Beneful at Best

Beneful dog food can be purchased at your local Walmart store or on the website. All of the Beneful dog food ranges in price from as low as $2.00, to as high as $70.00. The wet food is priced at most $19.94, but this price depends on how much or little the consumer wants to buy in bulk at one time. The dry food is priced at $26.98 median for for a 31.1 pound bag. This price for the dry food, and the dry food containing real ingredients will also vary depending on what size bag the consumer wants to purchase. Walmart also carries the Beneful healthy weight option that contains real salmon! There are multiple coupons to purchase Beneful dog food at Walmart especially if you sign up for Walmart’s mailing list. The mailing list has few easy steps, but the most important being your address and e-mail address to stay up to date on all sales and specials. To know more about Beneful click here.

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