The RealReal Designer Styles For Less

The RealReal is one of those sites that is truly a diamond in the rough, a hidden treasure for people to buy designer items at not even a fraction of the cost in stores. The RealReal is now on Instagram, and is one of the sites that you tell your friends and family to follow.

With new Instagram posts frequently, people can see the wonderful and luxurious things that are up for sale. Anything from Prada bags to Gucci boots and anything in between they have it. One of their latest posts is a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, that is absolutely gorgeous for summer.

Another great find would be the Cartier watch, that is perfect for everyday wear. With it’s beautiful square frame and leather all around, this watch is a classic time piece that women can feel pride with, while wearing. This site offers so many great name brand products, and The RealReal is becoming wildly famous with over one hundred thousand followers. Celebrities even follow TheRealReal on Instagram, because lets face it who doesn’t like a bargain on luxury brands.

The RealReal is great for finding practically anything that is luxurious, and the secret is getting out. Who doesn’t like to feel and look rich without spending the extravagant prices that these stores sell their merchandise at. TheRealReal will have anybody feeling glamorous and will leave all customers feeling good and proud about the merchandise they purchase. With prices like this, who would ever want to shop wholesale again.

Vijay Eswaran’s Views On Change Shared On A Blog

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of QI Group Ltd. which is one of the world’s largest e-commerce multilevel marketing and asset management companies. But he’s also a deep thinker and a man who studies philosophies and religious teachings, and he’s written books and articles on those subjects. One recent blog post detailed thoughts he had on the issue of change in one’s life. Eswaran says that everything in the world is going to go through change at some point, and those who thrive during change are those who accept it and change themselves. Eswaran says that personal change shouldn’t involve giving up your core beliefs and morals but instead just change in your life structure or in the way your business works. Eswaran has been through a lot of that himself throughout his life.

Vijay Eswaran’s business work has brought a lot of change to the Asian markets he’s served including making starting up a business friendlier to people, and bringing change to environmental awareness. He grew up in Malaysia and graduated from the London School of Economics in the 1980s. He got serious about the multilevel marketing industry in the 1990s and after trying it out for himself, he and his friend Joseph Bismark started their own company in 1998. QI Group Ltd. had some tough sledding in raising its own capital, but after going through several trials it became one of the most profitable Asian companies. Most of its direct sales and marketing is conducted through QNET, and its real estate investments and small business financing is done through QI Asset Management. It’s also the parent company to QI University and the Raise Yourself to Help Makind (RYTHM) Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran travels around the world to share business startup ideas as well as lecturing on his philosophies and spiritualism. Several nominations he’s had include listings in Forbes Asia’s “Heroes of Philanthropy” and their “Top 50 Wealthiest,” being honored at the World Economic Forum and India’s 6th Pravasi Divas, and being given the New Global Indian award at the 2012 Global Indian Meet event. His books have also been named as bestsellers such as his most famous one titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Jim Toner Aims To Help Regular People Find The Wealth They Have Been Hoping For

Jim Toner knows what it is like to be broke and wishing it weren’t so. He came from humble beginnings and has experienced, both, the good and bad that the world has to offer. Instead of excepting his lot in life and throwing in the towel, he found a way to turn everything around. He is now creating the kind of life he has always wanted to live and helps other people to do the same by getting a grip on their finances and wealth. He is aware that it has been hard times for many Americans over the last years due to the crash of the housing market and the recession.

According to, Jim Toner watched as many different scammers and con artists came out of the woodwork to take advantage of people who were already facing tough times. Many people lost everything during this time due to bad decisions they were guided to make by those who either knew better and took advantage of them or by those who were ignorant. Either way, it left millions of people sitting in financial ruin, but he wants people to know that an economic upsurge is on the way. He also wants people to understand that a lot of their success or failure has to do with the way they face the world, and one of the best assets a person can have is their attitude.

Jim Toner has been communicating through interviews and articles that people need to surround themselves with the kind of people who will help them find success. If they are a company, then they need to build the kind of team that will work well together and that is full of talent. It is also important to stay healthy, both, in body and mind, and Jim Toner (@TheJimToner) has expressed that the reason for this is that a person’s mind will be clearer, so they can make better financial decisions and that they will face the world with the kind of winning attitude that the rich have. He has helped thousands of people to build the kind of wealth they only wished for in the past.

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Preparing for Retirement with HCR Wealth Advisors

Walking over to this new phase of one’s life is never easy, which is why it takes a lot of understanding of what to expect and what is likely to come. Transitioning to a state where one is free to do as they like, and also can engage in the activities that they have always dreamed of, may be something that is overwhelming. Retirement is a beautiful phase in life where one can sit back, relax, and bear the fruits of the labor that they have put in for so many years.

When thinking about retirement, one of the first thoughts that generally tends to run through people’s heads is whether or not they would be able to afford the life that they want to lead. During retirement, the amount that one earns from their livelihood is severely reduced or, sometimes, even completely stopped. This sometimes can have a harsh effect on the person if they haven’t saved enough, or if they haven’t budgeted properly for their retirement.

Proper financial planning and budgeting is a must for anyone who plans to retire but often people who are in this position start this process far too late. Retirement planning should begin from the early moments of one’s career so that they can lead a more comfortable life once they do stop working.

Seeking Professional Help from HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that knows what happens when someone goes through the essential stages of their lives and the financial situation that comes along with those situations. The firm has helped hundreds of people plan for a better retirement so that they can live the life that they have always wanted, and so that they can be carefree once they step into a new phase of their lives.

At HCR Wealth Advisors, clients are put in touch with an advisor who is well experienced with what they do, and someone who can guide them towards this path of better financial stability. The advisors at the firm always work towards what is best for their clients and formulate personalized plans of action that can take care of all of their basic needs. Connect with Russell on LinkedIn.

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OSI Food Solutions Services the FoodService Industry

OSI Food Solutions is the leading private group supplying food to the foodservice industry. The foodservice industry is hyper-competitive, which in turn, makes being the company that supplies them with the product a hyper-competitive industry in turn. One of the main issues facing those who supply those in foodservice is the product. Consumers demand a consistent supply of new and shiny products to consume. Fast food companies have to change their product lines at least once a month in order to meet a growing consumer base of demanding, hungry customers who are always seeking out the latest and greatest.

OSI Food Solutions has become a master at meeting these expectations. OSI makes all of their lines of products customer-fitted for food service customers. OSIs R&D team stays on top of current market trends and uses the latest-and-greatest flavors and taste profiles to recommend and create compelling products. On top of the R&D teams lies the OSI Culinary team which is capable of crafting just about any product a provider of food could want.

Chicken is one of OSIs specialties. Whether it is breaded nuggets or chicken meatballs the company can craft just about any chicken-related product for consumers. To meet the growing demand for chicken, OSI has been pouring resources to increase its factories capabilities. A great example of this is in OSIs Toledo, Spain, factory. OSI recently doubled its chicken output to an overwhelming 24,000 tons —tons— of chicken each year.

Another way that OSI Food Solutions has been keeping up with recent trends and growing its portfolio is via acquisition. Recently, OSI acquired both Baho Foods and Flagship Europe which both served as key acquisitions to increase their brand loyalty, worldwide recognizability, and most of all their portfolio. These two acquisitions gave them access to deli meats, convenience snacks, frozen poultry, pies, sandwich fillings, and sauces. These are all products that will help fill any gaps in OSI Food Solutions product line.

OSI Food Solutions is creating a powerful array of products to use in order to serve its customers better. OSI is showing the world how to create a powerful brand in a competitive industry. The world wants meat, food, bread, sauces, and for all of those products OSI is there. It continues to create diverse and delicious products for customers to enjoy.

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The Evolution of Brown Modeling Agency

Modeling agencies tend to come and go with the seasons. Only the very best modeling agencies get a chance to stick around long enough to impact people’s lives. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? Though this agency is a newcomer, it possesses all of the traits for achieving long-term success. The company is located in Austin, Texas, and it has made its mark on pop culture. Brown Agency was founded by former-model Justin Brown. Justin earned a pretty good living by working in this industry in which he has paid his way through college. After coming back to the industry after a few years, he would change his craft by working from behind the scenes.


According to Marketwired, ten years ago, Brown Modeling Agency was known as Wilhelmina Austin. This exclusive agency took the scene by surprise thanks to all of its wonderful talent. Wilhelmina Austin was Central Texas’ pride and joy as everyone in the region adored its fine attributes. When the agency was first launched, a local news syndicate covered the event. This syndicate was known as “News 8,” and it gave the public an up-close-and-personal viewing of the activities. “News 8” interviewed many members of Wilhelmina’s staff, and it spoke directly with one of the area’s top fashion designers. Linda Asaf just so happened to be the fashion designer, and she got a chance to showcase her women’s wear collection in front of a packed audience.




Fashion, print, film, voiceover, television, industrial video, conference, catalogue, runway and others are all being covered with Brown Modeling Agency. There are more than 400 individuals that call this place home. Some of the talent has gone on to participate in Miami Swim Week, in Austin Fashion Week and in Dallas Fashion Week. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency definitely appear to be around for the long-run.


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Hussain Sajwani- Founder and CEO of DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire property developer, founder, and chairman of the real estate company DAMAC properties. Sajwani got his entrepreneur spirit from his father who was also an entrepreneur. His father started a business selling watches, pens, shirts, and Chinese imported goods. Growing up, Hussain watched his father and copied his work ethic. His hard work paid off and he became one of the first students to receive a government scholarship which allowed him to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Engineering from the University of Washington.

After graduating from college in 1981, Sajwani began his career in the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. After only two years with them, Hussain started his own catering venture and had big name clients including the U.S. military and Bechtel. This venture is still in business and is called Global Logistics Services.

In the beginning of 2002, one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East was founded by Sajwani himself. He called it DAMAC Properties; since its beginning they have developed over 19,000 apartment buildings among hundreds of other developments. DAMAC was publicly listed in 2015 and now has shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

DAMAC made a large leap from being a world-renowned luxury real-estate company, into the luxury real estate developers elite world. This success was brought on by Hussain’s close association with the Trump Organization, which has afforded him the opportunity to work on the Trump branded golf courses, along with many other ventures that has kept his relationship with President Donald Trump a close one. More details can be read on Sajwani’s website.

Some of DAMAC’s most well-known developments has included a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by The Trump Organization, luxury apartments with interiors decorated by Versace and Fendi. He has developed villas styled by Bugatti and hotels and resorts that are partnered with Paramount Pictures.

Because Hussain Sajwani learned the value of hard work, and the art of being an entrepreneur from a young age, he has gone on to be incredibly successful and work with some of the most elite businessmen in the world.

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The Innovation of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Food Group could be considered one of the most successful CEO’s of his time. As one of the largest food providers in the world, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people within more than 60 facilities. Although the company is considered monster size now, it certainly wasn’t always this way. The company has continued to grow with the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, and others along with him that have embraced modern change and growth along the way. How did this successful company evolve from the beginning?

As the story goes, OSI Group has immigrant roots. This dates back to the days when at the turn of the 20th century, there was a growing presence of German immigrants within Chicago Illinois. This city was the center of industry, and it would become a turning point for immigrants that brought their own opportunities. Otto Kolschowsky along with his sons, ran the company until the sons reached retirement age. It was at this time that the sons approached Sheldon Lavin about running the company, the legacy they were so proud of. Asked to join as a partner, rather than just a leadership on the board, he did so.

Because Sheldon Lavin was not a stranger, and was approaching the opportunity as a consultant with an opportunity to invest, he was eager to be a part of the bigger plan for OSI Group in 1970. It was then that OSI began to grow and focus on increased production with their company. It would be in 1977 that OSI opened it’s very first facility just outside of Chicago and later in Utah. The growth was exciting, and it encouraged other companies to follow the same pattern. OSI competing closely with McDonald’s, the companies were looking for new ways to grow and enter new markets around the country. McDonald’s and OSI Group ended up discussing a joint venture, and soon it was known that the companies would work together for further growth around the globe.

The growth in international markets was inspiring, and it was the business acumen of Sheldon Lavin that prompted the company putting him into position as the Chairman and then CEO of OSI Group in the early 80’s. The strong relationship with McDonald’s that OSI built no doubt fostered a sense of leadership within OSI Group and within their marketplace. This is why today Lavin continues to focus on new opportunities and growth for the company.

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Why Highland Capital Management Is Investing In Argentina

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an investment company based in Dallas, Texas. Between the parent company and its subsidiaries they manage about $17.7 billion in assets. This company was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero and they have built this company into one of the leading alternative credit managers in the world. Read more about Highland Capital at

For several decades Latin America has been a place with many financial issues. High inflation has often been a problem for countries in this region of the world as well as fiscal imprudence and currencies that haven’t been stable. A number of countries in Latin America, particularly Brazil, have had numerous corruption scandals erupt. However, the team at Highland Capital Management have identified Argentina as a country that is now a good investment opportunity, separating it from the rest of Latin America in this regard.

For almost 50 years Argentina was run with populist policies in place. They subsidized various industries to keep markets artificially low, like other countries in Latin America do. However, this all changed when they elected a new president in Argentina in December 2015, Mauricio Macri. He is a center-right politician who has reversed many of populist policies. His new policies are designed to be market-oriented which has unleashed the economy.


In order to reverse the fortunes of Argentina Mauricio Macri knew that he needed global companies to invest in his country. Access to foreign capital was critical to jump-starting the economy and achieving growth. Highland Capital Management was one of the firms that took a big interest in Argentina early in Mauricio Macri’s presidency. They are buying Argentina’s intermediate-term bonds which provide the best mix of yield and duration. The bonds they are buying range from 5 to 15 years and the accompanying yields are from 6.5% to 7%.

Highland Capital Management also held quite a bit of Argentina’s defaulted debt. However, this worked out well for this company. Mauricio Macri worked out a deal with the owners of this debt just after he was elected. Resolving this issue was what allowed Argentina to once again be part of the international markets. Visit to know more.

Barbara Stokes Helps Other People See Positive Experiences with Green Structure Homes

For Barbara Stokes, the point of helping other people is giving them the chance to continue operating in different areas. She knew there were things that would continue helping her and continue showing her all the right options that come with doing things differently. It’s her goal of helping that allowed her to continue running the company the right way. As the CEO of Green Structure Homes, she knows what she can do and how it makes sense to keep helping in different areas. It’s also important for her to continue making things better for everyone who needs them. She always wanted to make things easier and wanted people to see what they could do in different situations because of the homes she works to build. Her main goal is helping people who involved in major disasters by making sure they have high-quality and permanent structures to live in. For Barbara Stokes, the point of everything she does gives her the chance to make more out of the situations she’s in. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structure Homes keeps getting better because Barbara Stokes knows how to run the company. She doesn’t worry about the issues that often come with being successful in other areas. She also does a lot of work that makes the company better able to make things easier on everyone who has been in disasters. Barbara Stokes likes her company because it makes a difference. Since she likes the company so much, she does what she can to keep giving people positive experiences with Green Structure Homes.


After Barbara Stokes started working on her own, she knew there were things that would make everything better for her. They also made it easier for her to continue offering positive experiences for everyone who needed them. Thanks to the hard work she put into the business and everything she did with the business, Barbara Stokes knew just what to do to continue helping people. The whole point of making the industry better is giving other people the chance to keep doing things the right way for the homes she tries to work on. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.