notes that Longbrake has assimilated into Goettl’s culture almost immediately. He has gone ahead to become a trusted and a reliable leader in the entire Goettl’s organization. Although it has been two years since the acquisition was carried out, Goettl was slow to make the news public. Goodrich attributes this to the operational issues in Walton’s marketing strategies. Goodrich says that Goettl wanted to first put everything in order before coming out to the public with the good news.

Goodrich notes that the two companies have a lot of similarities with almost the same family background and values. He continued to note that although Walton’s growth was stagnated at some point, he recognized that it is a good platform company where they can grow together. Goodrich notes that their primary goal is to make Goettl a national brand in the next few years.

About Goettl

Goettl is a trusted household name and a pioneer in AC systems. The company has been in operation since 1939. That has enabled them to gain immense experience in Air conditioning units and also establishing a name by offering top quality services. Their primary services include heating and air conditioning services that include installations and repair. They have a team of highly qualified Sadie Certified technicians who are devoted to offering unmatched customer service to their clients.