Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros Bounces Back to Empower Democrats to Stand up to the Presidency

George Soros is a hugely successful investor, business mogul and a philanthropist whose net worth is estimated to be over $25 billion. Currently, he is the founding Chairman at Soros Fund Management, a private hedge fund management firm specializing in fixed income markets and public equity. He sits on the board of several companies and is the Chairman of his philanthropy organization, the Open Society Foundation, OSF, which is a holding unit for the philanthropy activities in various Soros Foundations in over 100 countries around the world; giving a voice to human rights causes and democracy.

The billionaire is an adept entrepreneur and investor. His best bet was during the 1992 “Black Wednesday” when he shorted the British Pound and ended up $1 billion richer earning the title “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

George Soros’ support for the Democratic Party was best validated in 2004 when he contributed more than $27 million to the Democratic cause to oust President George Bush. In 2016, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton platforms enjoyed more than $25 million courtesy of the billionaire philanthropist for the fight against the GOP candidate and current President, Donald Trump.

A vocal and ardent supporter of Democratic politics, Mr. Soros, has a soft spot for principles close to him that the GOP is hostile towards including religious tolerance, justice and immigration reforms on Forbes.

After the defeat of Hillary in the presidential elections, members of the Democracy Alliance such as George Soros met with famous leaders in the left corner including Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren to map out how to refocus their efforts to countering pro-Trump activities. On the agenda is strategic fast-forwarding to influence state elections and mitigate against Trump’s 100-day plan of action. His support to the Democracy Alliance, the DA, has accelerated other big donors and strategic beneficiaries on Biography in rallying around the idea that their target electorate audience consists largely of women and minorities. A lot of effort has been placed on inspiring larger voter blocks from these sections to show up on Election Day.

The meeting was also a call to reunite all the democratic allies and recap on tactics, strategies, and expectations that led to the presidential defeat and how to overcome these while dealing with the issues of approved democratic policies being overturned by the new administration on Additionally, strategy on how to get better numbers from the working class voter and countering policy battles in states where the GOP won is in the limelight.

The desired effect is to have tactical revolutionary think tanks and advocacy teams that complement the democratic agenda to cover some of the fronts on their push against the current administration’s planned policy disruptions.

Making a comeback to active participation in the Democratic Party’s events, the attendance at the DA meet is a powerful statement that only fuels hope that Mr. Soros will be more involved. Quoting his history growing up in Hungary and surviving Nazism, Mr. Soros reiterated the need to protect open societies, which have now come under threat from the presidency itself.

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